2015 Fiat 500e Specs and Review


2015 Fiat 500e fuel economyIn the area of dense, has a car, this little information can be controlled through traffic of the city and parked in places that the most each car should skip helping to make the life more easy. Has the small car electric that not requires that a visit to a station of gas can be almost liberating. And we found 2015 Fiat 500e, the version with electric motor of 500 automobile petrol, launched on several fronts. Of course, you should be prepared to make some adjustments, the main one is that Fiat 500e can take him only until just before recharge. But probably you have factors into account if they are contemplating a car battery. For almost all urban uses, Fiat 2015 87 miles of combined city/highway 500e blow is more of what you may need in a day. put them in your home or at a station for breeding and the battery can be recharged fully in less than 4 hours with 240 volt load. So the “annoyance factor” 500e is relatively low.

There are many compelling arguments to electric, but perhaps the best justification than a hoot 500e is unit. 500E Mongolian of rod in the corners and them features of them means of delivery of power of motor electric that produces the pair immediately when press the pedal, then the acceleration is very excited. 500E more fast that the engines of gasoline of Fiat 500, in fact. Losses? There are several, the first one is that the 500e is available for sale only in California and Oregon. In addition, the 500 is a car that is already short, but become narrower in “and” for conversion to battery electric propulsion. Them two seats, already marginalized in the 500 standard, making it in practically vestigial in the 500e by back. And Yes, somewhere between 80 and 100 miles up to what point can travel at any time, although Fiat has a generous program to buyers who pay the 500e rent larger vehicles several times a year for the time when subcompact, limited series of electric cars just do not.

Affordable 2015 Fiat 500e

2015 Fiat 500e designNow there are swarms of rich surprisingly affordable electric cars, and especially if you do not live in California or Oregon, need an alternative to the 2015 Fiat 500e. 2015 Nissan leaf has a range of driving it with a real cockpit. Ditto for the Ford focus electric, although, as leaves, unsatisfactory performance as 500e. Chevrolet Spark EV also boasts a fun performance, but charge much time (nearly twice as much as the 500e) can make their utility for some owners. 2015 all new Kia soul EV is another. But for many people, an electric vehicle is designed to reduce the cost and hassle of going to work or a second or third car in the city in a busy House. For these purposes, it was found that the combination above the average hours of distance, entertainment, performance and quick charging not too “b” rated 500e 2015 Fiat.

2015 Fiat 500e is a two-door hatchback subcompact sold in a single trim level that comes with the good. The most of your body with a gasoline of Fiat 500 standard, but has its own special panels front and rear of the body, greater sills side, smooth components of the part of down, rear rims of 15 inch spoiler and 500e. Changed 500E bodywork designed to optimise the aerodynamics of the car, that helps to increase the range of driving is very important.

2015 Fiat 500e Standard Features

2015 Fiat 500e problemsStandard features include heated 500e for the side mirrors, automatic climate control, adjustable accessories of power, cruise control, heated front seats with manual height adjustment, driver’s side seat can be used (premium vinyl), lined in leather Tilt adjustable steering wheel, auto-dimming rear-view mirror and a split folding rear seats mirror 50/50. Electronic matrix patterns, including sensors rear parking, Bluetooth phone connection, a detachable TomTom portable navigation system (with a 4.3 inch touchscreen which is connected to the brand 500e) and an audio system of six Alpine speakers with CD player, radio satellite, USB/iPod integration, and an auxiliary audio jack.

The option is the roof and outside of the 500e and sport appearance package. The package includes frame of photos of lamp to outdoor, Orange parts of the garments foreign and wheel with accent Orange come more customizable. 2015 fiat 500e has an engine electric of 83 w that develops 147 horses of force and 111 pound-feet of torque, is transmitted to the wheels front through a transmission automatic of the only-speed. Electric motor derived from the 24-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. During the test, 500e went from zero to 60 mph in 8.2 seconds, quick to EV in this price range. Specifies “fuel” for EV is very different to those vehicles conventional. According to the EPA, Fiat 500e need 29 kWh of electricity within 100 miles of driving (the lower the number, best here per kWh). The amount of efficiency energy according to the Chevy Spark EV and the Nissan leaf.

2015 Fiat 500e Estimated EPA

2015 Fiat 500e partsCity / Highway combined Court for the 500e is estimated EPA 87 miles, more than similar size spark EV 82 miles and Ford focus electric Nissan leaf my 76 84 miles. Fiat says that the city only of driving should be easy of produce 100 miles or more than the driving field; the best coverage during the test is approximately 109 miles. Fiat says 500e can be recharged in 4 hours on a 240-volt outlet, the estimate is confirmed in our tests. It is as fast as the sheets with optional 6.6 kW charger, but a little more than the electric focus. If only are available standard 120-Volt circuits current family, charging time increases considerably. Fiat equipped with 2015 500e disc anti-lock brakes, stability and traction control, front-seat side airbags, a driver knee airbag and side airbags, active front head restraints. Rear parking sensors are also standard, and a low-speed warning is issued to pedestrians alert near the silent presence of 500e.

This is the place to be cheerful in the 500e, Orange wide set accents of white or black as the color of the main interior. The plastic can verse and feel is slightly better, however, and the lining of panels that is fit with greater precision. However, these conditions are not different from the conventional one with Fiat 500. Instrument cluster circular of 7 inch 500e standard invitation and the main focus is on specifics of the EV driving range, the use of energy and State of charge of the battery. There is also a basic operation information such as the selection of speed and gait, as well as the status of the phone connection. There are many ways of organizing the exhibition according to your preferences.

2015 Fiat 500e Space

2015 Fiat 500e accelerationThere is plenty of space for passengers in the front seat higher, thanks to a little cushion seat feels high, optimize the legroom. It is recommended that the sunroof optional to drastically reduce its head in the space, however. And because the batteries and other electronic devices are in the back, rear-seat space is almost non-existent. Baggage and cargo spaces was also beaten. With those seats rear towards up, 500e provides 7.0 feet cubic of space (down them 500 usually cubic-9.5) and 16.3 feet cubic with the seats folded (30.2 miles). Even so, the cargo area 500e compares very well with the larger leaves, which offer 30 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats down.

Electric motors can deliver full torque, so I ask (petrol engine has to build the rpm of the motor to achieve maximum torque and power), as well as with other EVs, 500e quick accelerates from a stop. He also draws for speeds higher, although the feeling of acceleration decreases to reach a maximum speed of 85 km/h 500e. The EVs are quiet, but 500e improved aerodynamic and a host of other measures of reduce noise causes a cabin of silence impressive, even if a road speed is changed. Feel normal, essentially without a little sticky feeling that shows many EVs regenerative braking efficient brake.

2015 Fiat 500e Price Range

2015 Fiat 500e top speedCompared with other electric cars in this price range, the independent sports Fiat management 500e and fun driving. Electric power-assisted steering for Fiat dense 500e a little fast and agile feel to respond; tight parking or take a space in traffic is an easy thing. The weight of the battery pack allowing 2015 Fiat 500e run around corners with the same kind of desire that won 500 such conventional account. While the straight cruise along the way, the direction is light typically takes more “weight”, believe, convince the rare sensation of time provide a small car.

It is difficult to find a vehicle that combines excitement, fuel efficiency and appearance with driving style, but what it promised 2015 FIAT 500e. In fact, it promises even more than that, to disseminate the style and the experience of FIAT 500 standard in addition to a fully electric motor using fuel is not at all. Sounds perfect, really? Unfortunately, there are some catches. The largest is that FIAT 500e selling only in California–a slap in the face for authorization of loyal elsewhere who want to Flex their muscle green car. While not us be surprised see it offer FIAT the 500e in other markets, not has happened. Another problem is the price: 500e came $32,000 with delivery, that is two times as expensive as a standard FIAT 500.

2015 Fiat 500e Appearance

2015 Fiat 500e brakeThe good news? 500E actually used a standard 500 completo appearance and experience combined with electricity in the impressive driving package offers a range of 87 miles star. And hatchback price can be brightened up with a series of State and federal taxes that make it cheaper to buy an electric car. Are in California and want to save fuel, 500e if worth it penalty add to your cart of purchases. FIAT offers 500e an engine: 83 kW with transmission speed electric motor. Power rated at 111 horses. Level of economy of it Agency of protection environmental of 500e of fuel 122 equivalent miles per gallon in the city and mpge 108 a way. Most important, the 500e offers a range of 87 miles and recharge for 8 hours when using 240 volts of electricity.

500E is available in a single trim level starting around $32,800 under load. Generous standard features to subcompact cars, includes keyless entry, navigation system with 4.3-inch touch screen, can be used in upholstery, automatic climate control, cruise control and rear parking sensors. Options include ceiling and package eSport – look, which gives it a sporty look 500e. 2015 of FIAT 500e offers several features of safety, that van from a driver standard ABS 4 wheel airbag and airbag side of the knee. 500E also includes stability control and rear parking sensors. Impact by the federal Government, FIAT 500e is. He model of gasoline 500, that should make the most of them, received four star en…-a figure that is divided in four star in the test of rollover and five star in the front and side rating of impact.

2015 Fiat 500e Behind The Wheel

Behind the wheel, FIAT 500e seems to become a great without compromise for all electric. This is a surprising lines fast and may even be better than the standard 500. Of course, none of the 500 Abarth Turbo or of high performance, but not expected this. 500E also surprisingly composed in turns, offers a tight, sporty shades, especially for an electric car. The difference over big is, not in vain, in the noise of the engine, because not there is 500e. In terms of appearance, the 500e is also very similar to the FIAT 500. There are only a few of the typical update on the outside, while the Interior revisions revolve mainly around added equipment and the addition of four mounted Center button places the lever. There is also a reading of the dashboard at the level of the battery, the flow of energy, and other important elements of the EV.

FIAT auto EV 500e is a strange, not only them architects don’t want to do it, really would prefer that nobody bought. Unfortunately for Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FIAT, all them cars that tried of sold cars in California to offer vehicles from emissions zero. 500E by what must exist. Would FIAT buy twee EV? Marchionne says 500e any loss of money Fiat auto Chrysler… $10,000 for the car, to be exact. If is the case, should have said to the trainer to a phone that is a little more, because, in spite of some defects serious, 500e is a charismatic and attractive car small. While the Abarth 500 small muscles gives the alignment of the Cinquecento (500 in language Italy) some high-performance cred, gasoline clean cars dragon pattern. Compared to the standard 500 electric cars, is a revelation. 500E cannot really meet some performance Abarth, but has 111 electric horse for his name, as well as 146 pound-feet of torque.

2015 Fiat 500e Racing

It may ago look like much, but it is electricity, which means that it is available from zero rpm. The result practical of this is that a little of $ FIAT and CEP as a horse of racing. Especially surprising acceleration from zero to about 40 km / h. acceleration of queue thanks to lack of motor electrical of gears. Dynamic, all effort of torque may cause some drama real. With the stability control off, it is easy to break traction to the front wheels. It was no fun just burn-out-and, however; acceleration product maximum below-, torque – and various types of redirection, which makes driving in a straight line a little. Therefore, not is exactly what I call… but is a heck of lot fun. In fact, with a small wheel, short wheelbase and very light electric units of FIAT as go-kart racing. Force further makes possible take advantage of the suspension of many the 500’s of a way that not is possible in the car of series.

City of car small FIAT is perfect, is designed to avoid the urban centers. The addition of electric power has helped even more. With the pair of the electric, I can close the zipper and dart through the traffic and make slits narrow. Footprint very small also you allows you to make the best out of roads full of people, without leave of mention the small parking. Although the great polo and the style kitsch, 500e also has good visibility to maneuver in those tight parking lots. A small bump that also allows to the driver get to them places of interest around the corners blind. Show the 500and of road though and some disadvantages. In the road of FIAT rims small and short distance between axes are chops and slots in the pavement, requires settings constant to keep the car pointed straight. It is not secure, but not too quiet.

2015 Fiat 500e Materials

Fortunately, FIAT has added extra sound muting materials to compensate for the lack of registers of the machine. This helps to keep cool under the condition of most of the 500e, but protesters who have some wind speed of road window visible sound. Then, of course, are the big killers: range. This is where the nature of a relatively unplanned interruptions 500e head bad. Based on the range of official and my experience it week last, I would say that all those expenses must be a unit between 60 and 80 miles. This is more than sufficient for the average daily complications, but now heading to something more ambitious. In fact, even it more dedicated EVs not get more than 100 miles in a load, but up to 20 miles more range can make a great difference.

During my time with him, I saw forced to fill, energy of wall standard of 500e 120 volts, that hard all a life and media. Any person that actually will make that the owners of car make use of them Chargers of two levels. According to FIAT, two levels of 220 volt charger will actually cost less than 4 hours drive, which is reasonable. I drive many cars, and the reaction is not always what I expected. Said that is without any surprise that funny 500e attracted the attention of women more than anything I’ve driven in the past year. In words of 500e is fun and, thanks to their credentials environmental cute, will make happy bear polar as women that are socially responsible.

2015 Fiat 500e Changes

Physical changes in the form of electric car at a minimum but enough to breathe new life into some of the outer part of parenting. There is a new network, 2015 Fiat 500e and badging, digital instrument panel and new wheels. By the time, the audience half that can be difficult to notice the difference. But the network and a new panel of instruments gives the car a touch of retro-futuristic. Also helps to cover the fact that 500 instead of an old car. The Interior is beautiful and well designed, but due to the shortage of information and entertainment, and a variety of black plastic hard, start receiving far behind its competitors. However, for those who see and admire this car seems that nobody cares.

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