2011 Scion tC Specs and Review


2011 Scion tC blackOf course, forward, pull the 2011 Scion tC to the next corner, but is not expected to make a play to address emotions feel. Man, not a Mini or Mazda. As the original tC, Scion tC 2011 is nailing the little things. The style things. Problems of passenger space. Important features. The leader and trying everything under one roof for less than $20,000. It is a higher-order 2010 money, but when a redesigned tC hatchback coupe arrives in dealerships this month of October, you can get it for $18,995 with manual transmission or $19,995 with automatic transmission. Of course it is $1,375 more than you have to pay for full automatic tC of 2010. But the 2011 Scion tC has more power, extra two gears for the front and renewed suspension. This is an improvement, although the car is not very different from before.

You can think of Scion will try something radical with redesign of tC, however, because smaller Toyota division struggling. In 2006, Scion sold 173,017 vehicles. It fell to 113.848 in 2008. In 2009 1 terrible, just a car 1 57.775 at home, and this year, the Scion is rhythm to sell much less. TC has seen drip Rails all Scion models, sales fell in 2008 to 40.980 17,816 7.756 unit last year in the first half of 2010. Is the economy, stupid? Maybe it is a part of it. The average buyers of Scion tC is 26 years old, and we know that many people under 30 who are not falling wages enough as to handle a car payment right now.

Passionate Side

2011 Scion tC cockpitBut you can not leave your car, also. It is to demonstrate the passionate side of 2011 Scion tC. And although we have seen some design on the outside risk of these cars, it certainly did not occur in the performance of the Department. Scion tC is quite predictable and safe for her grandmother to the unit and must be. However, you and your grandmother will love the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine in the 2011 Scion tC. Indebtedness of the Camry, this machine looks good on paper. 2.5 liter is rated at 180 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 173 pounds feet of torque to 4.100 – significant results in engine 2.4 l (HP 161, 162 lb-ft).

Goodness however, goes far beyond that, because the engine provides enough torque on the line and defend with passion and softness to 6,300 rpm redline. There is also a note of small exhaust which gives instructions for sportsmanship tC without entering field. Of course, the FRA exhaust attachment is more difficult. You can get the update also takes, but there won’t be any compressor the day of release. Two new transmissions, prefer automatic six-speed. With a change in the “D” (though much less so in the Manual mode) and incredibly soft. Six-speed manual offers equipment is a little short, but the take-up clutch and pedal a little vague not definition for canelasantes special reductions.

Fuel Economy

2011 Scion tC usedThe same fuel economy (23 mpg city/31 mpg highway/26 combined mpg) with the transmission, but the manual change of tC more quickly, with a 0-60 mph is estimated at 7.6 seconds versus 7.1 seconds for the automatic version. This is right in line with the Kia Forte Koup SX automatic that we tested (5.2 seconds), but slower than the Mazda 3 s (8.1 seconds). Especially, not to mention the main competitor of Scion tC is between Mch instead reducing to zero in Mazda, Volkswagen Jetta and Golf, and Mini Cooper.

2011 scion tC is the same size as the model of last year. It is 174 inches long, still is mounted on a 106.3-inch wheelbase, which still 34.6 inches high and weighs only 100 pounds overweight (because more equipment). Song was expanded by one inch at the front and at the back, 2 inches of the majority to make room for the new wheels 18 inch standard and 225/45R18 Toyo Proxes 91W all season tires. The same suspension design, too, as the stock Struts front and rear swinging double CT with market Avensis and Auris. We were told that the compression damping has increased and the proportion slightly more springs and thicker anti-roll bars, in the name of better handling. Direction of hydraulic power auxiliary switch to aid in the name of fuel economy. Brake discs are larger in diameter, front and back.


2011 Scion tC parkingOn the road again in 2011 tC is not a problem, because the cars do not fall on them with the bearing of the body or understeer. But it is fun to drive, as also a car really does not communicate with you. The quality journey is what one would expect with 1 18 years of age, which is said to be tolerated but not ideal. Each piece of veneer on 2011 Scion tC may be new, but the car is a likeness of his predecessor in long races thought about Toyota: already have winner of the sale, don’t mess with it. Previously we talked about 2017 Lexus IS 300.

And they are not really, really. This is basically the same coupe, 5 places because hatchback as before, but now filled with items such as a standard wheels 18 inch and a roof and a new tC looks a bit more muscular, especially around the connection. Account with 2.5 liter four powered with the new six-speed manual to $18,995 or for another $1000, a six-speed automatic; the instrument panel was redesigned; and perhaps most important for Scion, a rattlesnake Crystal buyers a new sound.

Incremental Volume

2011 Scion tC fuel economyLaunched in 2002, Toyota Scion youth must have a laboratory, in contrast to its aging in the willingness to take risks and give rise to new products of the valiant as a form of refrigerator original xB. Somewhere along the line, however, the role of enter divided. Being only a part of the laboratory, a small car original IQ introduced to the United States later this year–and producer of incremental volume for Toyota. The role of the latter, was seen last time played by Oldsmobile and Plymouth, more regular and forced to be too conservative Scion (do i.e. the initials tC?) when it comes time to redesign the brand.

TC has the reliable for the Scion brand, tie even when sales plummeted with the economy, 113.904 in 2008 to 57.961 when tC represents 31% last year Scion of the volume. At times, it has been more than 40%. At the New York auto show 2006, which suggests important changes in Scion tC, when it shows the concept of melting fat face robot. But the concept is not going well at the clinic, said the Vice President of Scion Jack Hollis. You don’t want to kill the cash cow, the company was nearly complete withdrawals due to some changes in the basic form of packets and old light of tC.


2011 Scion tC radioWithout a doubt, the platform underneath it, of a European market Avensis sedan (and Lexus HS250h us), change a little bit, forcing designers to work with the platform of the ancient treasures of the difficult points. distance 106.3-inch wheelbase and 174,0 inch length total TC remains the same, as does the front rib Multilink rear suspension design, although the song wheel and wider total increases slightly with mudguards and blowing more roads attitude berbahu. With the redesign, Scion hopes to bring more male buyers. The relationship woman man current tC 50/50, but Scion is hoping to move to man of 60%. Hollis said the old car is considered a little soft and effeminate, so the newly enhanced with muscles and angularity of others. It was a logical step. Sales trends show that women are going to buy a car aimed at the individual, but not vice versa.

The cabin is a new design that was sunk by two measuring tubes are very hidden, three bubbles than ever and focuses the stereo unit and the navigation is very important for the driver. The wheel is important for buyers of the tC, said Hollis, so much attention. Extragrossa with a flat bottom style racing buckets and ring light for titanium plastic accents of color and comes equipped with audio control keys. In General, higher forms is, more sharply and deliberately more masculine. As before, the cabin was made for prices, with a variety of hard plastic texture which is composed of the instrument panel and the door skin. But the front of the basket very good help and assisted still offers a rear seat, due to the cave’s long-wheelbase, with the posture that ensure the complaint behind.

Small Car

2011 Scion tC problemsAcross the full line of small cars, Toyota is to remove the old engine four-cylinder 2.4 litres of series Z-the new R Series 2.5, the refinement of the features that a double elimination, roller rocker lifters Chamber oil Jet cooling and consumption of piston valves of control fall to mix better consumption and lower emissions of freight. Horsepower was up to 19 180 horsepower and torque rises 11 lb – ft to 173. However, the movement of a five-speed manual and four-speed for a pair of six-speed automatic means better fuel economy. Complete manuals open TCS 20 mpg city and 27 mpg on highway 23/31 and automatic will be the same, it increased from 21/29 in an old car.

In our unit, steering and suspension demonstrate the strong side. Way tight, concise short TC a corner and Palm waste circulation with weights more than in your typical Toyota. While in almost all brands these days seem to be preparing the iconic sports car exotic, hatchback cheap as coupes sports Scion tC 2011 is very colorless. The ranks of the old Mitsubishi Eclipse, Acura Integra, Toyota MR2 and even the probe of the Ford and Mazda MX-6, we went to some valuable two doors can be purchased for less than $20,000 and still have a good time at the wheel. TC has a strong dose of testosterone, at least in appearance – 2011; The plate was redesigned with more folds and bulbousness, the interior and the purpose of the performance is more than enough.


2011 Scion tC partsBasic concepts of mechanics is very family and together with a number of other Toyota models, engine four-cylinder 2.5 liter, massaged to 180 horsepower, with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. In General, the CT scan shows wear, testosterone and not excessively, increasing the pulse, but the experience was fun, with surprisingly good comfort. TC is a Coupé sports, so you should not expect spacious interiors; While the back seat is not so bad at the top of the front and space is tight. We are not fans of collision of hard plastic in the script, a floppy disk or vinyl sunroof blinds, but are confident that it can overcome them by choosing something catalogue Scion accessories, such as the stabilizer bar of FRA or Bluetooth or Alpine navigation and audio system with iPod interface and touchscreen controls.

It is not a great value, compared with cars or even enormous discounts, end-of-life two-door Ford Focus. 2011 TC was the price of $18,995, including objectives; the automatic is $19,995. Shoot all the features of the aggregation, and you could see $24,000, same price as basic much faster 2011 Mustang V-6.


Compared with the model of last year, the 2011 Scion tC seems to they have received testosterone treatment. Making veneer extensive redesign a little more wrinkled and torn ‘,’ details and a little more daring and open. On the outside, the collection of straight edges crispy have false tC project 2011-Celica calm instead of happy new visual difference. To the side, the large slot in the back of the old glass is supposed to look like a helmet. We see a mixture of GT-R, the Camaro and the Cylon in the profile. Any reference to the science fiction is set in the workplace, safe, and they change the concrete when the tC carries the colors of the painting “cement”, Battleship gray slapped on a steel table (or you, the Audi TT). Corner notched at the ends of the front and rear to reinforce the bold design that greatly facilitates the tC choose between the multitude of characters.

Made by cockpit, magic of the squadron returned to discover that put some starch Scion tC instruments and controls, and some major irregularities in the finish. The fat steering wheel has a flat bottom and I beg your attention as soon as you slip into large, carved front seats. It is not enough to distract the trifecta of different grain plastic plug it to a little natural shape in the top right of the glove box, but uses bright red indicators in the cockpit, as well as and the measuring tube is cut and size the climate control Reese injected some function very much appreciated in the form of more simplicity.


2011 scion tC Coupe attracts buyers on a budget – especially those who are planning to install a few mods, provides grip of power only juice and sick for some type of forced induction of kidnapping. There is but a transmission will be in each tC, engine four-cylinder 2.5-liter with variable timing valve and variable intake manifold. It deals with the big four in the base Camry and a roll of 180 horsepower with the smooth, spin resonance with a murmur of escape into account surface approximately 3200 rpm. This does not mean that machine zingy, but does the job of 600 rpm at idle to redline-6400 rpm. With larger engines (up to 0.1 liters), four puts out 18 hp more and 11 ft-lbs on the subject of ‘ 10 and Scion says is enough to improve the tC to 60 km/h in 7.5 seconds with the manual gearbox, or 8.3 seconds with automatic transmission.

Down to four pairs with manual six speed transmission with a clutch lever and absorbing good weighted change is loco-luz, or sequential shift automatic with manual mode suspension left slot of the unit. The people will choose the stick, but there is relatively little shame delivered automatically. Remember your driving style, so it downshifts into a clip decent if I hammer on the left shift of the throttle lever or slide down.

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