2008 Pontiac Grand Prix Specs and Review


2008 Pontiac Grand Prix parkingA lame duck is aging or alterations otherwise waterfowl that have difficulties with the herd and easy target for predators. It is also a reliable political 1:00 in the office until his successor was chosen to take over. As metaphors, 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix nail second salient criteria, such as the sedan average aging with stiff competition that will be replaced by a new model. While the two vehicles to overlap at least a year, a new Australia made Pontiac G8 for all purposes is the eventual replacement for the Grand Prix. For now, the Grand Prix limps in feathers in the wings for 2008. 260 HP supercharged V6, used to be in the Grand Prix GT is no longer available, leaving the underpowered V6 200 HP and 303 horsepower V8 engine torque-steer-happy as an only option. It’s like Goldilocks found that baby bear that “correct” the Chair is out of touch. Sedan family average as it struggles against the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, the model base falls short solutions, build quality and space inside. Against the powerful V8 sedan as the drive of wheel rear Dodge Charger own Pontiac G8 and the Grand Prix GXP also not could follow the herd.

We suspect that Pontiac dealers will be willing to address in the Grand Prix. As such, it can make a decent choice for anyone wanting just a cheap traveler with enough sportsmanship to entertain on weekends. But given the many shortcomings, however, you can be sure that the Grand Prize is not at the top of the list of “bought”. It is advisable to check the competing spiritual successor of many, or the G8. 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix is a sedan four door is available in two trim levels: base and GXP. The base model comes with light alloy 16 inch, accessories power, without key, a CD player, OnStar, and cruise control. Characteristics of the sport-tuned suspension GXP, 18 wheels light alloy with tyre performance, updated inch stereo system, front heated seats, seats leather, dual climate control and heads-up display. The most of these features are options in the model base, while the second level of finish are available with the Sun and sound package that adds a ceiling and a stereo of monsoon nine speakers with player’s CD of six disks in the Board. Individual options include satellite radio and a navigation system.

Basic Model

2008 Pontiac Grand Prix racingNow, there are only two machines that are available in the Grand Prix. The basic model has a V6 3.8 liter that produces 200 horsepower and 230 pound-feet of torque. The revised EPA rating for 2008 sample gets 18 mpg city and 28 highway. Grand Prix GXP represents a significant improvement, with 5.3 liter V8 pumping 303 horsepower and 323 lb-ft of torque. Both models of car and is equipped with an automatic four speed transmission with manual mode show change of GXP. Claims Pontiac GXP goes from zero to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds, but in our tests measure 6.7 seconds.

Control of traction and brake ABS are optional on the model base and came standard on the GXP. A monitor of pressure of tyres is standard in both settings. GXP also has a stability control system. Full airbags optional on both models. The NHTSA crash tests, 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix wins five-star (of five) for the protection of drivers in case of accident. The victory 4 1 position of companion stars. In the test of impact side, NHTSA great award had marked 3 of mayo Star (for the front and them occupying rear), but those cars that is have tested not had airbags side of curtain. In IIHS testing offset front, Grand Prix earns “excellent” rating, the highest of the four, while the impact test side that the agent (with side airbags) resulted in a “Marginal” rating, the second worse.


2008 Pontiac Grand Prix interiorNext generation of Grand Prix of the GM offers quality of construction and materials, that not only to ones steps behind the competition, but in the part rear of a new vehicle from GM, also. Stereo Panel mainly obsolete, while around the plastic more cheap-in search of the Pebble. A quick examination of the interior dimensions seems to be revealing that the Grand Prix offers another comparable midsize sedan, but as Stephen Colbert would say, “a fact”. Seats rear hard and plant low seat, causing the knee biased, to the ear. This project is combat the ceiling slant of the line, still can chew in the space. In at least the door open to 90 degrees, making the access to those seats rear is more fun that sit is really in it. The stem has a reputable luggage space 16 cubic feet – swallows 10-feet to fly to the Persian rug flat folding front passenger seat and rear seats.

They have marked 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix was larger than most of its competitors and that may not be too surprising if we take into account that it is almost 10 inches more than a Toyota Camry. In support, however, the Grand Prix is still quite tight and tossable for a front wheel drive. The V6 engine base louder than competitors who are better fuel economy and less subtle than the average. GXP is also not very composed, such as weight V8 in the nose of the ability of the car to present crisp, Pinto and the transition quickly. It is also a bit thirsty and prone to boi (the tendency of a driver to pull to the side in hard acceleration) torque. We used to recommend the V6 model with compressor, but unfortunately, that is no longer available.

Medium Sedan

2008 Pontiac Grand Prix styleRenovated Pontiac medium size sedan for 2004 Grand Prix front wheel drive. Grand Prix enters 2008 with some changes. There are three new exterior colors, and now half lining GT was withdrawn, leaving only two settings: base and high performance Grand Prix GXP. Great prize to compete in the same thread as the Dodge Charger, the Nissan Maxima and the Ford Taurus. General Motors OnStar communications system is standard, such as the monitoring of the tire pressure. TAPshift (touch enabled) system allows the driver to use the shovel on the GXP sedan automatic transmission gears of change of address. He side flat of the Grand Prix is says that is the form of bottles of Coca-Cola, a theme that reminds to the part back to it was of the car of the muscle. Extends to the lattice dual-port and the lower fascia two-tone. Great riders mounted angle flanking the rear spoiler.

Built on a 110.5-inch wheelbase, the Grand Prix extends to 198,3 inches total length. Fog lights standard on the GXP model. Standard 16-inch and 17-inch measuring wheel are optional; GXP has 18-inch wheels. Each Grand Prize big enough for five adults. The inner bark is the celebration of 16 cubic feet of cargo, and there is a passage in a 60/40 split folding rear seat. Analog meters are large enough to have a 3-d screen and doors that show details of satin nickel. GXP standards heads-up display allows you to turn off all the panel lights improve visibility while driving at night.


2008 Pontiac Grand Prix mpg200-horsepower v-6, 3.8 liter is standard in the base sedan. Supercharged V-6 engine from last year is no longer available. GXP, 5.3 liter V-8 sedan produced 303 HP 5,600 rpm and 323 pound feet of torque at 4,400 rpm. 5.3 liter v-8 to use the system of active fuel management that shuts off four-cylinder GM during the light load and ability to reduce gas consumption to 12% under certain conditions. Automatic four-speed transmission all car engine with heavy service units receive the GXP. Anti-lock brakes are optional on the base sedan and standard on GXP models. Side airbags are optional. GXP has the electronic stability system.

Although the Grand Prize has many interesting features, it is not enough in relation to European and Asian models most in terms of solidity. However, it was brisk, especially with the V-8 GXP power. It promises a great performance, accelerates from stopped with the spirit, and the V-8 exhaust note emits many throatier, more complete than the Turbo V-6 discontinued. Pontiac paddle shifters, work well, but may experience a slight delay. Grand Prix of the suspension allow easy way some of the deficiencies, but it gives the impression of prevent, rather than absorb them. Good deal without major losses in comfort is a bonus with the supermodel. Space enough free in every position of the seat and the roof sliding electric optional steals something from space.

Better Design

2008 Pontiac Grand Prix powerPontiac Grand Prix slot between segments of half – and full-sized sedan. Redesigned for 2004, the Grand Prix has not aged well in the global new and better-designed competition. Grand Prix – front wheel drive is available with the V-6, 200 HP, 2.4 liters of fuel and for those seeking higher performance, the Grand Prix GXP comes with a 303-HP V-8, 5.3 liter. The big prize is a great car in the outside but small in stature. The distance between axes long, 110.5 inches and inches of 198,3 of long to make one that goes to have a passenger that is swallowed the interior more spacious. Once inside, however, people find that the rear seats do not have a leg – and space. Chair reviews space is good, but the interior is full of plastic have a cast air traffic control consoles and screams bloom.

Based on the same platform that underpins the Buick LaCrosse and Chevrolet Impala, try to be more sporty than Pontiac with companion platform. These attributes include a sport-tuned suspension adjustment, escape a little more and chairs with a reinforcement on the other side. Version of the fun rude way V 8 engine GXP and put up a number of impressive performance, despite the apparent lack of improvement. Pontiac Grand Prix game in one of the more fiercely disputed segment in the world of the car, and when is marked down offer some value. Unfortunately, the design of data, the lack of repair, the less than stellar dynamics driving interior, horrible and disappointing room rear seat makes one of vehicles less attractive in its segment. V-8 models are beautiful and have a real performance, but places 303 horsepower front wheel does not a great car, just a quick.


2008 Pontiac Grand Prix nav systemFor 2008, the Pontiac Grand Prix is to simplify programming by dropping the GT model, the remaining model is a standard Grand Prix and V-8 engine GXP. Arrive three new colors for 2008: Gold Mist Metallic, metallic Mocha dark and Dark Slate Metallic. Grand Prix starts at $22,960 and comes with the following standard equipment: 3 200 hp.8-engine V-6, automatic four speed transmission, air conditioning, six-speaker AM / FM stereo with CD player, a floor console with the shifter on the floor and the arm, cruise control, rear defroster, locks power, entry keyless remote, power windows, power mirrors, control pressure of tires, wheels 16 inch, OnStar telematics system of safety and comfort Chair of the electric driver seat from six positions and passenger manual 4-way rear seats folding 60/40 split, steering wheel tilt, trunk interior lights for daytime driving lights, rear spoiler and body colour molded body.

GXP is strong and full of beginning with the Grand Prix of the base and add 5.V-Marcha 8-litre with 303 horsepower, details Interior chrome, dual zone climate control, rain nine-speaker AM / FM stereo with CD player, cargo net, above the console with computer travel, storage, display head-up, front and rear lights for reading, start folding passenger seat, power driver’s seat lumbar adjustment remote , heated front seats, button, and leather-wrapped steering wheel controls audio in steering wheel, dual exhaust, front and rear body color fascias, fog lights, rear spoiler, sport kit rims GXP-inflation, steering wheel mounted shift lever paleta-estilo, brakes anti-lock, power steering variable support, traction control and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Antilock Braking System

2008 Pontiac Grand Prix redThe Grand Prix offers a selection of the following autonomous: spoiler rear Sport ($ 380), ceiling electric ($ 895), antilock braking system ($ 600), compatible MP3 player CD ($ 150), a system of navigation with DVD-based and a nine-speaker monsoon ($ 2540), radio stereo system ($ 200) XM satellite, carpet floor mats ($ 80) and five-spoke aluminum wheels, 16-inch ($ 495). The other option is packaged in groups. Sound ($ 1590) and the Sun package adds a power, rain roof nine-speaker stereo system and 1 6 CDs in the Panel. Options package ($ 965) comes with lumbar two-way power, remote start, cargo net, folding front passenger seat, steering wheel wrapped in leather with audio and change involved leather, trip computer, button controls details chrome Interior, Premium ($ 940) package requires an options package adds heated front seats and dual-zone climate control.

Security ($ 995) package comes with airbags, anti-lock brakes and traction control. Dual exhaust ($ 680) Sports Pack. five-spoke aluminum wheels, 16 inches; and fog lights. Finally, a package of Special Edition (1995 dollars) increase the size of the 17 inch wheels, dual exhaust and adding lattice of color of the car body, body color front and rear fascias; This bundle Special, available only for the model with crimson red, ivory, white metallic silver black liquid or metallic paint dark slate. High performance GXP model offers the following options: roof ($ 895), player compatible CD MP3 ($ 150), a DVD-based navigation system and a system of nine-speaker monsoon stereo ($ 135), radio satellite XM ($ 200), carpet floor mats ($ 80) and airbags ($ 395). Complete Grand Prix GXP offers a wide selection of one called Sun and sound package ($ 995), which brings together the roof of power, a barrage of nine-speaker stereo and six disks in the Panel.

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