2008 Lexus LS 600h L Specs and Review


2008 Lexus LS 600h L navigation systemBuyers of high-income Lexus not then with the 2008 Lexus LS 600 h L. These people not have income, an official us said about the destination of the buyer Lexus LS 600 h. “they have wealth. Money not is a concern. Instead of them worry about prestige, appearances and statements in their cars.” In other words, not buying the Lexus. In fact, the Lexus LS 460 V8-powered enterprise was not considered yet. “These people have a shopping list is too short and we’re not in it,” is how an Executive Lexus. “You buy is 1 12 cylinder Mercedes S600 Sedan, Audi A8 and the BMW 760Li.” To compete, the new Lexus flagship is required, with a six-figure price and more energy. Then, the company has created LS 600 h L, hybrid, sedan V8-powered is primarily a luxury. He is constructed to give citizens equal richest in the world, however, equally silent, soft and rich momentum have on segment 12-cylinder ultraluxury sedan, but without the extra cylinder.

To achieve this, Lexus has combined the largest ever V8 engine with an electric motor and battery. The result is the Lexus more expensive ever built and the only car in the class of segment of ultraluxury qualifies as vehicle super Ultra low emissions (SULEV). In 202,8 inches, LS 600 h L is the same length that the LS 460 L its twin near, but not too large in comparison with the Mercedes S600, that runs 205,0 inches. In addition all of the equipment that brings the LS 460 L, hybrid incorporates drive all-wheel with Torsen differential front differential, additional planetary gearset from Center, two “engine Builder” engine power, inverter, batteries, nickel metal hydride and tangles of wires and cables. All that weighs tons.


used 2008 Lexus LS 600h LWell, not really a ton, but everything adds 887 pounds not for a car, which ruined our scales of the order of 5,219 pounds. It’s 887 pounds more than the LS 460 L and 344 pounds heavier empty Mercedes S600 V12 for the claim. And the entire weight of this jumbo hybrid performance. It also leaves very little this sedan with trunk. Good, all has to go to some place and maintains the battery and the motor 35% luggage shrunken feet cubic 460’s LS 18 of only 11.7. To compensate for the gain of weight, Lexus added stroke that V8 of 4.6 litres of aluminium used in the LS 460. Now of 5.0-liter engine, two almost identical, with dual overhead cams and 32 valves, variable valve timing. 389 horsepower, nine more than the LS 460 V8, the engine feeds continuously variable transmission, which, in turn, are consulted for the transmission system, parallel with the electric motor.

With an engine V8 and electric motor work together, there are a total of (says Lexus) available for the LS 600 h l. 438 horsepower were identical to the BMW 760Li said output 6.0 litre V12, but behind the 510 HP, says Mercedes S600 5.5 litre V12. The LS 600 h L hybrid system operates in three modes: “hybrid”, “strength” or “snow”. The default setting is ‘hybrid’, which is supposed to provide smooth operation. Meanwhile, the “power” to improve throttle response and “snow” softens response to acceleration on the surface of the stain in more manageable. The acceleration of our best time in pre-production test car came with the system that was defined in “power” and “sports transmission mode. The Sprint from 0 to 60 mph takes 6.0 seconds and a quarter mile in 14.3 seconds at 101 mph. Large sedan, the weight, is not bad, but the conventional LS 460 L is faster. Reaches 60 mph in 5.9 seconds and tears are guided through a quarter-mile in 14.3 seconds equal.

Drag Hybrid

2008 Lexus LS 600h L on the roadThis is not very surprising, since LS 600 h and LS 460 L has a strength to weight is similar. Each horse should drag hybrid 438 11.9 lbs each one, while the LS 460 L brings 11. car 4 cheap price does not have to overcome the obstacles inherent to the parasites all-wheel-drive system. Of course, the virtues of the system of transmission hybrid should compensate the economy of fuel. And because is runs only in energy from the battery to low speeds and off with the engine V8 whenever the car came to a stop, the LS 600 h L has the advantage in a traffic of stop and go. Lexus provides that final ratings of the mileage of EPA have LS hybrid has a power of 20 mpg in the city in comparison with 16 mpg for the LS 460 L and 17 mpg for the LS 460.

But along the way, where LS 600 h L V8 big is always running, always had an extra kilo 887 and always turn all four wheels, the advantage is clearly with the LS 460 model. The LS 460 and LS 460 L is classified by the EPA in a commendable 24 mpg on the highway while the LS 600 h L (Lexus provides), will bring 22 mpg in the classification of the road. Of course the benefits of the economy of fuel of the LS 600 h L probably depends on of the condition. To out as taxis in New York, LS 600 h L fuel drink less the LS 460 l, but it road, the laws of the physical work against it, and cars conventional will be more thrifty.


2008 Lexus LS 600h L packageAs all the cars in this class of transport high, the LS 600 h L comes loaded with the equipment that range from power all the Mark Levinson sound system that seems to put the Duke Ellington Orchestra in the back seat. There is also a navigation system, security systems are plentiful, and relatively little changes that they were scattered about the cockpit to intimidate veteran pilots of a Boeing 747. The seats are covered in buttery leather and all of them have heating (front cooled, also). And if that isn’t enough, the buyer can choose the “Executive class seating package that turned out to be a backseat for the mobile office and massage Centre. The thing is, practically no comfort available on the LS 600 h L are also optional on the LS 460.

And of course, this is a car that parks itself. If the Lexus LS has been criticized for anything it is the lack of passion in the driving experience, and the same can be said about the intrigue of the LS 600 h l. hybrid systems, at the same time tranquility, add another layer of insulation between the driver and the road. As automotive insulation spaces, LS 600 h is among the best in the world, but this is not a sports sedan by the imagination. But this must not be sensitive and handles well. But even with standard air suspension in sports is a soft car spring mattresses. And power steering electric, while accurate, numb, despite being connected to street 245/45R19 tires.

Large Dimensions

2008 Lexus LS 600h L problemsTheir tires of large dimensions, system of drive all-wheel and optional calls Lexus system of the stabilizer stabilizer power active do LS 600 h L more athletic that the LS 460 l. is recorded 0.82 g in the cushion of the slip and dragging is through our slalom of 62.3 km / h. performance not is exactly in the category of sports , but both represent an improvement on the LS 460 L Touring big brake package is also by default and leave this sedan weighs only 120 feet, something shorter that the LS 460 L uses standard 16 foot brakes.

Ah, 12-cylinder engine. Coat of arms of automotive greatness, this is the machine that requires two hands to assemble, but three to calculate the piston Chamber. In the majority of cases, 12 have the potential to generate more horsepower and torque than its counterparts in eight and 10-cylinder engine, but the way a soft and satisfaction as the eyes of the Glenlivet 50 year. Except for the rocket outrageous 16 cylinder $1,400,000 Bugatti Veyron 16.4, 12-cylinder engine is the engine that best symbolizes the wealth and power. The list of offers of an Aston Martin Audi Bentley BMW Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, cars and rolls-Rolls Royce – and read how the Director-General of the caravan. In addition, the average price for a 12-cylinder car is nearly $250,000. Without a doubt, this vehicle is designed for rich buyers parties gift and beluga Caviar.


2008 Lexus LS 600h L speedA car outside the Club is a 12-cylinder Lexus. As the leader of Japan, best-selling and most prosperous in the United States luxury brand, Lexus arguably well positioned to offer 12-cylinder, Hi cars. After all, the House matrix Toyota has squeezed 5.0 liters of the century V-12 market in Japan for many years. Why not hit the displacement of 1000 cc, LS and it is called a ship logo? Well, it would be very easy, and as for Lexus, Toyota is not about to do it easily.

“He fell into a larger displacement engine would need there is creativity,” said the Chief Engineer Moritaka Yoshida LS. “We have decided to create a power of 12 V the Lexus hybrid drive original, innovative and challenges, enjoy.” Therefore, say hello baby of Yoshida-san, LS 600 h L, the most sophisticated, technologically advanced and, Yes, never built the creative vehicle of Lexus. It is based on the long-wheelbase LS 460 L, 600 h looks the same, differentiated aesthetic accented by blue Milo and all-LED headlamps and cabins feature leather dashboard out stop and the door panel (not shown in our pre-production test car) and wood handle and trim button switching. Mechanically, however, the difference is significant.

High Output Electric Motor

Lexus 600 h claims by V-8 5.0 liter, a high output electric motor and a new all-wheel-drive is electronically controlled CVT provides power on par with the 6.0 litres of 12 cylinders (so the emblem “600”), that provides economy of fuel sedan V-6 all-wheel-drive. In fact, 2UR-FSE 389 V-8 horsepower (detuned version 5.0 liter comes next year was dominated by the IS-F) and 221 of the horse that combine electric motor, although in ways that confuse arithmetically, deliver 438 horsepower, V-12 BMW 760Li of tuning. herlina 600 competitors all have more juice 450 horses for the Audi A8 L W12 Quattro 510 for the Mercedes S600 and 552 stimulate the Bentley Continental flying, but not, including BMW, you can enjoy as Lexus had combined mpg 21. Up to 19 mpg that we observed during our tasks humiliating others had combined 16 mpg average. Also notable is 600 of herlina SULEV rating, which, according to the Lexus, average net emissions, rather than competitors, ULEV S600 70%.

For the person who not only tend to hug the tree, but also embracing luxury, the atmosphere of six numbers sedan, the LS 600 h L is the icing on the cake. But what about the cake? It is there, in all that delicious. To get a sense of the rear wheel, imagine the sink in the peaceful and luxurious home entertainment space, full of coated leather Eames chairs supplest reference quality 7.1 surround, 450 Watt, 19-speaker Mark Levinson audio system that is shown in the ceiling and maple furniture are presented in suede soft Alcantara. Now imagine that the room has the ability to force supernatural, but easy, get to the 60 0 in 5.5 seconds and the quarter mile in 102.7 scale 14.0 mph… have the idea?

Engine Mount

Describe how smooth and quiet 600 h seems a bit. Lexus engineers have gone to great lengths to reduce NVH, even adding blanket of additional insulation around the cylinder head and test several times the size and location of the engine mount. Stop and, unless you are currently viewing the tachometer, the engine is lost had been closed. Ditto for the starting of the invisible machine. In addition, all of control response, whispering always subtle, always clever. Sides and ask you, very good, proven by a quick digit review 26.6 eight second and at a distance of 60-0 114 feet. Congratulations to LS stabilizer bars available active and three stages and standard adjustable air suspension rate variable electric power steering, which increases the dynamic range without being numb.

With the CVT, the power and the construction of torque gearless as LS Shinkansen, with torque seems to be underestimated 385 pounds-feet. Certainly this number represents only the engine, as engineers of Lexus reluctant or unable to calculate the rotation of the motor and engine combination, although the largest electric motor torque mph effort zero rpm. 45-to-65-pass through time to express the indicator of required 1.7 seconds slower than the flying spur 5556-pound, 5220-pound hybrid torque (479 lb ft) of 0.2 and 0.6 behind S600 5013 – pound (612 lb-ft). Please note that competitors of 12 cylinders that breathing through the twin turbochargers; 600 h will be positive with atmospheric Audi and BMW.

Exclusive Package

Where without a doubt, however, is the LS 600 h L positive rate, on the desktop. Heel of Lexus Hybrid starts at $104,715, with closest rivals, Audi, sold for less than $122,000. Lexus offers a mounting full, package of class Executive and advanced of the system especially precollision that adds a massage have and seat rear right, to wait an examples fully loaded to several thousands more are found. The stratosphere recently for the Lexus is, of course, but to reach new customers 600 h only to not be a marvel of technology, improvements and performance, but also the price. Considering the competition, it is the treatment. Green will never asked so much green, but, Hey, at least the blue badge.

I do not agree with every review of the Lexus LS600hL ever written. Categorical. A man, my colleagues the most expensive Lexus misinterpreted as protector of the evil planet that does not provide sufficient mpg to justify the price with the sky. I see hybrids as better driving through science. In fact, despite the cheesy badge “hybrid” uglifying Lexus LS600hL pelvis, not building this beast to sample fuel. They built to go face to face with a 12 cylinder engine, Germany. LS600hL is not any statement of design, such as the 760Li. Do not announce, “I have a portfolio large” as the Mercedes S600. The design of the Audi A8 is more W12 LS, only without the beard. The line of control, but nice strike the same chord as the VW Phaeton. Only this time they actually have the marks.

Large Door

LS600hL is a beautiful package. In the distance, a large door four look clean and protected. It is only when you pull up and the side (dwarves) something in the road that sense aesthetic limousine long wheelbase of pseudo Japan. In a word: presence. Two: the lights of the murderers. The funny thing LS600hL features divided by grasping at straws of excessive luxury and techno. I’ve never seen so many buttons. Lexus engineers loaded with weapons and blown out. LS drove full rear seat with redundant Middle boasted 166 options button. This time out, the car was around 130 plastic for Camry fruit press. However, go crazy. And never will see wood or lacquered hand stitched dresses but still not that rich as skin that their attention will be 100% focused on AFS. Whatever it is.

Want the truth about the mileage on this car? Can you handle the truth? But before discussing how much gas that stinks, I must tell you again on the button. Switch of lever below the response to the lever of control of valve regulatory LS600hL. in the set of “hybrid”, the 10 first percent-ish sell cars only electric of travel involved. “Snow” to a level that is almost as this is my second version with LS600hL, know that it keep in the “sport” (3% of movement of the pedal) before pressing the button’s home. And that’s it. “This means that about 10 mpg in the city.” Terrible, Yes.

Great Acceleration

About me and the defense of the car, great acceleration, bat-5.0 litres V8 trailer ram 221 hp electric motor very addictive I see forced to bury the pedal each occasion got. But here is the thing, after 300 miles of the computer I know that have an average of 20.7 mpg. What say? As you can imagine, there is less ideal conditions. The first part of the puzzle is an open road. The following is the radar, which performs impressive cruise control (brakes the car to a halt and again in traffic). Forget the part of radar. Cruising 80 mph just set and watched with amazement as pure tachometer registers the trivialization of 1,100 rpm and the computer says 40 mpg.

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