2015 Audi S8 Specs and Review


2015 Audi S8 priceThe commitment should have won today, but, for the record, exhaust there is but only connected the stereo to drown him. The engine makes a beautiful soft voice, warming the cockles of my heart reducer, but only became obvious when Taq needles grew up. Audi engineers showing the prowess of the S8 in other ways, with air, all-wheel drive suspension and torque rear differential vector give very agile handling of these beautiful animals. Become an Audi S8, also showed a lot of technology expertise, with booth would be connected electronics. Surprisingly, given the research on autonomous vehicles, driver of Audi S8 support falling behind competitors.

Based on the ship logo, the Audi A8, S8 sedan is bigger, more than 16.5 feet pounds long 4,685 and weighers. This means that the cabin is very wide and rear seat space, making it suitable as a driven coach. But, with front seats goodness and performance, prefer driver. Although it’s an update, 2015 generation S8 carries great technology that puts many new cars became ashamed. In the United States, the S8 comes with a base price of $115,825 delivered. Example, drove, loaded with a number of packages, including Bang Olufsen and auxiliary systems, audio driver and reaching a total of $132,225. The version of the United Kingdom and Australia offer similar performance of production and management, price of £80,735 technology on the other side of the pond and AU $288,150 under the base.

2015 Audi S8 Performance

2015 Audi S8 speedAudi A8, a leap to a more quiet and each point of S8 sports performance offers a number of custom Drive system settings select. The dynamics of the sporty Audi, the requirements of configuration and select the same performance as setting affects binary vector, suspension, throttle, direction, exhaust note, and the adaptive cruise control. And comfortable, dynamic mode is selected puts the eight-speed sport mode automatic transmission, I can check with an independent command. In the dynamic, S8 become tempered high, directly to respond to changes in the pressure of the minutes on the accelerator pedal. Angle responds faster steering wheel input and found a used automatic transmission brake and accelerator to March in, I anticipate that my power have to turn around and straight.

Running along a winding mountain road, S8 system works perfectly. When to change to manual selection, 520 HP and 481 lb-ft of torque of the V – 8 4 liter twin – turbo let me keep in law for all third parties, but the tight hairpin and much more. Turbo lag was not a problem with the machines of this power as injection direct V-8 generates enough torque at low rpm to make transitions to improve imperceptible. The real test comes when the curves, and S8 here did not disappoint. The Adaptive suspension of air that helps this long and heavy sedan remained relatively flat from inertia provides an interesting. The front end becomes easily and correctly, the front wheel is powered by Quattro all-wheel drive do their part. The rest of the car will be speed issues, but my pants, I can feel torque vector, put an extra touch to the rear wheel out of place, helping to the rear of the S8 again.

2015 Audi S8 Tech

2015 Audi S8 parkingAs the legacy of Quattro in Rally racing, S8 management indicate the quality of Audi technology. In addition, Audi has shown incredible electronic cabin connected in the car. S8 can fall behind the most recent models, such as the virtual cockpit with theft and 4 g data connection, but still maintains its own compared to the global market. 8-inch LCD screen slide out and on the instrument panel when you turn on the car, with the display of content that is controlled by a series of buttons, a dial and a touch screen where the console with control panel. After using this interface in some Audi models, I have the button position is stored as muscle memory, so you can get the phone or navigation system without looking. Elliptical main menu is easy to understand, as well, although the icon labeled as Audi Connect and the information is a bit mysterious.

The icons on the LCD screen shows the 3 g data connection and allows that the satellite imagery from Google Earth for navigation are coated with street names and live traffic information. If you don’t like, or is outside the range of the cell tower data, you can choose the S8, appearing in navigation systems typical safe map. If the flagship luxury sedan usually do not give me your blood pumping, Audi offers solutions: 2015 Audi S8. S8 is based on regular ship flagship A8 and provide the same elegant driving experience, but has a huge assistance HP turbo V8 that is stacked on top. Luxuries may never attract.

2015 Audi S8 Transmission

2015 Audi S8 colorsMany horses, ask? Try their 520, used for the eight-speed automatic transmission is smooth and fast. It was enough to take this large sedan from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, which is like the high end as many sports fast cars. Also notable was the consummation of this V8 special points of view, as a strong right to idle and be virtually silent during the cruise of the road. And if you want to fly a trajectory curve in the S8 is their favorite, they determine the control given by the S8 tuned sports suspension exclusive air can be fooled to think that is driving two-thirds the size.

The flagship of high-performance sedan is a special type and each example worthy of reflection. the Porsche Panamera 2015 alignment including bad fast Turbo model more Panamera GTS engine; Both are fantastic to drive. 2015, mercedes-Benz S63 AMG provides a strange acceleration with an unbeatable atmosphere of the cabin. It is also with the elegant Jaguar XJR 2015 or 2015 BMW Alpina B7 softened. But 2015 Audi S8 is more typical of this company and it can only be the best versatile cars in this class. It generates the Edmunds.com “a” rating.

2015 Audi S8 Options

2015 Audi S8 cockpit2015 Audi S8 is a fit high performance level full-sized luxury sedan is offered in one well-equipped. Unlike A8 which is based, the S8 does not offer the option of more variants. Standard features include 21-inch summer tires alloy wheels, sport-tuned, Adaptive air suspension air free total LED lighting (lights, headlights and taillights), control automatic, a camera system with a view to the front and rear parking, parking sensors, roof, auto-dimming mirrors and trunk hinged lid power, soft power and power lock doors Keyless entry, a leather seats stitched to Diamond, four-zone automatic climate, control 22-way of the multicontour front seats (with massage, heating and ventilation function), power tilt and telescoping steering wheel and rear side rear window light.

Driver information center have information and entertainment with 7 inch screen between indicators, head-up, system screen infotainment Audi multimedia interface (MMI) with main screen 8 inch, navigation system, Bluetooth phone and audio and 1 14 speaker connectivity Bose sound audio system with a CD player, satellite, HD radio radio and iPod interface. Audi also connect standard blind spot monitor (including improved navigation and information services based on Web, as well as the capacity of WiFi cell phone) and mitigation system of basic collision that covers the stages of preparation and predefined secondary collisions when a collision is detected.

2015 Audi S8 Packages

2015 Audi S8 sideS8 options are grouped into packages. Assistance of driver package from Adaptive cruise control of property (with a stop-and-go functionality) and help the collision mitigation systems that are more advanced with pre automatic braking and collisions of an active lane keeping. Cold package includes heated steering wheel, heated rear seats and rear step seats. Full leather package extends the standard leather seats already abundant, while the Audi Design option package includes group and leather package complete the unique elements to the garrison in the treatment of cohesion.

Individual choice include the design of different rear wheels, sport exhaust system, sunroof (which feeds a ventilation fan to keep cool cars), seat entertainment system (with dual screen and an additional control MMI panel), night vision (with detection of pedestrians and animals) and 19 speakers and 1400 watts Bang Olufsen surround sound audio system. Connect the 2015 Audi S8 is a V8 4.0 liter twin – turbo to produce 520 hp and 481 pounds-feet of torque. Automatic eight-speed transmission, all four wheels by means of a traction system is the default. Edmunds instrumented tests, S8 accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, a time too fast for almost any car, simply a great. But the S8 in some way the EPA fuel economy estimates 20 combined mpg (City/Highway 17.27) honey. Only a select few cars so fast and safe the Audi automobile performance largest sedan.

2015 Audi S8 Appearance

2015 Audi S8 styleYou have to admit the Audi A8. Last year, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a truly amazing S-class, which puts all kind of high-dollar luxury yacht in the notice. With the new S-class turn heads and collecting all kinds of praise from the automotive press, colleagues such as series, Jaguar XJ and the launch of the Audi A8, BMW 7, old appearance. But Audi does not see fit to let the large sedan and Mercedes takes the cake. So when Audi A8 model line was updated to the year 2015, with only a small update, I prefer that it shrank as a quick way to cool the large sedans to the new, I hope that S-class version – beat arrived. But then I’m S8 described above, and I’m not so sure Merc shadow as big and impressive as the first.

I wax poetic about the Audi V8 4.0 liter twin – turbo until I’m blue in the face. This machine is as fucking with lover and S6 S7, but is even more surprising here in S8. Of course, is because in this induction application V8 pumping 520 HP and 481 ft lb torque-benefit of 100 horsepower and 75 lb-ft on the S7. Put the ground via Quattro drive all-wheel, heart of 520 horsepower capable of pushing 4685 – pound S8 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. Less than four seconds, a large sedan like this is really impressive, but everyone knows, Mercedes S63 will be face to face with the Audi in the same 0-60 sprint. But unlike the Mercedes, Audi feels super light feet, is more than 100 pounds lighter than the gross of Stuttgart, after all. Ask that the acceleration came with a massive run strong, with a band of unending energy that will not run. It makes no sense for the range rev where the power of the engine and the eight-speed automatic Tiptronic facilitating things to a boil with the butter-soft.

2015 Audi S8 Problems

The problem is, however, hope that Audi is a little more arrogant about his strength. Same with exhaust fumes is set to “dynamic” in the module Audi Drive select, there isn’t much to listen to. There is a humming bass, sounds when stepped on the gas, but not only as a guttural ROAR and participate as the Mercedes V8. Still not very good as the old Audi cylinder 4.2 liter engine V8 or V10 S8 5.2 liters of the previous generation. I understand that that kind of power with peace – but as the creation of many of the newest Audi S and RS-car, I want a little more auditory mode of stimulation. It is not so much the issue here in the S8 for things like the S4, S6 and S7. But even so…

It is what it is really nit picky to complain, I know it, and calm coincides with the target number one the luxury of Audi and majestic above all. Power at high speeds, the interior is super inconspicuous up to increase the volume in the sound system Bang Olufsen and optional ($ 6,300). Quick Note: acute energy are drawn in the control panel has also a huge “Wow” factor for passengers. At least, not used for passenger facilities occur usually in that range.

2015 Audi S8 Model

Update to update the 2015 model is very small, and inside, the cabins are very good for the celebration of the A8 a few years ago. Every tangible surface that a very good, with high quality leather and suede in everything. And the technology on board still looks and feels like a progressive in the usual way. Google Earth navigation, Wi – Fi connectivity for 4 g and perfect calligraphy MMI touch is still felt intimate and pleasant to use and infotainment Audi is still a pleasant atmosphere (though the scroll buttons in the wrong direction – which has been using the system, you know what I mean).

Another update on my 2015 on the outside, with a new front and rear fascias. Back, nip/tuck is not really notable, but for me, the front changes make a big difference. To be honest, full-LED headlamps of the A8/S8 always seemed a little strange to me and ruined the main types of Audi front end. But now, headlights more angular square, fresh and modern than before. Simply, the car looks stunning, all in an elegant way, an outline for the engine completely beautiful, soft discreta-creacion. -21 – inch, titanium finish, killer style sheet discs, also. Having said that, the optional 35R21 tires P275 summer alta-rueda of things that undermine slowly along the way. With Drive select is set to automatic, or even comfort, quality of S8 driving along the road damaged by Detroit is a little harder to what I wanted. But the compensation is incredible in the form of a soft and attractive, which embraces S8 and taken as a car half its size.

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