2015 Ford Edge Specs and Review


2015 Ford Edge tailI was surprised by the passenger, the hills, admiring the panorama sunroof stretches for back and give them a little hazy night sky. The banks all cherished in leather seats color cognac, giving a touch of old-world class cabin. If it’s cold, the four of us can enjoy heating front and rear seats. The edge is a crossroads of five passengers, Ford restyled the model 2015, losing the previous look slablike design supports clean and light body. You can view and escape to occupy the same place in the lineup, but slightly more banks go chic. About titanium cut, I think that the appointment of the interior of the car that competes with the premium segment. No doubt the price is closer to the model of premium.

2015 basic adjustment Ford Edge will only run $28.100 titanium finish model, but it comes with $35.600. Add equipment package $5,845 302A, transporting the panoramic sunroof, heated seats and a host of other elements, along with white platinum paint jobs, and they hit us $42.735 with purpose. And this is the template for the front wheel drive. Lester Bangs around 1,500 dollars to drive all-wheel.

2015 Ford Edge Market

2015 Ford Edge redFord does not offer banks in the United Kingdom, such as the s-max models, serving the same market. There is nothing called Edge is available at many dealerships Ford Spain, too, but they can take them as missing Everest with off-road capabilities. Enjoy new equipment offerings, Ford Edge you can have with engine four cylinder turbo 2 liter, marketed as the Ecoboost and good for 245 horsepower and 275 pounds feet of torque, a solid numbers for a car that weighs about 4,000 pounds. Get the power of 2 litres, that kind of linear power delivery but requires sacrifice. The banks of the turbo small delay experience, I felt the extra power comes under acceleration.

2015 Ford Edge dealerIn earnest, hungry to be able to choose a 2.7 liter Ecoboost V-6 engine, making 315 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, is useful for towing a trailer of a current of air or other. Six-speed automatic sends only available on the edge, that gave me a way of sport and paddles for manual selection of gears together with the usual PRND modes. With cars like the edge, driving the sport is not imminent, but this transmission mode is useful for the hill country or pass. I have found more than ready to go down a gear or two when you step on the gas pedal, or high speed transmission.

2015 Ford Edge Fuel Economy

2015 Ford Edge detailsEPA fuel economy came in 20 mpg city and 30 mpg on the highway for 2 litres on the edge engine. I went to 25.9 mpg, Ford Ecoboost part high-average, despite my bias against roads driving 65 mph engines. It is very efficient, but a few more gears in the transmission and the characteristic ir you-stop that probably total impulse fuel economy. The border is a bit of a Goldilocks when it comes to quality, not too soft or too hard. On the road the suburbs delivered a soft and easy to drive, with good attenuation of noise in the cabin. Car over a difficult period, was impressed with the ability of banks to cope with collisions, communicate to the lower pressure inside the cabin. It is a quiet and safe place drivers, take some of the tension even more road trips. Alternatively, banks behave on average for a vehicle of its weight and skyscrapers.

2015 Ford Edge usedLong journeys can be made even more stress free if system adaptive cruise control that Ford has optioned at the edge. I have been using this system in other Ford models, and let me drive for hundreds of miles without touching the accelerator or the brake. I have monitor system of blind spot of Ford, a feature that is very useful even with the edge of a bright and spacious cabins.

2015 Ford Edge Parts

2015 Ford Edge cockpitGive me little reason to undermine the pillars of the garage or another car, the edge it comes with not only the part back and in front of the camera, but also surround the new sonar sensor. During maneuvers in low speed in confined spaces, I am very happy to see a graph of the car up with proximity around warnings.

2015 Ford Edge promoThe view of the camera and the proximity of the graphics appear on the edges of the touch screen, the main interface of the MyFord Touch system that comes standard on the titanium trim level. In the plus column electronic cabin includes two USB ports and Bluetooth Handsfree from the phone which supports Bluetooth audio streaming. Voice commands on the phone and loaded car MP3 connected and matched with an edge very well.

2015 Ford Edge Moves

2015 Ford Edge backDiversified utility vehicle is one of the smartest moves Ford products in the year. Ford Edge, between movements calculated for a flourishing market crossover, has been completely paid – attracts buyers who don’t much like brand Explorer or the SUV fled and those who decide to do not need to be square ruggedry (false ruggedry) to get the point of being higher and a little more comfort and flexibility.

2015 Ford Edge problemsNow the second generation of the border is the market for the year 2015 and in global affairs. New edge starts with the basics of a kind truly world – those currently Ford Fusion, which was named best car to buy one of our sedan values and look at other markets, including China, where a long-wheelbase version, three lines will be built. Ford calls new edge is more athletic and is not redundant if it’s your style or performance. Here in the United States, banks have increased some with a suggestion to merge, along with the line of the shoulder would not be out of place in a BMW. Ford has dropped in bright chrome bar truss, replace with the view that now it seems a little strange-Doppelgänger with the Hyundai Santa Fe from several angles. Sport rim better qualified for this look, with the data of the senses out-off that brings together some of the best aspects of the design, and see some Tom sport-wagon in body work low and lighthouses. In general, this is an update of design edge silhouette SUV, pushing closer to see premiums without cutting its kind.

2015 Ford Edge Models

2015 Ford Edge styleThere are no qualifications; the year 2015 is now on the edge and beyond the generation of output, with better interior finish and the shape of the stroke that build on some other models such as the Ford focus and the escape. Promises to be a more functional, well: old capacitive touch Bar by the volume and speed of the fans has been fired, with buttons and knobs which makes a welcome return to the center console.

2015 Ford Edge designUnder the hood, there is a mixture of new and propellants. The base engine was a 2.0 liter Ford EcoBoost, but now is rated at 245 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque; In addition to figures, with driveability mejorada improved is better thanks to the technology of turbocharger twin-scroll, which reduces the delay of turbo. Now you can get the turbo four with tow package, all-wheel drive and it is good to attract at 3,500 pounds; Really think that the 2.0 T is perfectly suitable for most needs, but for those who have the V-6, 280 HP, 3.5 liter engine was implemented, as the choice of $425. The most interesting – and after a short – the programming model is the edge, underwater sports twin – turbo, direct injection 3.0-liter V-6. It is basically the same design already installed for 2015 Ford F-150 truck; Here is a 315 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque. The look of understated performance that matches the personality of driving strong and confident, no need to shout.

2015 Ford Edge Speed

2015 Ford Edge whiteIn each border, six-speed automatic pattern, such as a paddle shifters and normal driving modes and sports; There is no reason for banks not have speed eight or nine, such as those with strong EcoBoost engine torque output discount special, everything that is lost is the hesitation that can bring the team extra. Fuel economy ratings are good, but not as leader of its kind that would be expected given the EcoBoost badging. 2.0 range of models of T 20 mpg in city, Highway 30 front-wheel drive, while the edge sports AWD models get 17/24 mpg.

2015 Ford Edge sideUnder the new Ford Edge 2015, fully independent suspension, which lasted from the end of the first rear torsion beam. In front is the weapon of control, behind consists of several links. And to complement this, there is a new steering system that actually delivers the tones right, guaranteed, both directly to the front and took a set of corner without a fuss. The sport model gets the damper and spring rates, shock rear monotube and 21-inch wheels standard, with 20 years as an option for you. But active noise cancellation, it was very quiet ride than other models on the rough floor and the leaves are just entertainment, Tring EcoBoost engine turn off the pace. In the ranks of its production, driving there is acuity silenced experience; Banks are not very tight, in any case, by car, but it is precise and responsive. Until now, banks were half pitch behind competitors in the interior appointments, but this changed dramatically with the year of 2015.

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