2015 BMW i8 Specs and Review


2015 BMW i8 styleI8 is a type of hiper-hibrido, what could happen if Ferrari developed the Prius. Shows two very different personalities: engineer obsessed with energy and youth problems. Mode driving comfort and Eco Pro, could they have parked and forgotten, but after changes in sport mode, the lack of violence is going to get out me the i8. Press the co production of cheaper and worldly i3, represents a radical rethinking of the private BMW i8 in climate change and the reduced supply of fossil fuels. I8 seems like a first effort by BMW to bring the efficiency of the new century and still maintain the legacy of performance, and that is going to cost.

Price base in the United States came in $135.700 before adding a trim level “world” is available. UK buyers looking for £99,845, although i8 electric Singlemode should avoid the costs of congestion and the preservation of the village green. Below the Ecuador, Australia, that he saw in i8 $ 299,000, but just think how much more mutant Mad Max could prevent the precious gallons of gasoline. I8 is, without a doubt seen vehicles incredible, as if BMW builds a concept car be sure to get rid of all the interesting bits before put into production. While driving, got more attention I have really bright orange McLaren spider-650.

In addition to the appearance of the i8 concept car, using the transmission system it is truly unique, pads or BMW hybrid vehicles are not similar. Hidden somewhere in the car is the engine Turbo 1.5 liter three-cylinder BMW using regulator control valve pressure and synchronization technology to produce 228 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque, driving the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. The engine, a variant in 2015, Mini Cooper, a little help starting 11 horse power, setting the delay time of turbo.

2015 BMW i8 on the roadDriving the front wheels, use i8 129 horsepower electric motor, strong enough to move the car by itself, when the 5-kilowatt-hour battery is full enough. Interestingly, two-speed transmission is the engine and the front wheels. Charge battery only lasts 1,5 hours 240 volt source and provide the mile 22 i8 zero emissions. BMW sets total power output i8 357 horsepower and 420 lb ft of torque, with a 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. EPA figures show 76 miles per gallon equivalent, 28 mpg average on the gasoline engine only. However, as it is typical of hybrids, it will differ greatly depending on how many times the car will be charged up.

More BMW i8 configuration line, making use of carbon fiber for the passengers in the compartment of subsets of motor bracket and aluminium chassis. I still have not finished carbon tests when raised upward opening doors, so-called soft tool use i8 this exotic ingredient. This concept helps to maintain weight, but still tips the scales at 3455-pound heavy i8. I’d like to take a look at the engine, but my manual blocked with a note that lid must only be opened by staff of BMW service. However, a few simple hooks in the cargo area let me find a box of black metal with UPS, reached the half of the body in the car. Hatch is on the front left fender covers a freight tram J1772 port, while the loads of fuel by default sitting in the right rear of the vehicle.

2015 BMW i8 interiorAfter relaxation with small excerpt, I worked the ride under the door and in the driver’s seat. I8 using the 2 + 2 seats, which means that there is a padded space behind the back seat, where I keep my computer bag or maybe some food. Compartment under the rear door could have made any size more bag. Perfect for a car of the future, accent lighting illuminates the i8 and multiple screens around the cabin when I push the Start button, but no explosive combustion of tranquil rest. In comfort mode, by default, blue indicator dashboard LCD indicator of speed and power. Usually switches rocker BMW unit, mounted in a console, offered comfort and mode Eco Pro, lack of exercise and sport, also putting other BMW models. The button console in als pledged to continue driving if electrical i8 allow drums, while the exchange rate has flipped from sports to the left position.

9 miles of electric range remaining, I was flying i8 body to draw the attention of a typical city traffic works hard. The angels may have the time, but not as a House of two naked people, are almost 4 million, only a few of them nude. 4 million people make traffic is so dense and destroys the soul, the nickname of the end times as Carmageddon. The traffic never sleep in the city of los Angeles. Even the numerous planes to land at LAX are stuck in traffic. High roads cross the city and ensure that there is no traffic traffic. If you like driving and in something that resembles a sports car, it is destruction. At best, it is a waste of gas.

2015 BMW i8 msrpFreedom of congestion not far away. Only a few central station is the San Gabriel Mountains and the desert peak with asphalt tattoo. Since 1929, but was not completed until 1956, the Angeles Gabriels San Ridge face rising rotating through Angeles national forest for 66 miles. There is a place closer to burn fuel. But even this road is not immune to travellers, as the flow of cars during the morning of week pouring over mountains and the suburbs in the desert. But if it is running in L.A. in the early days, without that nobody bothered.

Duplication of famous of Los Angeles and the BMW i8 is that the car seems to be built for the city of duality. An electric car when it became in trapped in traffic and the burning of gas on roads like Angeles Crest Canyon supercar, i8 style is still suitable for the city. Angelenos love attention and i8 instant celebrities. A floating catwalk shoot from the cover over the fender line back and bow. From the rear, the car looks small i8 shedding skin. From another angle, he has dubbed elements of role of Frank Gehry buildings. Dihedral doors depends on the pillar adds drama but it goes in and out of work. This is consistent with the mantras Los Angeles best feel good.

2015 BMW i8 speedFalls within the limits of carbon fiber and cracks of the door may not be easy, but the full leather interior is a convenient place to land. Accent a future design and a night light, by means of Blade Runner, but nothing here we haven’t seen other BMWS. All controls are easy to find, as you are familiar with the latest in Munich. The small rear seat that even children have to tighten at seems to exist to reduce insurance premiums and make sure that people see this as competitors Porsche 911.

To test the dual personality of i8, stop traffic in downtown LA in the morning and set the mode to 15 i8 eDrive-mile trip to the base of the crest of Angeles in power. In EV mode, i8. Remove the sound and vibration when they are harmed by travellers who brought peace to the entire experience. 129 hp among the front wheels motor i8 move flip along with 184 pound-feet of torque of up to 75 mph. Lithium ion battery that looks like a giant Lego blocks the session between the structure of carbon fiber chairs. The acceleration in EV mode is not fast; No more than 60 mph in 9.2 seconds, but it was good enough for a comfortable use in heavy traffic.

2015 BMW i8 whiteAs we come out of the city, traffic began to release the hold. After 13 miles, we have only the entrance to the Angeles national forest before als it died and we get in the way of comfort. Eco pro mode… or to comfort, the gas engine turns and off according to the demand of the acceleration. If you press the accelerator hard, there is a slight delay before the gas engine comes online.

With the crest of Angeles before doing so, we encourage voters in the teeth of called 357 horsepower, full sport mode by changing the character of the i8. In sports, the red light meter, tachometer appear in clusters and 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine turbo-assisted by an electric motor 11 hp kicks to life, keep it connected and remain pending. If you have never installed the i8 to charge, keep the engine in the sport mode, recharge the battery. Machine sound, or at least it seems that what we consider that the machine, fill the quilted leather. Stereo speakers play rumble, the product range of search engine of Rico, which mimics the Acura NSX and the peak of 87 dB at maximum speed. RIP and snort come with six-speed automatic transmission. No one says that this is not real. We are torn; This must not be false also. Well, there are not many in los Angeles is real, good, and yet everybody seemed so happy.

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