2006 Chrysler Crossfire Specs and Review


2006 Chrysler Crossfire powerThe promise of DaimlerChrysler, has often been a coach with the engineering of Germany and America. For example, look no further than the 2006 Chrysler Crossfire. Crossfire Exterior Styling is typical of Chrysler but under hard enough innovation plagiarized from the Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster first generation. Although it’s been some years since the introduction of the tank, looking still fresh. Unfortunately, the driving dynamics is not very regular way Crossfire-style looks promising. Although it can be fun to drive on winding roads, the lack of low torque and inaccurate address can be disappointments for discerning drivers. Shooting should take a calm and soft road trip that allows conversion to be a coupe or a good candidate for an intimate weekend getaway.

If this sounds like a boring way to spend Saturday and Sunday, 2006 Crossfire SRT-6 should be best know for his fast. Based on a version of the SLK AMG, convertible and Coupe SRT-6 effectively suppress complaints of lack of energy. Thanks to the V6 330 HP compressor, Crossfire can reach 60 mph in 5 seconds. In addition, machines special, Crossfire SRT-6 benefits of the 40% rates of the spring more firm and shock, rotors of brake large and wheels and a spoiler rear. For buyers in search of guilty pleasures that does not occupy much of their savings in retirement as the European brand, 2006 Chrysler Crossfire may be worth a look. However, the foundations of the age of the car makes any favors, especially in terms of driving dynamics and interior design. Make sure that a test of leads to competitors such as the Chevrolet Corvette and Porsche Cayman before making a decision.

Coupe and Convertible

2006 Chrysler Crossfire on the road2006 Chrysler Crossfire is available in body Coupe and convertible, that host two and comes in base, limited and SRT-6. The basic model comes with features as complete manual air conditioner dual zone, stereo speakers CD-4, fabric upholstery, driver’s seat adjustable in height, leather covered steering wheel, power accessories and in one, top with glass rear defroster power. The limited model adds leather seats adjustable heater, tire pressure monitor and stereo 8 speaker system without end, 240 Watts of power. SRT-6 front wheels 18-inch and 19-inch and Pearl Napa with Alcantara leather seats add suede inserts between the operation with many updates. Crossfire base models are powered by Mercedes engineering-3.2 liter V6 generating 215 horsepower and 229 pounds feet of torque. Coupes basis are available only with a six-speed manual transmission, while another crossfires can have 1 5-speed automatic or manual. Performance SRT-6 comes courtesy the supercharged V6, 2.0 liter 310 HP and 330 lb-ft of torque. Transmission choices are only geared to deportes 1 automatic 5 speed transmission with manual shift capability.

Attend all-wheel disc brakes ABS brake, side airbags and stability control and traction that protect the heads of passengers and trunks in the security standard in the 2006 team Chrysler Crossfire well equipped Hotel. A standard tire pressure monitor limited and SRT-6. Coupe and convertible offers a comfortable accommodation for 2 adults. Entrance to coupe is slightly complicated by the curves of the roof until you find the side window, but once inside, free space too because the way the dome car. Unfortunately, the visibility to the rear is severely limited. Good cabin of two-tone look has basically the same design as the first-generation SLK. Colleagues nearby metal ornament and you will see that most of it is just plastic with silver finish. In addition, outdated unit main stereo of Mercedes has a lot of button small, without label of that is difficult from use. As two-seaters, you should not expect that they contain more than a few backpacks for a coupe or convertible. SRT-6, is more or less noise that tires tend to ruin the highway cruiser.

High Range

2006 Chrysler Crossfire engineAlthough capable of 0 to 60 mph high range-respectable 6 seconds, the Chrysler Crossfire Coupe roadster 2006 regular feels especially fast. You can use the low-range torque less, with most of the available power between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm. Relatively smooth delivery of power of V6, but this not is a machine that is begging to run to the redline. Structure of rigid body of crossfire and oversized tires offer crisp handling when running in the streets. The address is light in the regeneration and the precision in comparison with cars as the BMW Z4 and them Audi TT, but as is, the filming was fun it enough as to spend in roads winding.

SRT-6 can find the meter of some feeling of slots, although the quality of the ride, as the SRT-6 has, no doubt some, a climbing more rigid that experience. Abundant energy at all speeds, with 90% of the maximum torque available from 2,300 6,200 RPM. The machine provides a fun soundtrack under the accelerator, but the relative silence that comes down the road. Skimming’s speed is not a problem, such as larger brakes provide excellent braking and short pedals distances. The fun started when the road turns twisty, as SRT-6 attitude through corners flat exposure, whereas with large tires provide great grip.

Gas Mileage

used 2006 Chrysler CrossfireIn the song of Rolling Stones ‘ Jumpin ‘ Jack Flash “, Mick Jagger sang about was born in hurricane of fire cross. We’re not sure that a hurricane is crossfire, Crossfire roadster, but we know that when we see one, and is a gas, gas, gas. After all, there isn’t much wrong with convertible proposition Austria-built with a distinctive style and Mercedes-Benz SLK basic mechanics under the surface. Especially to a price of about 10000 more cheap that the Mercedes original.

Good, there are some things in the side negative of them cards of report, but not are it sufficiently bad as intimidate to possible buyers that prospered from buys “gifts”. In February, even before go to the version of the screen, the roadster coupe of Chrysler Crossfire enjoy of more sales of the rival more evident, Audi TT and the Z4 of BMW, cars in the segment of car of trophy. Because this type of car works better as a convertible in the State of game, image DaimlerChrysler sales is likely to get even better. Village advance vehicle engineering of Chrysler said that the roadster was developed simultaneously with the Coupé. It allows engineers to anticipate every regulatory structural discontinuity “car and reinforcements from the beginning. The project clearly helped by the fact that donors SLK floor conversion esa Mission designed for that car.


2006 Chrysler Crossfire mpgThe campaign is rigid and international cooperation of the car in the back seat and a tunnel of transmission curves and links are pretty good. It made even better when observed that every 100 or more pounds of metal handles and reinforcements that Chrysler was built-in to the structure of the roadster. Subjective, the new car seems very difficult. Most of the roads more clear impact evaluated at the wheel, instead of through the structure, which is a little ironic given annex long Mercedes-Benz (now) the steering mechanism of the sphere of the circulation that is inherited from the SLK roadster, largely due to its characteristics of impact-good insulation. With the second generation SLK now in production, every model of Benz is redirected to the rack and pinion.

Designers of Chrysler are important that roadster is sees well with the part superior to up or to down. We believe that achieving that goal, nor defend the boattail rear design Coupe to great effect. Crystal light, heated and always very small, resulting in blind spots in the back rooms of the first three. Of course, is a small discomfort evaporated as a cigar on the tape when the top to the bottom. Top takes about 22 minutes of dancing, waving the fabric and framework of joint panels if full, that completely hidden under a cover pure. It is not yet fully compatible, requiring manual release key a little awkward handle and press up to start the action. Convertible pick more than a couple of seconds longer and requires that you download and turn the handle of it.


2006 Chrysler Crossfire msrpCover sports a pair of fairings of the Ferrari 360 Spider and the bar sport of wind Satin Silver thick transparent plastic of support behind the headrest blockers. (I’m not saying that Roll Bar-abogado can be heard). This adds jewel, accessorized with blatant spoiler from a bite of tail of radio antenna that inflates at speeds over 60 mph the rear cover of the look as you expected, superior capacity of luggage that retracts reduces the Crossfire 8 7 cubic feet trunk and reduce the opening to the mail slot narrow. As befits a toy of this type, custom trunk are also available. In addition to a clear distinction between the roadster and crossfires of compatible brother beetles, the two have much in common: the same 3.2 liters, valve 18 V-6 engine; equally notchy six-speed manual gearbox; the same slow response to 1 5-speed automatic transmission; Space for the legs under the same restrictions.

But they also share the same virtues. Conversion really offer the best space, with a vertical line of the cover and the lack of a roof and therefore does not weigh much more, the performance should be similar to Honorable achievement coupe. Estimates of the Roadster includes a Sprint 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds and a quarter mile is about to 15.1 seconds. If that not is enough for you, more energy is to the input of the supercharged model SRT-6 comes more later this year. Thanks to the high level of grip provided by the wheels of generous dimensions and tires, the Crossfire roadster good grip and braking. Roadster has also refined road manners and a level of complete equipment, even in the form of basic level. Under the pretext of limited (at a price of $38.920), a trim level, Chrysler adds leather seats heated of power, an improved stereo system, pressure in tires, fog lights and luggage control.


Along the way, a convertible feels softer and more flexible than most sports cars, but there are quite a few wet fastness body movements, besides for a little feedback on rough road wheel. The quiet response that reveals the Mercedes DNA, but tuned chassis showed to be precise and predictable Karmann – after you turn off the ESP – on a course set by the nightmare of Chrysler. It is because of its roadster Coupe real. Of course, only the roadster allows that the Sun and the stars and the wind in the car, along with a resounding murmur of the exhaust pipe. That’s the difference in a lot of people will find irresistible. Especially to a price base of $34,960. Sometimes, it is better to get to putear out of the way at the top. This is especially true for the Crossfire SRT6, such as a list of things that went wrong short: there is almost no care interior space, function of cruise control, in the worst possible place (I’m always confused with thin stems and turn signals, because there is no power, the car once bitten when accidentally activated) and the holder of the Cup was completely useless and gets in the way every time appears without prior notice.

He error more large, is however, without a line of vision to back when the part superior until the conversion. While this complaint is valid of most droptops, Crossfire SRT6 is very bad because the C pillars and a small rear window enlarged. The fact that much of the view is blocked by a big decklid spoiler also aggravating the situation. The solution is simple, at least when the time co-operate-drop in and enjoy of the air fresh. Therefore, there are that go, all the bad in the future. The rest of the car is pure Nirvana. This has the appearance, strength and behavior to exploit another kind of way without even sweating.


Consider the chassis, a donated by the previous SLK of Mercedes-Benz. In the case of Crossfire is actually stricter than the donor, nor shake or dance as the road deteriorates into a sea of holes. This not only means passenger suspension more comfortable, gives the suspension is a place fabulous for a store’s campaign. With wishbones double in the front and a system of five-link rear with bars stabilizing in both ends, version of SRT6 remains as smooth and soft as a plant to outdoor in the day of the jungle. Road speeds really fool is necessary to attack quickly on the road and the car loses nothing of tranquility.

Factor in systems of electronic stability control, large tires 225/40ZR18 front 255/35ZR19 – tears – and the response revolve is razor sharp and stable side extraordinary nature. Bonus of marks given for the compliance in it management of project transmit all the trait right management without colliding with them riders in it tomorrow switch. The reason of them points is that keys SRT6 has a body to manage the power extra, but is almost as a ride smooth in the base of the car. The same happens with four-wheel drive and good antiesta locked brake system brakes. Not only is the pedal feel strong, requires less effort to rub a lot of speed. Some consecutive points disclose does not fade or diminish the feel of the pedal.

Traction Control

This system also runs counter to a much-needed traction control system. Once the threshold is crossed, the system performs power and brake wheel slippage to return the car to the line. I need a simple control – the great traction tires, while wonderful dry, they are likely to come dragged along the road is wet. When it comes to power, the SRT6 did not disappoint. Put the version 3.2-liter V6 215 hp and make efímeras 229 pound-feet of torque, adding blower 330 performance and 310 respectively. Obviously, it changes the personality of the weak car for lug. Gas and mat SRT6 DT with alarming enthusiasm – eclipsed the mark of zero-100 km/h and 80 – 120 km/h in 5 seconds. When the package is really impressive, however, is the way in which the bread around the city easily. Unlike many synthetic horse not temperamental and not choking whenever the throttle input is less open.

This civilized behavior is aided by five-speed automatic transmission. Not only is a good relationship so that it matches the personality of the machine, but the slip between wheel boxes are smooth. Also has winter sports fashion (the second force pulls out in second gear) and a good way to manual, which allows the driver to make use of braking mechanism to assign the fastest car in the corner. Inside, talent and flamboyant are still: all the elements are in place, package audio power dazzled and the seats are comfortable, not to mention the elegant combination of leather-coated/ante Alacantra. This gives the desired look and function – with inserts to keep pilots are grown, because they are not as slippery as a straight skin. However, there is strangeness (as opposed to a direct complaint): the telescope steering wheel. The problem of the larger unit is that it was sitting a little too much, is not enough in your lap, but not much.


A short driver, the problem is the opposite. Down enough you will need eight seats, a way to crank up. This in turn puts drivers uncomfortable around the roof, which makes that the driving position is a bit congested. When Daimler and Chrysler a “composite” (the first in fact meant the latter), the benefits are less obvious. Several models later, the benefits are quite clear: Daimler Chrysler’s engineering excellence and a flair for the dramatic has produced a good time by car. CrossFire, especially under the pretext of SRT, graphically indicating the point. It can be combined with the same size of the power and the Garbo in the package all about the fun of driving.

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