2011 Ford Edge Sport Specs and Review


2011 Ford Edge Sport blackPerhaps you have heard about this set of Dearborn, Michigan, called Ford Motor Corporation. Wait, what? Oh, right. Ford Motor Company (FMC). Anyway, this group of men and women and the machine is apparently something roll lately. They are blue and American car companies as the rest of America mortgaged the teeth. But whatever! The sun shines in Michigan and by Gosh, this company and horseless-carriage, which made the proverbial straw. They have what we call momentum. This includes the Ford Edge 2011, a new version of the Edge crossover, which is a fully updated version of the device in the form of a pie that has sold 400.000 copies from their relationship in 2006.

Such is the speed of the change in the FMC that the introduction of the 2011 Ford Edge is a species of launch of the second division this year, a little by sitting and low the radar of it marketing. It is good with the hustle and bustle of the Ford representative told us that he remembers the times so thin that the company forced the opening of the painting that will be built new products during the next few years to the launch of new products. This crossover Edge, so that definitely does not have the impact of, say, the Renaissance of the Explorer, the introduction of the feast or even return of Mustang 5.0. But repeated fusion midsize sedan is a little more than a year ago, the edge remastered import large Ford, who argues that in the future car buyers from 1 to 10 in the United States crossover band selects one or the other.


used 2011 Ford Edge SportFord followed our advice in the drafting of the new 2011 Ford Edge. He complained on the model of the original material from the inside of the suspect (would seriously, when not?). He warned about the poor Hummer H2, as braking performance. Also we have complained about the price of our test vehicle. Well, they are pleased to inform that with this reformulation of the Ford Edge has yielded to the demands of the United States and some of our whining and directed each of the ends of the first outbreaks. What does not recall Ford asking to do is expand certain parts of the border to caricatures of greatness. It is not a Ford Edge 2011 Grill front is great, funny though. It is unclear about what seems to have no end. In fact, it seems that you out of sheet metal, which has decreased. Gives the printing of that, if you can peel as a species of costume metallic body, you will find that all the structure of the edge consists in a chrome plated it bar.

It replaces the chrome of the Edge Sport with a darkness so deep that light cannot escape. In this center you will find the gravitational Singularity where the curvature of spacetime is not limited and also see that Ford concealed the 100 mpg carburetor. However, you may like the look of things. Ford says that the style is the main reason why buyers choose the edge of the first generation. And the company is obviously trying to keep this, Ah, the edge. The banks have always visible particularly clean (if FAT) over it. Form of fat is by large wheels or look dinky when he fled to the border, then perhaps is because Ford is going and silly adding sports rims 22 inch edge. We are going to confuse a little to see how two great tones you can see it is not too large. Modern bloody car designers create our sense of perspective on wheels! However, after Pirelli tyres you wrap aluminum wheels forged are light, still has a pound of 91, more than you want to ride on fuel efficiency and quality.


2011 Ford Edge Sport partsNot forget of ask best engine, but not us we are complaining about. For 2011, the edge of the V6 of 3.5 litres family take the variable time in the intake and camshaft of escape. According to Ford, it offers 285 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 253 pounds feet of torque at 4,000 rpm, and so on as fuel regular. It was one 20 HP more and more energy than it offering out there is a 3.5-liter V6 3 lb-ft. After the screw of a motor new for it automatic of six speeds same uses the same relationship as before, the combination provides extra 1 mpg in the city and 2 mpg in it road in comparison with the engine off. That, Sir, is a win-win. Spent it half of the time that are in the model Edge Sport that uses the Mustang V6 of 3.7 liters and 305 horses of force turn to 6,500 rpm and 280 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm, also in the gas regular. This is too much power for a crossover, even one pound 4.428 robust in form of traction, while we drive.

We spent the rest of the time that we move on the cellular model of front wheel drive. And while is below 20 horses of strength sports of the model, that is almost 400 pounds of lighter of that it cover of weight means that the two have almost identical ratio of the strength-to-weight. To be honest, the standard car felt much stronger class, so we can not be sure that bother with exercise. Early next year, Ford will complicate decision-making engine with direct-injection, turbocharged engines four-cylinder 2.0 liter (Yes, that is the EcoBoost). Judging by the fact that Ford says that 3.5-liter V6 will remain “basic machines” can take a 4 turbo will cost more. Ford promises better fuel economy, but not necessarily more powerful than the current machine. The engine will make its debut this year in the new Ford Explorer.


2011 Ford Edge Sport whiteFord spends much time and money, get back to work inside the rim. Money well spent, say. In General, the appearance of the interior more rewarded. This is partly because of the impression of the quality of high end, more cushioned surface and more brightwork. But we suspect it also has something to do with the amount of space the surface of the electronics in the form of high resolution in the center of the stack displays and flanking the speedometer. Ford crusade against the noise continues with the inside edge of the revised draft. Through the Aero package is considered more closely, windshield laminated acoustic thickness insulation acoustic, Interior, suspension rear better isolated and more powerful engine covered bring a feeling of peace on the edge of the cabin. Not there is that underestimated the power of the silence, their perception of the quality.

The Bugaboo in the edge of the first generation of braking was poor. Contact crazy but feel an important type of brakes. The 2011 edge has a completely reworked system pedal brake force to ban that aims to correct the violations of the past. And although we have no opportunity to make any instrumented test, brake in 2011 must have felt stronger and convince linear in its operations. Ford engineers returned have suspension for 2011 edge, also planned to assemble the model instead of elastic. Cross the smooth of glass two tracks more in Nashville, Tennessee, so it reserve judgment on the quality of the travel to get to a vehicle of the test of Detroit and them Angeles. But we can say that the model of the giant of the cell that US led first is controller competent, casual. Doesn’t want to go to overturn at curves closed with any real speed, but this template is not openly sports – press a good balance between convenience and connectivity. The current model of edge of somehow sit higher and less settled in comparison.


2011 Ford Edge Sport techIn terms of the model? Well, let’s just say that engineers have done a good job in preventing 22-inch wheels really devastating the way. It is not a small task. And he did it well. But we are not moving enough with sporty models to justify high prices, at least not from the point of view of management. The gearshift paddle sport was only good enough for who we want in the standard model. Do not think that we are going to use it enough to justify the additional selection model sport. With the advent of the Microsoft Sync system originated a few years ago, marked Ford wants to lead in technology and interface drive systems. It has been a success for the company, and thus it is developing with the new interface and functionality (Yes, we write only “works”) in the form of MyFord Touch. This new interface, which migrates through the Ford full line Finally, premiere at the edge.

The system basically consists of a large screen and two smaller screens flank the speedometer. Topics such as entertainment, color and can be accessed through the control of the voice or touch. We arrived at a point in time where many trinkets and the options offered to drivers that each company struggled to attack them all together in a way that makes sense. Approach of Ford is a very good solution, certainly in comparison with some iDrive system style controlled by button, more annoying. But Ford is wrong if believes that the system not take an intense learning for their users. And although it may be less harmful than other solutions, there is a certain amount of information that is displayed in a number of baffling confusing place. Some tech-savvy will have less time to adapt.


2011 Ford Edge Sport performanceWe don’t have the space here to list all the electronic miracle, you can work with this system, but with navigation system based on card sync Bluetooth, SD, two USB ports and an SD card slot in the center of the so-called media, audio and video input jack, you can do a lot. It also has a radio station that plays music from the speakers. And it is not just the information and entertainment that accessories Ford intends to use to configure the edge of a crowded class. Banks now offer almost all of the options available in each vehicle in the vast world of Ford. It seems quite expensive, right? Well, what if you load any optional equipment that is new for the 2011 Ford Edge, you’ll end up with two lines of expensive. Cross in addition, if you opt for the sport all-wheel-drive model as we drive, prices start at $38,845 rigid. Do drinks, right?

But where he lived most of the buyers and the image looks great. Levels of price base of the vehicle more sold of the cell is very few hundreds of dollars more low that the model that it replaced is a thing small not has in has the increased dynamic in the sophistication and the power. Giant cells as we drive starts at $30,995. Some decent options are bringing things up to $33,000. Limited, which includes load tools, starts at $34,995. Thus, Ford not exactly the requirements of each one of us. For example, the rim is not significantly more expensive than it used to be. However, this is certainly a value much better than the more recent version. We think that the “Ford” this just may have a future after all.


2011 Ford Edge Sport sideIf, as us, is the idea of elaborate, expensive, 4500 pounds using little fools sports badging crossover, our Council is simple: is used to it. CUV segment continues to grow, and variations on the theme continues to grow rapidly. 2011 edge sport is actually the second version of Ford medium penetrating performance crossover; Edge of sports launched in 2009. High price is not moving much, but there is much more content than this time of waiting and is a stronger effort around in – even if the words “Ford Edge Sport” the belief of some strains. We will be delighted if they call ‘ big Ford quickly, but that’s not to know the name of the car.

Install base Ford Mustang V-6 3.7-liter, 305 horsepower, 280 pound feet of torque – under the hood and coworkers to 1 6-speed manumatic. The hotel offers a great bulge in the output against the sport model comes out, used V-6 265-hp, 3.5 liter is the same as the rest of the leading edge programming. (The edges of the base with the 3.5 liter updated is now rated at 285 HP). 3.7 more than half second sprint releasing 0-to-60 time, returning the seven seconds of sub that is laudable in this class; It works even with reserve of Nissan Murano, try and beat the GMC terrain in the second half. Anchors are equally impressive: Ford revised the system of brakes for all banks earlier version after the bus stops. New pistons, larger rear rotors and update brake booster improves feel and helps reduce the distance from 70 to 0 – mph to 191 175 feet are more manageable.


All this despite the fact that the edge of sport worrying 4460 pounds, 5 more than the ‘ 09 model last measure. The percentage of weight that is worth living without suspension, with 22-inch wheels. Driveway with 265/40 Pirelli Scorpion zero of rubber, contributed nearly every corner of 100 kg. However, the recommended walk potholes, but everything very well, proof that the revised suspension tuning. Treatment, it also has a constant temperature, with the bite more and more weighted, good direction and turning a very disciplined body, you think that it was built on a dojo of the top of the mountain. Edge sports has more just new brakes, new powertrain and a new horrible network, although it also has a new interior that come standard with the system information and entertainment MyFord touch. Button, is very popular in the past century, the victims of the revolution with the iPhone, and a system of touch center console and modified instrument cluster two other steps towards the cabin glass.

Apparently, Ford has all serious mid-cycle update. Only those items that are left to change is the logo of that. Manufacturers, used to extend them new cars all in five to eight years. In some part around the half of the tour, usually year three-much commotion is will do in the new front and rear fascias, adding some of them features standard and some packages of options. (* Yawn *). These changes are designed to give buyers a reason to look at the car that is long in the tooth. Ford Motor Company, produced this song for decades, but no longer. As we saw with the escape, Fusion and Mustang, the Ford brand is introducing significant changes to the product any time giving please. For example, fusion 2010 may have been updated by default, but I prefer including three new powertrains, Interior significantly improved and front and rear fascias expected.


Introduced as a 2007 model in late 2006, the border is the second attempt to crossover from Ford more cars. (Anyone remember is the Taurus X Freestyle… uhh, not so much.) Entering the fifth year of production, banks need attention. He only has to get it: report the following in front of the Chicago Auto Show Feb. After the debut in public in the new model, Ford offers the exclusive opportunity to assemble the Autoblog in the edge of 2011 with some sport of development it engineers so that we could have a beginning, a behind the scenes in their results. New edge does not go on sale until later this summer, but you can read all about our experience at the Dearborn Development Center, now, after the jump.

Directs the wide installation test Ford, sport near the Sea stands out, even an eighth of a mile away. Under the hood, headlights, new bumper, chrome grille and upright during the day the crossover style lights update indeed. A look more closely the body was bent 22 inch large wheels. Rich Kreder, vehicle development manager says, “wheels are premium forgings. There is better.” Louis Jamail, the type of dynamics of the base vehicle, touched, “all new suspension and sat a few millimetres lower.” Jamail went on to explain that, although banks mounted on chassis does not related to Flex, Taurus, Lincoln MKT and MKS, technology of suspension used in the templates is now under the edge (and Lincoln MKX 2011).


Revised springs and bushings support the most important change, the new shock absorber. Are design of double tube with the Pistons completely displaced. For engineers, the result is not more control with less friction. Translation of the road means that the edges of the new ride smoother than before, with a significant improvement in the treatment. With Jamail to the steering wheel, we produce around courses of management. Jamail knows a thing or two about being behind the wheel. After participating in the Championship of formula SAE at the University, he worked at the Ford NASCAR advanced dynamic chassis support team. He is not the type of engineer who will survive creating a microwave or a refrigerator, a point clarified with a smile on his face when he wisely, robbing the banks through a series of demanding technically corners, until water several times.

The edge of the development of the initial frame of the Navy is a vehicle, while the inside is not suspension, wheels, tires, and actual production. They don’t wallow. Flex does. Any seed of the hatch back. No porpoising. Crown of the head. There is no knock off stop collision of suspension. Photos prove that the body movements also are controlled through a sport truly fresh junction of five passengers, two tons. To be sure, corporate and Jamail Kreder not sacrificing comfort of handling, we went to installation and testing that is packed with a full range of hole in asphalt and concrete. To the surface of the intentionally terrible road, the edge of the sport climbing supplely. Holes that are absorbed. Its impact on the chassis are rounded and well managed.


305 horsepower 3.7-liter V6 a new adds more athletic performance of goodness. Based on the architecture of the engine company 3 Ford.5 litres, debutado under the radar as the default engine of MKT. But now, with the placement of the 2011 Mustang and improve performance, by synchronization of the exhaust valve and variable product, this is the machine that is worthy of attention. Very light acceleration brought the acceleration is smooth. This is an indication of good electronic scheduling power. On the other hand, drop the hammer to make the launch of the rim with authority. The machine is easy to convert to the maximum power of 6,500 rpm, with maximum torque of 280 ft. lbs. reaching 4,000 rpm. At wide-open throttle, the engine sounds good, but a bit harsh. Since edge is a vehicle for development, may not have the usual sounds of the complete package is installed. (We have to be careful when we test our first production models).

Kreder noted that the performance of 0-60 mph should be approximately 1.5 seconds under the edge of the oldest sport with V6 3.5 litres of 265-horspower. We are currently estimating mid-six seconds to execute, which is much faster. Maximum speed limited to 112 kilometers per hour. Fuel economy ratings are not yet available, but the variable valve timing allows the 3.7 liter V6 Atkinson cycle March in fuel, when it is useful. Delay the closing of the valve until after the piston has a round bottom, Atkinson cycle reduces pumping losses and increase the economy. Exercise with Ford company (6F50) six-speed automatic transmission. Gearbox has paddle shifters when mounted on the edge of the sport, and was the first with the new interface of shift lever Ford: drag from left to downshfit, right and drag up. The control is in the part rear of the steering wheel three radios new design that is looks very comfortable. The new steering wheel also includes the system operating from five buttons of controller double MyFord Touch. (The initial vehicle of pre-production, touch the system is not fully operating, so we reserve the right to trial until the version for ready sale.)

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