2015 Audi S5 Specs and Review


2015 Audi S5 tailAUDI S5 natural rival BMW is 435i, or more specifically, xDrive 435i, but am not going to make a case for one over the other. S5 is stronger with the 4 series, costs a little less. Address each one and see which one you like. The S5 is a Coupe with two doors and two rear seats are cramped, sport version of the Audi A5. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think many agree that the S5 is just a nice automotive design. This is the kind of car that will make you happy every time I see it. Where has the previous generation S5 a V-8, this generation with a 3-liter V-6, but to make the deficit of electricity with a supercharger, a little forced induction technology is unique to vehicles currently available. The S5 also comes standard with all-wheel-drive Audi Quattro, good help in sports driving and slippery road.

In the United States, the S5 starts at $52.500, but there are some significant performance improvements that need and good technology options, you’ll want to. Example took the price to $58.775. Audi does not change the transmission line to other markets, so buyers in Britain and Australia will also receive a supercharged V-6 engine and Quattro, based on the price of ¬£42.675 in United Kingdom and AU $119.900 in Australia. Supercharger S5 comes from suppliers of Eaton and using two rotors with thick blades to compress air to 11.6 psi pump for the fuel system for the performance of the V-6 engine 3 liters of 333 horsepower and 325 pounds feet of torque. I don’t like how a turbocharger is powered by the exhaust gases from the engine, turbocharger is modified by the actions of piston engines, which means that it compresses the air, so that the motor starts to rotate. The result is immediate, meet the acceleration, which I participated in sparsely populated rural areas to avoid another strong warning.

2015 Audi S5 Power

2015 Audi S5 redWithout connection with the S5, slipped quickly to 6,000 rpm tachometer and then clutch and step to the second another large, increase the power of the engine growling note aggressive listening even through the cabin of premium quality sound. Six-speed with beautiful precision and fluidity in S5, so it feels comfortable making stop-and-go traffic and even initiate a hill of steep streets, helped the last by useful features Hill – starts in the car. Audi is offering the seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual or a S-tronic transmission as an option, and I’m not going to blame people for taking it. On the other hand as I have reviewed, that the transmission shifts quickly and satisfy a paddle by moving the address wheel-mounted and probably improve his lap time if that is your goal.

2015 Audi S5 frontFor faster performance, S5 include DriveSelect, a feature to switch between comfort and dynamic modes. This affects mode at the steering wheel of program, Accelerator response and the exhaust sounds, making them stronger and more aggressive to dynamic. Switch between them, I found a big difference… – car cannot be too careful in comfort mode, nor is it difficult to catch once dynamic systems. Audi management programs tend to light, making wheels easy to move, and it was in evidence with the S5. Personally I prefer a little more weight on the wheels, but with S5 quickly you can make adjustments to the turns of the wheel without a car fighting with me.

2015 Audi S5 Modes

2015 Audi S5 whiteThe S5 also has a selection of Audi Sport differential, dynamic mode change programs. The differential supplement system sport Quattro. Where split torque standard Auldey 40: 60 of Quattro, the shift in power between the front and rear wheels depending on the attraction, dynamic sport differential divides torque between the rear wheels left and right. It is the rear wheel and overdrives the result is pure brilliance. When I pointed out S5 through a set of curves, the rear differential makes the car go around more sharply, gives me a bit of oversteer. You can achieve the same effect in the car from the rear wheel drive, playing the back end of the outside of the curve, but it is much more controlled in S5.

2015 Audi S5 on the roadIt is the lack in the S5 option is the Adaptive suspension, free, only $1,000. Also influenced by the DriveSelect, a gentle stroll to the comfort and fit of the dynamic stiffness. S5 keep suspension well designed and do not let me down, but we need to strike a compromise between ride quality flexible body and maintains flat curves fast. Fall brackets V-8 is the six-cylinder engine with compressor efficiency of movement, similar to what a lot of cars. The power output of the six cylinder is equivalent to eight, but at 17 mpg city and 26 mpg highway fuel economy, an average of 4 mpg better than the previous generation.

2015 Audi S5 Sports

2015 Audi S5 blackCharacteristic of coupes 2015 Audi S5 exemplifies luxury convertible sports car. Delivers the performance, of course- but in this thread, is just the beginning. When travelers just above the surface of the streets or eat miles on the road, the S5 is available with a soft and quiet and has very good seats and Interior. Then there is the style, which rank among the most attractive of this kind. The S5 is a car that does everything, and it is for this reason that the buyer willing to pay the price substantially.

2015 Audi S5 drivingDivide the difference between the A5 just incredible and wonderful RS 5 (both are reviewed separately), a ‘ tweener S5 maybe a sweet spot in this trio. Its supercharged V6 engine services tempt 333 HP, engine four-cylinder Eclipse A5 for more than 100 horses, keeping the distance on 5 of RS 450 hp V8. If you’re the type of person who prefers the three pedals, the S5 Coupe also offers a six-speed manual transmission that is not available in the RS 5. And if you think about the fuel economy of 28 mpg, highway awake S5, defeating the RS 5 to 10 mpg the defeat and closer even A5 32 mpg.

2015 Audi S5 Body

2015 Audi S5 modificationsIf there is an attack on the S5, it is the simple fact that there are a lot of interesting things to spend so much money. You can go with the Coupe BMW 435i or hardtop convertible 2015, for example,… each package excelling themselves 300 horses. Coup√© from Mercedes – Benz C350 2015 offers comparable to the BMW power, and alternative of Germany is also available with drive all-wheel. If you don’t mind spending a little more, the magnificent 2015 Mercedes-Benz E550 coupe and convertible V8 twin – turbo serve butter. In the front of the House, Ford Mustang GT 2015 solid intrigues with interior and authoritarian Classifieds V8 power, and if you don’t need the rear seat, the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette invited the world beating and elegance of your new money S5.

2015 Audi S5 parkingBut there can be no alternative to this attract your attention, as a grid of 2015 Audi S5 decorated 4 rings. A mixture of style, speed and convenience of exceptional civility continues to separate this Audi-by which WINS Edmunds ‘ a ‘ of our test team classification. 2015 Audi S5 coupe and convertible are offered in styles of body (convertible). The second has a soft and operated wind blocker. Both are available in a level of finish Premium Plus and prestige.

2015 Audi S5 Design

2015 Audi S5 steeringPremium Plus includes 18-inch wheels standard footwear with tyres, xenon headlamps, rear lamps LED and headlights, heated and mirrors with auto-dimming, S5 specific kits, single sunroof tilt of the body and without key and ignition. In the S5 Premium Plus features automatic climate control trim tri-zone, aluminum, brushed, leather and simulated seats (coupe) or upholstery enhanced leather (convertible), heated front sport seats of power eight-way (with power lumbar driver of four positions), functions of memory, rear view mirror with auto dimming, split folding rear seats, driver information center , Phone Bluetooth, connectivity, panel mounted electronic control of MMI, 6.5 inch, Audi drive select System (providing driver controls the calibration of the automatic transmission, throttle, and address), change of pallets for automatic transmission and a 10-speaker stereo with CD player, satellite integration radio and iPod.

2015 Audi S5 sideThe prestige of the addition of Adaptive Headlights and Bang Olufsen sound system (with 14 speakers for the Coupe and convertible to 12; optional on Premium Plus) and technology package. This includes Bluetooth audio streaming, Audi connect with services online and mobile Wi-Fi, GPS, screen 7 inch, the MMI interface control upgraded with console-mounted, HD radio, front and rear parking sensors, cameras and monitors blind spots.

2015 Audi S5 Tech

2015 Audi S5 interiorPremium Plus trim can be equipped with the technology as an option package, and both ornaments Coupe are also eligible for the leather upholstery. Thanks convertible comes with luxury leather, but they are eligible for a package of convenience with leather upholstery and a special front seats with heating level of neck, less aggressive side displacement and power lumbar for driver and passengers. Prestige models qualifies only for the driver package which adds Adaptive cruise control with forward collision mitigation system and adaptive management.

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