2009 BMW M3 Specs and Review


2009 BMW M3 modsFor the 2009 the premiere of the iDrive redesigned controller for the system of navigation optional, the BMW M3, that is now a base of disc hard and traffic in time real. In addition, the M3 sedan received new taillights and other back end style settings with regular 3 series saloon, as well as a variety of small inside. There are a few, the name of the model in the automotive world that systematically makes otherwise soft fans salivate uncontrollably. That will do the trick is “911”; So what will follow the “Ferrari” and perhaps “GT-r”. We believe that it is time to “M3” to join this exclusive group, if you have not done so already. Like its predecessor, the caretaker, 2009 BMW M3 offers excellent cocktails seduce the car performance sports and everyday practicality.

The previous-generation M3 is an action difficult to follow, which offers a highly capable chassis and one of the largest in the world in the time machine: 333 HP 3.2 liter inline-6. As the fans expect BMW M Division getting a hand on the current 3 Series platform, many really wonder: How can improve the BMW M3? Well, on the one hand, the company gave its V8 414 HP…-Setting the tradition of M3, is a jewel of motor of high rotation, provide enough impulse of range medium to build a career as car as the needle of the tachometer is moves more beyond of them 8,000 rpm. Otherwise, bring me the M3 sedan… – last was offered in 1998 – and replaced the previous M3 Convertible with a retractable hardtop convertible design. Design Chief Chris Bangle BMW had its hand in the polarization of the 3 current controversial series of sheet metal, but the M3 makes the best of you, bumper and another kasoku style tracks quickly departed.

Previous Generation

2009 BMW M3 parkingSo, all what not it adds to the progress? Depending on ask whom. Purists still be dusted pine for previous generation had grated M3 wild relationship, or telepathic inline-6 chassis and driver that defines the original M3. All agree, however, that the performance of 2009 BMW M3 is little less than incredible. With a 0-60 sprint-km / h 4.6 seconds and 12.7 – second trimestre-millas, the M3 is the Porsche 911– but they have a habitable suspension and the rear seats can be used in any way and still have a sedan car. You know what? The Puritans, schmurists. What blur lust after enthusiastic drivers perfect practical journal that can provide one of the most emblematic history of sports car for the money?

Greatness of the M3 is such that it is difficult to identify any direct competitor. AUDI RS4 Cabrio-outgoing walk on the platform of the age and overall performance could not hold a candle M3. And although the new S4 sedan is closest, however absolutely match the M3. AUDI S5 V8-powered performance coupe is, but racing more than the M3 335i. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG got a hit M3 under the tent with its V8 of 451 horses of force, but only is available with four doors and a transmission automatic. It is not surprising, then, that the name M3 lets fans drool… – not enough, as it was in the field of the performance of the car.


2009 BMW M3 white2009 BMW M3 is available as a sedan, Coupe, or Convertible hardtop designed. Based on the 3 series compact high-performance m3 comes in one trim level. Standard features include 18 light alloy performance wheels tyres inches, headlights-xenon, cruise control, leather seats auto climate control, heated power-adjustable sports seats with memory of the conductor, split folding rear seat and 1 10 speakers with CD player sound system and takes auxiliary audio. Ceiling of fiber of carbon Coupe features and magazine of style of M3s outside, each a suspension sport-warm, the brakes are more powerful and rear differential of sliding limited.

The optional premium package adds a power fold mirrors, BMW assist and improve the interior finishes. Adhesions of the technology package in M drive (which allows the driver to adjust the feel and response of the pressure regulator), navigation system activated by voice, iDrive, on key and input and electronically controlled shock. A la carte, including alloy 19-inch wheels, a sunroof (sedan), heated front seats, rear Park assist and a number of audio options, including improved sound system, HD radio, satellite radio and iPod adapter.


2009 BMW M3 racing4.0 l V8 power 2009 BMW M3, send CV 414 and 295 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. 8,400 rpm redline is exciting. 1 6-speed manual transmission is standard, and 1. 7 M DCT dual clutch automated manual speed is optional. Last manual quote through the vanes of the rueda-rueda – mounted, automatic mode. Special features all M3s rear locking differential to manage transfers the impulse to the curb. In our music test, M3 Coupe with a manual six-speed gearbox is traditional the 60 mph on a fleet of 4.6 seconds and crossed the quarter-mile in 12.7 seconds. EPA fuel economy estimates stand 14 mpg city/20 mpg highway and 16 mpg combined for all models except the convertible with a six-speed manual, which is reduced to 13 mpg in town.

Characteristics of safety standard for the BMW M3 2009 those airbags side include airbags side of seat front, brakes of disc, ABS, control of traction and control of stability. M3 has not crash-tested in particular, but the 3 sedan series, M3 sedan, based on scored four stars (out of five) for frontal impact for the driver and passengers in a test of the Government. He received five stars for side-impact front and rear occupants. The Insurance Institute for highway safety crash tests give the “good” rating (the highest possible) from sedan series 1 of 3 in frontal offset and side impact crash tests, although the convertible received the score more under the second of ‘Marginal’ because the main protection of the rear seat is suitable and lesions of the body available for them in the future.


2009 BMW M3 blackLong reinforced aggressive sports seat has rated M3, and the current model continues that tradition. At the same time, the M3 is among the most comfortable we’ve sat on a long trip. The steering wheel of thick mount, diameter small adds sportsmanship, although some may find the rim too thick. In the Coupe, passenger front seat belt automatic armrest gives belt, avoiding the need to maneuver the rotation of the torso. Convertible leather that reflects the heat made the maintenance of a good job that it absorbs much heat from the Sun with the top down.

Quality of construction and materials in M3 is very good. The general design of the visual has no interest; However, metallic accents and available wood dresses things a bit. IDrive electronic interface magazine this year that comes with the optional navigation system was upgraded from its predecessor, which is confused, but still complicated stereo remote control. No iDrive, scheme of control of M3 is quite simple and well marked. In the perspective of the driver, there are known trash and cubbies in which shop cell phones, bags and the like.


2009 BMW M3 used2009 BMW M3 weighs more than its predecessor E46 around 300 pounds, but still one more sports that you can buy the car. Paste in the asphalt as field for the fingers, but the power induced by oversteer is rarely more than a wave of the accelerator out of. Electronic damping control (EDC) offers three options for the selected configuration (comfort, Normal, sport). To the left in mode normal, the M3 did the work enough to absorb blows, provides the control of the body of class world in the twisties. Phenomenal brake braking 60-0-mph test us extreme M3 just 100 feet, which is among the shortest distance which I have never recorded.

Optional M DCT dual clutch manual automatic location. In particular, if you want to rev-matched reductions of M DCT, have that live with the execution of the system harsh but stop of transmission quick, because to the use the switch of lever mounted in console of system to a less jarring, rotations corresponding. It’s strange errors for high-performance cars–rev cuts should fit regardless of which transmission mode has been selected. Wakakak already a year? You can not. And then sets the achievement. After 12 months of very short and 20,022 miles on the odometer, it’s M3 time home. Panic, start begging. Thus the agreement.


2009 BMW M3 speedsAnything that we can handle our cars for a little more, feel one hug more places, have a blast on the redline, is fair game. Maybe I will get the key and run. Mexico is not so far. Not long after this modest white sedan is stumbling in the garage that we call cars best all-around in the world. First of all, let’s be in love with the package, a mixture of speed, ease of use, good looks, space and practicality. But, without a doubt, the best car in the All-Around title is a touch hyperbolic, correct? Answer short:. M3 are quiet and luxury sedan, as well as extremely valuable driving mechanism. Benign in bad weather and soft enough to carry his grandparents (if you can resist the temptation), M3 prepared even for the game, where it will pull every Synapse in the brain associated with driving pleasure to the inner road-destroy.

And then you will find the button from drive M, which is the preferred cushioning: the pressure regulator, traction and settings. With a simple touch, all which in any way manages to do it best. This is the genius of the M3. There are faster cars, Yes, and there are few more rewarding to drive. But, you challenged to find one that combines the speed, the thrill and driving daily tasks skillfully M3.

Navigation System

2009 BMW M3 priceNow, before you send an email in anger launched, navigate through the list again. Offers free scheduled maintenance? Exclusive to our maintenance M3, autolavados, amounted to US $0. BMW protected at each oil change, inspection and service program under the main service 4 years / 50,000 miles. BMW also repaired free of charge both outside our experience problems: leaks in fluid pump of the wiper and the capture settings to silence the Crackle of rear passengers. The BMW does not apply, however, is a replacement tire for 20,000 miles, a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric to $972,09.

“But not necessarily something that I didn’t.” You can cry. Thus, the consumption of fuel was a bit disappointing. It was the farthest traveled in tank M3 288 miles.9 and 15.6 observed mpg is worse than what the Nissan GT-r’s in the long term. But when you’re carrying North 5000 rpm on a daily basis, it is very difficult, for not waiting for the results.


Transmission of double clutch of BMW exhibited some of the errors, also. Start sometimes cold, gearbox would participate the teeth of the bottom a bit hesitant and with sound, but softens as everything reheats it. In General, the percentage of acceptance is high, with only a few Luddites manual confused desire. A example is the editor Web Kirill Ougarov, that is complained, “very slow in speed slow unless you bury the throttle.” I could not make sense with the switching logic. “Sometimes they March, sometimes not.”

Editor executive Ed Loh prefer to draw the paddle wheels were fitted. “Leaning and denying me has alternating paddle to the right equipment.” “Basically, the DCT is used best as a book of text in situation complicated, the point of that think that is will lose in the people that make click in the box of verification because not know how driving a manual.” Others (like the yours really) not have the M3 of other ways. Of course, them changes sudden will require reductions aggressive-where you would expect, but judging the throttle downshifts trigger level two instead of three can be difficult. The downside? Acceleration is a bit much. Oh, bother. But when driven gently, as the family sedan daily, DCT always find the ideal equipment and move smoothly at high speeds. Put your mother in the seat of the driver, and our money says he does not know that you driving something special.

Control Panel

But now, Mexico does not pan out the control panel. And even though now we have time to let that bruises heal from battles on the keys, we realized that the M3 left a hole in our fleet in the long term to not be filled immediately. In search of other drivers in various forms of entertainment, but also may be the Holy Grail of research; Only a clear replacement for M3 is as follows. Versatile in the world’s largest car? Not there is doubt.

BMW has travel a long road in the last 50 years, of a low in the winter of 1959, when it wealth is so badly that almost was sold to Mercedes-Benz, turning is in a group large of motorcycles in the world, cars of high performance, SUVs and sedans of luxury. As the Mercedes-Benz AMG racing home with high performance specialist, division of BMW M was created, mainly responsible for sports, but also for cars of high performance, including the series of 3 M3 version, version M5 of the 5 series and 6 series version M6 (M7, or isn’t the high performance of its SUV (, but it is only a matter of time). M3 is the one with the longest history and more accessibility, became very popular during the last four generations of the 3 series.

Four Generations

Each generation of 3 series BMW, over the last four generations, enthusiastically M3 driver has to offer, something rare and exceptional in the upper part of the formation, something that connoisseurs will recognize and appreciate every last moment, and something that is faster, faster, flatter and the 3 series similar to the owner of the ultimate pleasure of driving and bragging. Each of the previous generation was powered by a modified version of the famous six-cylinder in-line BMW engine, but the new generation is broken with a long tradition of becoming the first story BMW M3 V8-powered.

For now, programming of BMW M3 in North America comes as a Coupe and sedan are cheaper, but if history is any indicator, this will be immediately followed by a convertible version, the flow is the same model as the two M3. The first car arrived, the M3 Coupé, will be in its whole, including functions of security available of ABS for the control of stability, control of traction, six airbags and run tires of high performance. The M3 also has a huge amount of electronic of them prisons, control of stability with them new capabilities of control are control of the regulator electronic, interconnected for set the cushion of shock, iDrive for radio, navigation and phone, as well as two modes different of management of energy, normal and sport, that can select is through the iDrive.

High Performance

2008 BMW M3 coupe ($ 57.275) and sedan ($ 54.575), equipped with the V8 4.0 litre high performance coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. Although the M3 is quite comprehensive, there is the list of options, which contains items such as brake from competition, the electronic throttle control, DVD, electronic control, Adaptive Headlights MDrive systems navigation return to the corner, before the schemes of car paint, lighting trim around the cabin in a speaker of 16 sound system and leather seats 825 Watts optional interior.

Important decisions is the MDrive, electronic control system allows the driver to adjust the suspension, direction and performance engine to your own personal taste and style, with almost 300 possible combinations, using a single button multi-function steering wheel to switch between normal mode of M. system MDrive piloted in a bigger, more expensive sedan M5 and M6 Coupe and convertible and is available in a new series 3 for the first time. Another novelty is the lock of differential variable M, automatically the part rear of the pneumatic traction two depending in that has more grip in the time, a feature that really improve the driving of high performance in conditions weather adverse or in roads winding.

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