2015 Dodge Charger RT Specs and Review


2015 Dodge Charger RT tailPowerful and stealthy 2015 Dodge Charger r/t live in the shadows of the most powerful land package and SRT model 392 greater programming, while its own 370 horsepower V-8 is nothing to thumb his nose at. Allow the muscle car fans to think that too much power is not yet enough. Although not as attention as one more powerful brother, Dodge r/t charger road in 2015 is the Goldilocks of and finishes available, mixed much of performance with the high level of comfort and value. Even with paint first quality Pearl black tri-fantasma and optional 20-inch forged aluminio-estilo wheels, classic design of the exterior of the charger r/t is a little nicer than the anonymous model SRT and Hellcat, less dramatic hood or fascia of different projects. Actually, I think that the black paint really hides some of the aggressiveness of the r/t.

However, under the hood Dodge rumbles 5.7 liter Hemi V-8 engine, good tapas 370 horsepower and 385 lbs ft of torque. No, a Hellcat 700 is not horses, but 370 horses can be even more than the average driver in America will know what to do with it in public. Engine is mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission, put the power to the rear wheels. Automatic transmission check box is available only for the Chargers, but… – as we have seen time and other vez-es a good. The machine has a car of any displacement system (MDS) that allows it to operate in four-cylinder mode during low load, find the situation to help fuel economy. Except for the small icon lights up in fuel economy, I’m not even aware of the deactivation of cylinders at work technology. V – 8 r. jala EPA estimated 16 city and 25 mpg on the highway, although average about 20 mpg during my week of automotive heavy legs. However, they are not a large sum for a modern sport sedan.

2015 Dodge Charger RT Models

2015 Dodge Charger RT sideAnd SXT models with 3.6-liter V-6 can have a system with drive all-wheel of the Dodge, but the V-8 r/t and pure case of rear-wheel drive. Our example is a model of r/t Road & Track. I always understood that the road/track “R/t” abbreviated, which made the designation “range road road/track” seems fairly redundant and and embarrassing for me. Road update package track strange addition and completely and well integrate the Mission of charger sports sedan. Hardware is concerned, the advantage of the sport suspension track road more melody and SEs and transients will look in the local fleet and rental “Heavy Duty” colors are firmer. R r/t & T also won some software intelligence in the form of your choice of song Super Pak: new configurable UConnect touch screen, settings that allows the driver to adjust the settings for the normal mode of operation and sports. Super track Pack also adds launch sports and a stability 3 control system control is a blend of performance, making this sedan almost muscle characteristic of modifiable as Audi high performance.

2015 Dodge Charger RT backMeanwhile, on the Board, set charger digital indicators benefit the performance of pages that all wires to the track, mile 25, 0-60 times to monitor the performance of braking and G-forces. Road r/t performance tracks can and summed up in three words: Burns ON demand! Charger r/t fume paste in an instant with a wide available immediately. R/t excels in straight line performance, even when you really don’t want to. Indeed, not hard rocket is me any winch tire, happy ever after. The accelerator pedal is very sensitive perhaps too sensitive if you ask me… – torque V-8 was never more than a small contraction disappears. I find myself sometimes want a little less tip-in every day driving and when more is the difference between Normal and sport driving modes. (Interestingly, not I run on this issue with an output of 700 more Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, which is much easier to modulate the throttle despite being massively dominated).

2015 Dodge Charger RT Right Pedal

2015 Dodge Charger RT frontThe right pedal takes a little getting used to, but once underway, are peaches. The sedan rides quietly without rattles or moans, smoothing the way and a comfortable traveler. The Highway passes directly and meet with bang V-8. On the zig-zag tight mountain pass, feels little element with its whole body sports suspension and soft. Softer corner meetings and extensive rural roads, however, surprises the charger r/t road and track with direct responsiveness. The new Dodge Charger r/t was a high School athlete graduation as brothers and sisters who went on to star at the University and professionals. In fact, with the formidable Hellcat V-8 and the SRT monopolize the focus, clear 392 nephew credentials. After all, a package of 485 horses and Hellcat put a smackdown 707-horses, heady number that can make you feel the r/t 5.7 liter Hemi V-8 as fairly benign.

2015 Dodge Charger RT whiteDon’t let that fool you. Unless you have an insatiable appetite for shredding tires, power 370 in 5.7, 370 lb – ft of torque, to meet the needs most. OK, the r/t set of 145 km/h only speaks of women against 204 but they will still get Chinese food places until they get their food and 5.1 seconds to 60 mph will leave some sedan panting. Surprisingly, given its mass, the r/t has a dynamic or resume. Substantial weight, as well as 2 ton vacuum controller, but the charger chassis tuning mitigates a number very well.

2015 Dodge Charger RT Body

2015 Dodge Charger RT redThanks to its rigid unibody structure, base charger r/t manage well the yaw, pitch and roll. But those who love the Unit recommended customer option package that updates 29R car, as in the example of our tests of Road & Track specifications say a lot, including track Super Sport Pak suspension; Road track with assignment of acceleration and multimedial more aggressive traction control working group (higher intervention thresholds), heavy duty, rubber and 20-inch aluminum wheels brakes sport (performance of the tires Goodyear Eagle RS, one A2 all-245/45); Dodge and the page performance software, which allows the driver to maintain control of acceleration, curves and various other markers numbers.

2015 Dodge Charger RT lookThere are many other items that you want to also full package 29R, including Napa, ventilation, rear seat heating front seats (front heated seat lights each r/t), electric tilt and column, heated steering wheel, telescope handling heated power-adjustable pedals and mirrors, to hit some high places. $3,000 for all of the equipment mentioned above, is definitely cheaper. In addition, with the Track Pack, dance more excellent r/t for large cars, a combination of fast (2.5 turns lock – to-), remarkably accurately describes the electric power-assisted steering and a suspension that makes it easy to put the car right where the driver wants to. And there are enough grip to inspire confidence in the curve too fast.

2015 Dodge Charger RT Speed

2015 Dodge Charger RT usedIt is also very easy to develop compassion for the eight-speed automatic. The change of the charger is not sufficient as whap whap – wholesale delivered by some of the dual-clutch automatic are the best, but you can call them deliberately and in manual mode, the transmission performed the gear selected against redline – there is no autonomous upshifting. Eight new speed for this year and a slight increase in EPA fuel to the five-speed unit economy last year, add 1 mpg for city cars classifications. That means that 16 mpg in 25 urban environments on the road, in a midgrade, good enough for a big V-8 fuel. We have on average 18 mpg in mixed driving. Will the economy go up, if the Hemi is equipped with gasoline direct injection? Possible. But fuel economy isn’t a priority for fans of Hemi and not to the cars in the world from these actions.

2015 Dodge Charger RT priceThe car has many flaws, and they have not a lot of rapists. We have mentioned the mass; cut the heavy pavement more will improve management and efficiency. Tuning suspension that gives the r/t is a reflection of the Atletico can be a bit harsh and uncompromising while the sidewalks – 0.86 g – ID is not exactly a weak game, can be increased by a set of real’s summer performance tires. The ban will probably improve braking performance, as well as 170 feet of 70 km/h in a car with a fake sport sedan. We detected the fade is not evident in the system, but the pedals are getting a little soft after repeated hard stops.

2015 Dodge Charger RT Settings

2015 Dodge Charger RT msrpConsidered in the standard setting and an update before 2015, the Chargers lined up behind range of sedans such as the Toyota Avalon and Chevrolet Impala in our comparison test. But for the owner who wants a good performance in the component of everyday travel, the new r/t has law for fun $33.990 from MSRP. Our test car got face quickly, however. In addition to the things T and $3000 favorite (again, don’t let the showroom without it), which is $6975 additional options.

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