2015 Acura TLX Specs and Review


2015 Acura TLX priceIf the TLX name sounds vaguely familiar, that is why. Acura TSX compact was removed and occupies half of the TL sedan and combine them into a new vehicle, Acura TLX 2015. Your 2015 Acura TLX, longer than the TSX but smaller than the TL and thus best suited to attract buyers of entry-level luxury sedan. Fortunately, TLX inherited many of the attributes of their ancestors. Acura gives you a choice of two engines updated… – the TSX TL four cylinders or V6 – and both offer fuel economy thanks in part to a new nine- and eight-speed automatic transmission. As it is the case of the TL, all-wheel drive is available with a V6 engine with him another time is used to provide to both improve the attractiveness in bad weather and sportier handling.

TLX also gives you a good mix of luxury and sport. A stunning cabin quiet and airy is a cosy place to spend hours of journey and comes with a lot of high technology as standard equipment. From the highway, TLX is fun to drive. It seems to me agile in turns, and TLXs all are equipped with paddle shift to give you direct control over your new transmission. Of course, the combination of two cars and there should probably be a little collateral damage. Four-cylinder engines, although, of course, could find not find the strong beat provided by a turbocharged engine of four cylinders in many models of competition. The TL also features two interface of the screen, the more electronic Acura, but we discovered the function of the left a little to be desired. And at the same time impressive knowledgeable TLX, could leave a little bland compared to the more luxurious designs or adapted some of his rivals.

2015 Acura TLX Segment

2015 Acura TLX blackThis may be the case, it should be verified that the all-stars of the segment, 2015, series 3 BMW and Mercedes-Benz e-class of 2015-c. 3 series offer a variety of athletic performance and luxury, while the redesigned C-class sets new standards for luxury interiors. Another big lead to believe in as the 2015 Audi A4, Lexus IS 2015 and 2015 Volvo S60. But if you do some research you will find without a doubt that these cars often end up thousands more comparably equipped slope for TLX. So, if it takes into account that the value as well as comfort and sporty driving attitude every day, “B” rated 2015 Acura TLX is entry-level luxury sedan, you’ll want to take a look. The year 2015 is the mid-size luxury sedan Acura TLX is offered in three trim levels: base and advanced technology. And technology that basically the package of the option was available in front of model TLX- and all-wheel-drive.

Standard equipment, obtained from basic TLX alloy wheels 17 inch, all-wheel-steering wheel, LED lights and brake, roof, heated side mirrors, lights entry key and locks of ignition, automatic, upholstery vinyl dual zone climate control (used in), front seat heating, electrical driver, front passenger eight positions (with power lumbar), four electric seat (eight addresses in the V6) 60/40-division-folding rear seats, tilt and telescopic steering wheel and auto-dimming rearview mirror. He standard also connectivity of the series of eye of glass free of phone and audio, functions of the camera, Bluetooth, two screens (8-upper e lower 7 inch of screen touch inches) and a system of seven speakers stereo with player of CD, satellite radio, integration of it application of phone smart (Pandora and Aha), takes of input of audio additional e interface of audio USB / iPod.

2015 Acura TLX Tech

2015 Acura TLX modelUpdates to the technology package and get leather seats, settings of controller memory, the line of departure, blind spot monitoring system warning, subsequent alerts of traffic from the cross, front collision warning, voice commands, navigation system and the Acura ELS 10 sound system speakers. Available only with an engine V6, the advance adds rims of 18 inches, front and rear of parking sensors, on remote, it lights fog of LED, automatic regulation mirrors side, front seats ventilated, control of cruise adaptive, assistance of maintenance of rail and braking automatic for mitigation of collision advanced.

2015 acura TLX gives you a choice of two engines: a 2.4 liter four-cylinder and a V6 3.5 liter. the engine of 2.4 litres produce 206 horsepower and 182 pounds feet of torque. It is only available with traction front and paired with a special eight-speed auto-manual transmission. (Automatically, is a manual of dual clutch DSG of VW or Porsche PDK, but Acura also has a converter of pair conventional automatic equipped for the operation smooth said slow). During the test, Edmunds TLX 2.4 accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 7.4 seconds, on the slow side for this segment. EPA estimated fuel economy with the engine of 2.4 litres is 28 MPG combined (24 city/35 Highway), which is very good for this class of car. Our unit of mixed route, however, the evaluation is noted 23.6 mpg, that is less of what we have retrieved of a turbocharger of competitors.

2015 Acura TLX Engine

2015 Acura TLX msrpWith regard to the 3.5-liter V6 is rated at 290 horses of force and 267 lb-ft of torque with a transmission automatic of nine speeds. Motor V6 is offered with wheel front or all-wheel-drive. Evidence of track, TLX 3.5 with drive all-wheel runs at 60 km / h in 6.4 seconds. It is usually very quickly, if it is still nearly a second release of the sprinters of segment. Fuel economy is EPA estimated 25 mpg combined (21/34) with front wheel drive. Curiously, it was with drive all-wheel, you still get 25 mpg combined (21/31). Burn, observe a time more disappointing, however, check our evaluation on Route 21.2. In the Acura TLX 2015 standard safety features include anti-lock brakes of drive, stability control and control of traction, side airbags, seats of the camera’s front glass, side airbags, a driver knee airbag and front active head restraints.

During the test TLX TLX 2.4 and 3.5, stop identical distance of 60 km/h recorded 129 feet, which is approximately 7 feet longer than the average for this segment. Optional safety equipment includes front and rear parking sensors, blind spot warning, output rail alert system will help keep the track, warning of direct collision and automatic braking front collision mitigation. Insurance Institute for highway safety tests failed, 2015 Acura ranked highest of TLX may be “good” for the moderate overlap collision offset frontal, side impact roof design, strength and safety belts and head restraints for whiplash in rear impact protection. In a test small collision front offset overlapping, TLX received the second score more high’s “acceptable” from the IIHS.

2015 Acura TLX Interior

The Interior of the TLX is a step forward in comparison with the TSX and TL. Comments on chair with thick padding but soft TLX and decent lateral support to deliver a high level of comfort. The back seat is too luxurious, also, with the angle of the seat back is comfortable. Them seats rear of the space would be a little tight for them adults, although the space for the legs is generous for this segment. Acura says noise cancel action TLX has been used. The latter seems to have worked, as very low noise of the wind and the road makes its way into the cabin, so for a simple conversation.

The overall look of the Interior is clean and the flagship sedan similar to the Acura MDX RLX crossover. Easy to read gauges and stacked combo screen used for the display and controls many functions of the vehicle. The learning curve for this interface is rather painful, but a bit annoying to use the touchscreen and a general resolution graphics are inconsequential. And while the interior of the quality in general is definitely fun, some parts of the trim is not quite as sophisticated look or feeling, or you will find the A4 or the C class, for example. Storage of luggage, 13.2 feet cubic, average for this class.

2015 Acura TLX Fuel Economy

2015 Acura TLX fuel economy2015 acura TLX, an of his first decisions will be the configuration of the train motor to. The four-cylinder engine offers great fuel economy, and the force is sufficient for everyday use. Select the transmission “sport +” mode advantages especially performance, since downshifts come quickly and the lower teeth are held more, thus maintaining engine in the sweetspot of the power band. However, almost all other engines-based rival in this class makes the TLX performance turbocharged, seemed a bit disappointing if you push them back to back. If you have a need for speed, V6 engine is definitely the way to go.

TLX is lighter than the TL of cancellations and you can feel the difference in weight by the way in which leads. Here you have to fulfill your desire for luxury sports sedan, there is a delightful combination of comfort and skills every day. The wheel does not have many nuances, but still walk TLX turns with an unexpected degree of ingenuity. This is the real giant model (thanks to the rear wheel features driving them) and all-wheel-drive TLXs that can apply torque to individual wheels to help a fast car power transforms. However, despite the TLX your drive, the athletic ability of the chassis was disappointed by driving them more excited by the level of ban relatively few end of torque. With regard to the quality of the ride, in them streets of the city full of potholes TLX can seem a little rigid suspension (although away from the mind), but in a road that is controlled and soft-mount to horse.

2015 Acura TLX Generation

2015 Acura TLX speedThe first generation TSX sedan is a luxury Honda, Acura, so – must. Rev happy four-cylinder and a willing chassis insulted the liver, so contemporary, developed by V-6 TL of third generation. The second appeal of the car decreases for the year 2009 model, when the Acura is an attempt to improve the attraction led to more soft and looks strange substitution; Today, the selling pressure above and RLX ILX has then been killing them completely. TLX 2015 is you asked that replace those two. The movement is quite reasonable. While the TSX is approximately corresponds to the size of logo of luxury entry, BMW 3 series, the TL is a tweener. By TLX, Acura TL led to 109.3 inches distance between axes but Chief chopped by total 3.7 inch and make a car full of an inch more narrow. The result is a wonderful package appropriate that feels as broad as well as current F30 series 3 Mercedes-Benz new class C. Acura says new bodywork and a mix of ingredients that includes the steel of high resistance of 47%. The rigidity is in the TL, but weight is maintained at a level close the TSX and the chicken again car leave iron-techno-Acura looking for a more custom look beautiful.

TLX 2.4 l base is the same sweet 4-pot in Honda Accord – to block, straight, system of injection of fuel and the i-VTEC valve distribution and consumption of cam – phase technology, but with its own 11.6:1 and increased intake of double-stage compression. It also requires premium fuel. Changes to extract an additional ponies 17 206 HP to 6.800 rpm; torque is not changed Honda in 182 lb-ft, although the peak of 4500 rpm was greater 600 rotations. Peak output old TLX Porto TSX-injected four-cylinder horsepower by 5 to 10 lb.-ft. The four are linked to a new, exclusively designed in eight-speed automatic dual-clutch houses. Wonderful and Acura calls the first torque converter, assembled, place the wheel to provide the effort of torsion of the product line, let you take out soft and damp vibrations. The way in which works. Jumps line is present in almost every type of transmission, including the version of the Group Volkswagen suffers a bit, is in any part to be found. Once in operation the converter locked to certain changes of feeling ultraquick of dual-clutch. The four-cylinder car receives All-Wheel steer precision to boost the standard four wheel steering agility Acura (P-AWS) same as car V-6 model.

2015 Acura TLX Model

2015 Acura TLX view3.V-6 5 litres also traces its roots to other Honda and Acura products these days, but combines a beefier model to support the operation of disc Super All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) start-stop of standard motor starter. Also features a variable cylinder management, which Honda falls three cylinders while driving to save fuel, as well as the launch of a new block to facilitate the transmission of choice, only nine-speed automatic ZF supply low load of the. Acura returns to work completely ZF, determine new cases compatible with the SH-AWD, only the interface logic and move is to itself same. As a bonus, the V-6 models get cold local transmission button of traditional dual-clutch lever change; It would not look out of place in a Ferrari. The output of the V-6 is strong-although not all BMW 335i-strong-290 horses of force and 267 lb-ft of torque, TSX optional more six 10 and 13 old.

TLX fat three – spoke wheel steering, gauge cluster and clean with the sharp look of white and black dial-back to you in the face. Red starter button is located to the right of the wheel. Aesthetics is pure Honda in the best possible way, printing does more for the network design Panel, the chimney cover is low and the seats are comfortable and spacious. Main of configuration of dual screen eruptions strange, as in products more new from Honda Acura. Low touch screen handles the audio and climate controls several functions, while it the top of the conventional screen (controlled by a button and the buttons below the bottom screen) to manage the same, in addition to the navigation. Screen resolution and graphics do not coincide; a screen will do the job well.

2015 Acura TLX Driving

But that is all play second violin to driving. Cycle button integrated dynamic system (IDS) in the center console for sport or sport + setting and interior car first generation TSX came out – positively increases mounted hard and put to wet. Loads of electric power-assisted steering, P-AWS works hard to the tail through unit angle TLX and throttle response is much spicier. The SH-AWD, P-AWS for obvious reasons, differential rear torque vector model of Acura magician shuffles power to the outside rear wheel more aggressively to quell understeer.

Sports + raises the bet with a logic of change individual and track-worthy; Besides transmission, gear maintained up to redline, surprising constancy system and brain telepathically divided transmission provides very fit reductions Reverend double clutch change faster, but speed of nine reminds us very good ZF 8HP eight-cog, which saw service in many competitors in this car, so do not bend. (In manual mode, both ‘ automatically redline box up.) When id Normal AC or Econ, the transmission shifts smoothly but with diligent and quick through the lower teeth shuffle to maximize fuel economy. The throttle response was calmer; the steering is light, pleasant disposition; and the P-SH-AWD and AWS stability on the trick. ECON fast mode and maximum speed in control of the weather to save fuel.

2015 Acura TLX Setting

Even in the setting of more identification, TLX shut when driven hard, never the future of the prohibition in bends keeling. Perabaan deprivation linear final but friendly sense and direction and pedal firm and easily modulated brake after the start of a half-inch of skin. Sweet-sounding four-cylinder was the TLX more chuckable, while the V-6 model of the giant felt a little nose heavy and prone to torque steer. Model V-6-only the hammer of SH-AWD by the streets a reminder in the force brute of the wave and vectored pair pair. The typical style of Honda Acura, TLX is offered with a small batch, curated by select groups disguised as the level of finish. It is the technology package unit 2.4 L and 3.5 L (which is standard on the SH-AWD), while a more comprehensive advanced package is available on V-6 versions. (For more details about what is included in this package, see our analysis of price). Each model comes with a lot of equipment standard that includes seats front seats, climate control automatic dual full-LED headlights and lights rear, paddle Shift and ceiling.

Replacement of the TSX and TL, Acura made the car better use the best attributes of both. If you can live without rear-wheel drive, manual transmission or luxury logo, TLX is a very interesting case. The case becomes even stronger when one considers the high level of sports features and luxury by the fact that BMW will charge $60000 to enter 3 series. In General, TLX is satisfactory and return late the magnitude and dynamic technique of time associated with the Honda luxury brand. Configuration available three has its own personality and the value of the offer at their respective price points, but if forced to choose, you will reach the leaves with the SH-AWD V-6 model, very happily married 2.4 l TLX and (unfortunately) kill a giant V-6 iterations. If Acura does not return completely, it is very close with this car.

2015 Acura TLX Power

Two engines are available in 2015 Acura TLX: I-4’s 2.4 liters with 182 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of torque paired with an eight-speed dual clutch and a V-6 automatic transmission to 3.5 liters classification in 290 horsepower and 267 lb. – ft nine speed automatic transmission power. All-wheel drive is available only with larger engines, while the rear wheel drive variants. Economy of fuel is competitive for the class popular in 24 / 35 mpg city / highway, drive V-6 I-4 models 21 / 34 mpg and 21 / 31 mpg with drive all-wheel.

The treatment is a strong with a 2015 travel company TLX, good body movement is controlled and excellent sense of direction. Understeer, however, taking the models V-6-powered with SH-AWD, which is taken from the car driving dynamics. Good acceleration with the second mechanism, giving the car a good power for passing and merging. In addition, the power does not comes to expense of the economy of fuel as 2015 TLX is a sedan sports of luxury more cost-efficient. He second eight speed double clutch boxes of change automatic and nine well tuned with a good response in the sport + mode and movement quickly when left to their own devices.

2015 Acura TLX Interior

While not as outgoing as Acura TL rooms, interior space has both a 2015 TLX for adults with a respectable space seat front. However, the rear-seat accommodation is set for adults is higher, and the additional structural support packed in luggage, reduced to 13.2 cubic feet. Repair of cabin is a point strong with the cabin quiet and seats comfortable that is a car ideal for driving long distances. Technology and safety characteristics of low speed adaptive cruise control then helped keep mitigating collision of brake system of track, navigation and 1 10 490 Watt Acura ELS speaker system at a higher level of trim.

Available technology package adds a number of safety features, including lane keeping assistance, warning of blind spot, warning of runoff and forward collision warning. Available only on models with V-6, advancement, extending security AIDS, adding adaptive cruise control with low speed after braking emergency, forward and output of mitigation. 2015 acura TLX received rating of total security of five star of the NHTSA (of five possible) and is considered a selection top of it security IIHS + rating, getting a good score in four categories, received in the category of small overlap front (both are the value more high) and part front basic of prevention of accidents (front of the prevention of accidents awards include basic and advanced upper).

2015 Acura TLX Package

As a package complete, 2015 Acura TLX interesting because it offers a lot of technology, a good driving dynamics and the promise of the TSX and TL elegant arrangement out. In the first test of the V-6 model test, we can say that the car gives a good performance and handling, but the ruins of the superiority of understeer in models equipped with cars of traction due to the angle of the skeins of the transitions. Also, is recorded in the first test of TLX of 2.4 litres equipped this little machine “not very keep up with the competition Turbo” with an acceleration more slow due to the lack of power and of pair motor. In 2015 Acura TLX is a great place to be, with fully furnished and built a cabin and seats, good sound insulation are comfortable, I support and help so much. Although enhanced Infotainment system, said in the first review that “graphics look a bit outdated” compared to the competition.

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