2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Specs and Review


2008 ford escape xlt awd gas mileageBy accounting for Ford, the escape of more than 1 million (and Escape Hybrid) have been sold since the introduction of the vehicle in November 2000. Large number no matter how slice and seems to show people how the Ford Escape also off without substantial changes for six years. But sales dipped slightly, and it’s time to update the display of the escape and packing. With the redesigned 2008 Ford Escape, Ford had married with the face of the company with a delicious escape price and comfort of transportation. Some call this type of industry report updates of the “upper half”, or, in other words, all about the pinch of trusses to body floor of new or redesigned. Motors, drives (excludes hybrids) and wheelbase is transitions of 2007 model that is becoming very part of incentives to make room for the ‘ 08 escape will be at many dealers in April.

There are two engines available: 153 horsepower 2.3-liter four-cylinder or, as the all-wheel-drive model are bound, 200 horsepower V6 of 3.0 liters with 193 lbs ft of torque. Both machines with 87 octane fuel and possibly paired with front or all wheel drive. The five-speed manual is the exclusive old engine of four cylinders, on the contrary, the four-speed automatic manage gearchanges suspicion. We found some instances where we expect an extra or two proportions to fit better with the driving situation. Our instrumented tests also revealed some deficiencies in the curve of acceleration when the engine was reduced maximum performance, rpm, where five or six-speed would have kept boiling. And what’s with the tip in sheer accelerator that we continue to experience in many new vehicles? With them, it is very difficult to pass smoothly from a stop on the road without a hitch early acceleration despite the touch of the gas pedal.

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Speed

2008 ford escape xlt awd mpg10 seconds up to 60 km/h casual and 17 seconds and a quarter mile confirmed flight of 2008 «inherited» Trade Union of Metalworkers began to show his age and his lack of sophistication. Some small utility vehicles with the new easy-to-do sport the same panel 60 in the range of 7 to 8 seconds. Even the 2007 Honda CR-v with four-cylinder engines more quickly. We have also been impressed with fuel economy to escape. We have an average of 16.2 mpg 500 miles with best full tank 19.4 mpg. In the case of reverse evolution, Ford decided to equip new V6 2008 powered rear brake cylinder get away with no wheels used in the 2007 model. We cannot imagine how this represents improvement. Ford says that dust from brake less and live more layers are the results, but our test does not show the rear drum to become a very effective way to stop vehicles 3617-pounds.

2008 ford escape awd systemThe best stop from 60 mph had produced terrible 154 feet long stopping distance. Run that the worst thing is the incredible leg length 161. Compare with 2006 3,690 pounds Toyota RAV4 with traction and stops of 130 feet and see why we are questioning the decision of Ford. Prioritize what you think is best. With such brakes applaud step Ford and make two rows of airbags side and air bags standard in 2008 escape from first line. No-hibridos models, the Ford has AdvanceTrac (traction control) and standard stability control (RSC) for the roll system. We believe that CSR is going to be very effective in the extinction of the potentially dangerous yaw (and entertaining) and roll the price has limited our instrumented speed very controllable 35.2 mph slalom. In a 200-foot skid platform, the system is so tight, they limited the performance of loads from side-only 0.64 g of truck, which is almost enough to make the tires squeal. In most daily driving, however, did not find that the system also interrupts or even detected.

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Design

2008 ford escape awd for saleThe trip, however, is difficult and unstable. Not only looks like new fleeing from a truck, as well as, also. It is very flat in corners, cushions to out large hills, feel still “occupied” almost all the time. Maybe well made Ford to “walk like a car” is part of a new generation of crossover. To qualify for the year 2008 all new features help to electric power steering (EPS), which is easy to get lost. Fortunately, Ford did a good job with the technique of 2008 escape. The Steering feels artificial or the Act of reality as some others that have been criticized. As the Park and head with the amount appropriate effort, accumulation and precision all the situations in which we need.

2008 ford escape awd transmissionIt is very easy to confuse and wedge profile that dominates today’s compact SUV plant. 2008 Ford Escape, however, display bold, boxy and so raw that define the expedition SUVs and Ford Explorer. With more than 1 million units sold, the exhaust turned out to be a vehicle of interest and, with a series of improvements to the interior, as well as the standard equipment and a quieter cabin, more luxurious, the 2008 model is that they continue to accumulate sales. If you are looking for a traditional SUV features, such as the cleaning of dry land and high position, but you want it in a smaller package, cheaper fuel, 2008 Ford Escape is a good choice. The escape tour and manage as many crossover vehicles and the gal’s four-cylinder behind the Honda CR-v and Nissan in power and torque.

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Appearance

2008 ford escape awd fuel economyAlthough the appearance of the new 2008 Ford Escape in the chassis, the engine and transmission are, for the most part, remnants of the previous model. What’s new is the redesigned exterior and interior components, including the seat fabric is made of recycled 100%, Board new backlit “ice blue” lighting and standard AdvanceTrac with roll stability control (RSC). Easy to use and loaded with useful features, flight navigation unit can search the Hotel, coffee kiosks and gas stations out of hand in seconds. Revised centre console has a storage compartment large enough for a laptop, a tray lined with rubber to prevent sliding electronic device and optional 110-volt outlet.

2008 ford escape hybrid awd for sale2008 Ford Escape interior becomes a thorough review, with a better quality of light plastic “blue ice” and stroke Center “top of dash” of new information. Ford has repositioned parking beside the pilot floor drain brake lever, create a new storage space in the center console is large enough to accept a laptop computer. Headliner is thick and carpets, as well as the laminated glass side, helped the interior silence and escaped into the seat back is still the class cabins. Ford safety canopy side-impact airbags including pattern that implement side situations or rollover to come.

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Models

Breakout 2008 shares a strong resemblance to a Ford pickup truck, and SUV models giving a rugged look that you deserve a quasi-off-road warrior. The 2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD of small dimensions facilitate to park and maneuver, while glass side panels allow views almost eclipsed the driver and passengers. Unlike the more stylish crossovers, square roof line escape created an opening hatch allows the filling of high load. Bling addicts can choose Chrome Limited packages, which adds reflective of the setting for the grill, rear hatch and roof gutters.

The basic escape is carried out through the front wheels motor 2.3 litre four-cylinder with five-speed manual transmission. Convenience include rear defogger, power mirror, power window, power locks, keyless entry remote control, air conditioning, 60/40 split folding the rear seat and input jack of a player speaker 4 with an additional audio CD. Standard safety features include stability control, traction control, air bags are mounted side-by-side airbags and anti-lock brakes. The choice varies by cut-out and the 3.0 V6 engine liter, four wheel drive, Audiophile 320 Watt sound system, GPS navigation, chrome 17-inch wheels, power driver seat of six positions, leather seats, front seats with heating, 110 volt, power sunroof, fog lights, d-pad entry keyless and a reverse sensing system.

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Engine

The 2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD base 2.3-liter four-cylinder is not so much force, but he returns fuel economy numbers are impressive, especially when driving at high speeds. If you want a manual transmission, this is the choice of engine. Engine 3.0 liter V6 larger is a remnant of the last year. Offers better acceleration and the ability to tow up to 3500 pounds, but ratings of high teens fuel economy to decline in the 1920s. Inhabitants of TheCarConnection.com car enthusiasts consulted a wide range of online road tests to compile this comprehensive review of 2008 Ford Escape. URTheCarConnection.com specialist also Ford Escape led the 2008 and added impressions driving and more details on its support, as well as help you decide which customers trust when sources have different views.

The Ford Escape has been updated completely for the year 2008, the strengthening of character and appeal that has made America the sport vehicle of small perennial best-seller. Repairs nearly covers the spectrum and inject a new level of subtlety. The escape of standard safety features is significantly improved for the year 2008. We call the small SUV escape between the truck. The new style called deliberately increased, based on the Ford expedition truck and SUV Explorer. Escape the ride height and seat are a little bigger than competitors such as the Honda CR-v and you can pull up to 3500 pounds, more than any other vehicle in its class.

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Advantages

But still Ford Escape gives advantages of the unity of the body, based on the car’s competitors such as the Honda CR-v. Soft and agile driving steering makes for driving fun and compact size makes it easy to escape. Motor base four cylinder is suitable for all purposes, while driving a V6 engine offers acceleration performance. All variants, including the escape of the V6 and hybrid, giving some of best in class EPA mileage rating. Around the world, including a gasoline-electric hybrid, offered with front – or all-wheel drive is good. Above all, the hybrid drive as conventional gas leak only. This is a package that is going very well. It offers better economy and reducing fuel emissions, but it requires a little extra effort or knowledge of the driver. Previously we talked about 2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith Coupe.

New 2008 Ford Escape still offers comfortable seating for four or five in a pinch, but with considerably more space than in the pre-2008 model. Fold the rear seats of a good-sized cargo area open with a floor plan and space behind the seats, in addition to the typical sedan in the trunk. Interior storage options has increased considerably. Complete the features and functions most chic and funny, and the switch is the best. Extra security features option cost down-trim models are now standard in all areas, including Ford of roll stability control system. Escape this now sets the benchmark for class safety features.

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Navigation

There are models of the Ford Escape to the tastes and needs. Range from the escape XLS 2WD decently equipped, engine of four cylinders for under $19000 escape 4WD limited V6 Halter, superior audio, navigation, reverse detection for about $30000 and dual-zone automatic climate control. Dollars for features, Ford Escape prices have fallen considerably in recent years. Prizes for the Escape Hybrid has also declined. Less than $2000 is now more limited comparably equipped. Ford Escape remain one of the most interesting vehicles in their class, regardless of the price and without a doubt, one of the best value. People who are buying a small SUV should put it on a short list of them, especially those who appreciate his style of large trucks.

The five-passenger Ford Escape is available with drive front wheel or full-time traction and the four-cylinder, V6 or a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain. Four trim levels are distinguished by engine and standard features. Escape XLS ($ 18580) and XLS 4WD ($ 21320) are powered by 1 153 horsepower 2.3-liter in-line four producing 152-pound feet of torque. ($ 1000) four-speed automatic, standard five-speed manual transmission is optional. XLS are equipped with upholstered fabric, air conditioning, electric windows, mirrors and door locks, AM / FM stereo with CD player and auxiliary, rear window defroster and a 16-inch steel wheels.

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Price

Escape XLT ($ 20880) and 4WD XLT ($ 22360) added standard features, including updated upholstered fabric, cruise control, power driver seat, privacy glass, 16-inch alloy wheels. 200 HP, overhead cam dual 3.0 liter V6 ($ 1000) is optional on XLT and includes four-speed automatic transmission. Escape limited ($ 23580) and limited 4WD ($ 25330) comes standard with the V6 and automatic, as well as seats in leather, automatic headlights and 6 CD changer. Escape hybrid 4WD and hybrids ($ 25075) ($ 26825) gather for a limited, but added a hybrid powertrain. This is called everything has the most efficient hybrid, Atkinson’s 133 horsepower version of four-cylinder motor cycle and 70 kW electric engine of fuel. Unlike some mild hybrid SUV, the escape hybrid can operate with electricity 100% up to about 25 kilometers per hour.

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