2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition Specs and Review


used 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate EditionThe Grand Marquis is the last of a race: the same size engine front, traction rear, engine V8, solid shaft rear, made in sedan conventional of America backed by the frame full and available for them buyers by less. GM killed to the body in a box large in 1996 and Chrysler not was a traditional sedan’s size full sold since 1981. Ford Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis virtual twin, has since 2008 only available for fleets, more often as a taxi or police cars. Lincoln dealers continue to sell sister of Grand Marquis, town car, but it is a luxury machine. Without however, all Ford platform big cars “Panther” – car Grand Marquis, Crown Vic and the city, they are doomed.
Ford is shutting down the mercury division, and sometime during the fourth quarter of this year will be mercury, the last of them all. Perhaps the last Mercury Mariner SUV will be small or compact sedan. But, if there is such thing as justice poetic, must be a Grand Marquis.

And it is likely that within the line of Mercury test yesterday. Never again. Grand Marquis has not changed much since the current generation was introduced for the year 1992. But while even the size of the Marquis, in many ways it is older than that. After all, while from sheet metal exterior and transmission are new for ‘ 92, chassis many released the first version of “reduced” Panther product size platform from Ford who first appeared as a model in 1979. And Panther declined the previous Giants Ford, at least conceptually not unlike all chassis size coil introduced for 1965. But the Grand Marquis has changed so little over the years that Ford has not bothered to publish updated information about it on the Web site of the media since 2008. And there is no example in the press from Ford fleet. In line with this Grand Marquis is hired “Ultimate Edition” of Avis. Or save money? Perhaps was the company.


2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition speedThis really not is dead, and Ford not can expect to bury the Marquis Grand. 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis have no seats in other vehicles. On the other hand, it can accommodate up to six passengers in what qualifies as sofas, if they are installed in the dentist waiting room. Layers in “upholstery of leather” that seems a vinyl of grade industrial, the part rear of the upholstery of the sofa freshly baked Twinkie slick consistent. On the back is like a constant trying to gravity of you suck until their end travels through a black hole and passes out in some random other parts of the universe. But there are 38 inches of rear leg room (0. more than the Honda Accord sedan offers 1 2010 8 inch) and why until now sits in the back seat, it seems to me more. There is also a large shelf between the bezel and the upper part of the seat back is a perfect platform to build dioramas of stuffed animals, or for your dog’s back to sleep.

Not so much driver sitting on the couch as sprawl front division in it. Admission and lower body instinctively bend toward the transmission Center hump while that crush on you referring to the door of the left shoulder and left arm naturally perches in the door. That is how you handle the Grand Marquis, steering wheel, elbow sticking out the window, at the left foot separate apart and, ideally, stomach fallen in the seat belt. Sitting in the car, as it is a BMW or a Mercedes to get comfortable. There was a setting electric of six positions and support lumbar motorized built in the room of expected of the driver front, but no amount of violin goes to produce something similar to the true position of driving ergonomic.


2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition designInterior of the 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis is for people who likes to loosen the belt a few notches after conquering the buffet at Golden Corral and having to wait for your blood sugar to stabilize before turning the ignition key. This is the automotive equivalent of food coma. There is better than that. On the way back, we stopped at Red Lobster. On a scale from inside line Grand Marquis weighed more that piggy 4,042 pounds — about 158 pounds lighter than the coupe Cadillac CTS-V only with the back of the light BMW M3. But where the Caddy has 556 horsepower to push, the Grand Marquis only has 224. It is the grim 18 pounds per horsepower.

Come to the Grand Marquis Mercury 2010 smooth known 4.6 liter SOHC, soft 16-valve iron – block V8 from Ford “Modular”. Asthmatically exhaling through a single exhaust, Mod motor operates in virtual silence, mainly because you’re not doing much. The lazy to build the engine speed when the accelerator pedal hit the Earth and then produces sounds almost a sigh of relief when the four-speed automatic transmission makes a detour to corny. The speed is something relative, and relatively speaking, the Grand Marquis is slow. Take the barge 9.3 seconds to reach 60 mph (9.0 seconds with 1 foot of implementation as a drag strip) and steam through the quarter mile and 10.4 seconds 84.6 km/h… hybrid Honda CR-z hand will destroy it in any race.

Traction Control

2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition priceBut turn off the traction control, the column shifter was launched, let the Marquis run to terminal velocity going backward, and is not absolutely spectacular Jim Rockford reverse 180s certification. It is just a matter of beating the changes in the rotation of the car and Grand Marquis waltzes away. So if your IP reputation and they are often fleeing from angry people, Grand Marquis of assortment is not all bad. The modest increase 225 60R17 Michelin Energy LX4 all-season tires apparently equipped with technology “Super scream”, the Grand Marquis isn’t built to handle as to strangle. This car leans on a suspension even when you’re parallel parking. In slalom than within the line courses looks set to menggosokan door handles on the sidewalk. But it’s not like you can focus on that, because the car is swinging his end of the tail of the second door, and without any serious address correction, the car turn as Oksana Baiul after losing the game rooms during the night.

Yes, the big mercury had spent the slalom in a numb 58.4 mph with traction control. And is them arranged to hang on is to the platform of sliding until 0.78 g, but has the history of the manipulation. 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis is a car built for one-handed operation. Taken on its own terms as a cruiser built to pursue slowly on the horizon, it works very well. Actually the management of shelf and of the pinion is has sense well in the Center and not is good for the jungle urban of court with surprising agility. Course, the chassis not allows the driver knows what is happening and add a level additional of the image full of the anesthesia in all it company, but the float and wallow are novelties in comparison with all them others cars by hence aims to be a BMW. It’s fun to its tacky way.


2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition sideBraking, by contrast, is on this side of the terrible. Not that the 127 feet stop ABS assisted by the distance of 60 km/h is terrible (but not good) or extreme fades. The plunge of the nose, to the driver’s seat seemed as if the car is designed to navigate through a sieve. The way forward. A bold move. If dane. If you want that the bold Americans (climax), innovative cars, I will buy a Toyota. If you want something comfortable, honest and cheap, buy Ford. If you want the car which an be honest added, will spizzarkle with less mercury. WELL, that’s what they used to be, until Ford began building wants to be mediocre to do in Japan. Fortunately, the blue Oval offers a traction at least keeps roots turned company real: Mercury Grand Marquis.

Outdoor park of colleagues and Grand Marquis has clear that United States is not a luxobarge Livin ‘big mo’. Snout with an enriched with a tail of a measure requires less Camry a walk; another to distinguish their relative height. Fortunately, table Tenis, table of Marquis and a rear platform in the right way in the case of transmission father survived again, while series still shoulder wide UN evoke official of badass of memories. Although a Marquis police, such as the form sends chills by Boy Racers, thorns car do basic design violently in his belief. Although the new – hi ‘ 06 mix-ins in hand, as well as men wear a Speedo grease Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition bathroom.


2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition interiorSystem input Sin soft touch key Grand Marquis insurgency customer is the basis of the good old never imprisoned to the United Nations, or loved those pol (take s, OnStar!) Even better open with the door of rolling, all monumentalitas on us of convince the ‘ 80’s Mercedes S-class. Once inside the waist, a barge makes and excellent visibility to see the easy maneuver for a rays turning wide (the car, not the driver). Nomenclature of memories fine evening of decay evokes juicy “Studio 54”, booth of sports cabaret brittle and dull in c contrast in brightness of joy “with the Grand Marquis tree” to trim fake a great car.

Great quote Marquis couldn’t hold a candle Camry, but oh great mercenary is still leagues ahead of the Chrysler 300 special blue light. A couple of chairs, spoiling an offer of an advantage is clear. Folding armchair is very soft and in the waiting room for the episodes of conjugal suffering. Or maybe a second honeymoon with the back of the cave? The headquarters of Brazil and six forgotten number of lounge. fun and pace the third penalty kick line make the same prices of resources of any SUV. Increase the sound and feel of mercury low growth rush brick house stomach. You never seem to powerful lighting them Commodores powerful.


2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition engineContinues Marquis a car pull live muscle with a meter analog was redesigned, with tachometer sempre primeiro cluster. Fire-up cammer V8 rumble filters and more the spirit of large blocks of cyclones and thieves. Although only Grand Marquis 239 horsepower mill inventories, is more enough to take even “polishing” she do with him. Four marches is all what you have (only one but need actually do). If you’re young enough to read this site regularly, or they are sufficiently old to remind the Blues Brothers, you’ll want to little known police package Mercury: police machine (dual exhaust), get tires (score high speed score), police officer (shock-pipe) shock and suspension (front, rear has Springs Watts-link magazine with a large and heavy sway bars) police. Continuou Evo in frontin ‘, but the Camry was toasted.

Pull the hammer of the gearbox and the first column. The Marquis of is suspension with wheel, mill of marginal torquey RWD and guide makes your honest God of the Horn in the corners. Pseudo soldiers Super value outweighs the benefits of their test scores 5-star of the Marquis skills. Same shit brick house build credit for a good walk in the city: components embedded in the body on the chassis. Bumps, holes or Subcompacts are a sign of distant radar in the back. 21 mpg (gasoline) on horses driving solid factors mixed fuel SUV covers her head in shame.


2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition on the roadObviously the Grand Marquis is not suitable for a V6 Accord or Altima manual. BUT the Marquis opened a family to the House of the grandmother in greater comfort. And, let’s not forget, the Marquis of prices line toward the baseline, wrong version of four-cylinder traction his whip. Official site of mercury, the last large V8 interceptor has a $5000 in the campaign. And IDIS for sweets in the exhibition hall. It is hell, crasher them! Do it for the fans of are people who bought only a magnificent Matlock Mercury Marquis? Declare a Ford turn back the old soldier; Press jeans even not able to update the site with pictures of the analog instrumentation of the Marquis. It is not important. It is time to retrieve the second hand American cars of the old school for his own. Kill a platform for Ford to the next driver a little corny makes the Grand Marquis is more desirable. And don’t forget: there’s no harm speed demons looks like a police.

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  1. I was looking forward to an honest, opinionated review of the 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis, as I have just purchased one. But instead, I get this mish-mash of (poorly) attempted quips and horrendous grammatical errors. It reads like a 12 year old wrote it. “And, let’s not forget, the Marquis of prices line toward the baseline, wrong version of four-cylinder traction his whip. ” What in the hell does this mean? And this gibberish….”Kill a platform for Ford to the next driver a little corny makes the Grand Marquis is more desirable.” I feel like I fell asleep last night and awoke in a parallel universe where education doesn’t exist.

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