2015 Honda Civic Si Specs and Review


2015 Honda Civic Si redTHAT, on the other hand, is powered by an engine displacement, variant of high compression of the 2.4 liter engine i-VTEC Honda–the same block you will find the Honda CR-v, but with a different head port injection. Maximum output is expressed in 205 horsepower and 174 pound feet of torque. Like its predecessor, the engine i-VTEC used electronic control systems car variable valves and lift to synchronization to tune more aggressive at higher RPM. In older models, the dramatic transition. -There will be no power at low engine speeds and then suddenly the peak of around 6,000-5800 RPM torque… – 2.4-liters of this generation offers lower end torque than as soft transitions.

This transition is so subtle, in fact, that Honda decided to install light i-VTEC on the dashboard that lets drivers know that the VTEC has really kicked, I. Enhanced low torque more easily accessible and make Civic Si is a car much more energetic and flexible around the city, but I miss the old engine of 2.0 liters of Jekyll and Hyde. The light was accompanied by five additional LEDS that illuminate in sequence, as higher rpm redline of 7,000 rpm, acts as an indicator of change. And in addition, multi-information display panel has power meter that indicates how much energy the peak of generation of the machine. Of course, like most meters performance, bad things happen if you see the lights and indicators are not the way.

2015 Honda Civic Si Transmission

2015 Honda Civic Si whiteA six-speed manual transmission is only for the 2015 box option and puts the power to the front wheels. Standard helical limited slip differential ensures each wheel units to do their part to put the power to the road. Behind the Civic Si is a sport-tuned MacPherson front suspension and multilink rear standard civic configuration. You also have a large on both axes anti-sway bar. On the road, the Honda Civic Si as easily and precisely as the legend implies, but now it seems that he felt less really interesting. Part of it is the fault of the system of electric power steering, which is the lack of feedback. Don’t like me much clutch pedal very slightly.

2015 Honda Civic Si on the roadYes, the Civic Si is faster, but the special did not feel piloting as a model of the previous generation or even my parents 2004 Acura type-S Cup (which uses the basic concepts and Powertrain as the cousin of contemporary Civic Si). For starters, dashboard instrumentation has divided into two levels of configuration as the digital speedometer and change i-VTEC light above the eyebrows on the tachometer in the conventional position. Eyebrow up also the small fuel and fuel economy indicator display information for LED display, measuring strength and other information.

2015 Honda Civic Si Information

2015 Honda Civic Si mpgInformation and 7 inch screen there is entertainment main HondaLink home for multimedia playback options and, if equipped, navigation. New system HondaLink by the year 2015 and to upgrade the system to the top of the touch screen in the 2014 model, but still felt a bit awkward and old. Standard features include a slot CD player loading, two USB ports for charging devices and media playback, HDMI inputs for use with MirrorLink enabled devices and HD Radio tune. With satellite navigation systems an optional update to link, GPS options see a date a bit like voice HD Radio and traffic command function.

2015 Honda Civic Si frontI like the dual-screen setup, double coating gives the driver a little flexibility information display and help to keep your eyes on the road, putting the most important information. But when they sit and look at the entire Panel, it is extraordinary. There are many places to see and the information seems very sparse. Perhaps the biggest nit I choose is information system and how slow Entertainment may HondaLink. Almost all operations seem to take more time should be a second volume settings simple to scroll through the display of audio and navigation. Every second little added almost constant frustration with the system. More complex features, such as voice commands, so they stay that I don’t want to use it.

2015 Honda Civic Si System

2015 Honda Civic Si sideThe Honda award is the HDMI input, which allows the driver to actually reduce the use of the sling and the reflection of software, but I have found the MirrorLink telephone system smartphone that works with Honda is a completely different challenge. Technology assistance drivers are limited to a couple of cameras. The first is that a rear view camera is activated during operation.

2015 Honda Civic Si powerTest written by our customers after their stay at the top of the compact car segment is like trying to keep the professional excellence of tennis: fresh new competitors always puts a target on your back. But as Roger Federer or Serena Williams, Honda Civic remains close to or at the top of the classification of the years. Indeed, Honda was the ball of the eye a few years ago and let out this supporters in terms of quality and features of the cabins. But the company quickly is responsible for weak areas next year. By 2015, the Honda Civic is still one of the best field selections filled with talented entry.

2015 Honda Civic Si Powers

2015 Honda Civic Si detailsAll the No. 1 in the world will have a lot of great powers, and the Civic is no different. Smooth running and low consumption of fuel was near the top of the list. Most Kewiraan come with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder that offers solid fuel economy–up to 35 mpg in combined driving, if you select the setting level HF Alternatively, can get a hybrid Civic for best (45 mpg) fuel economy, a model of gas Natural (the only car in its class to run on CNG) or the Civic Si and a 205 HP to athletic performance.

2015 Honda Civic Si colorsA comfortable ride, spacious interiors and excellent security spread civic appeal. If you are traveling to work, run errands or go with some friends to go out at night, the Civic is a pleasant Companion. Honda is filled also with numerous civic technologies available resources, including input interface, touch screen 7 inch screen and Smartphone integration of blind spots and Keyless ignition Chamber. Sedan and Coupe body styles offers 2015 Honda Civic compact car.

2015 Honda Civic Si Styles

2015 Honda Civic Si engineThe standard Civic coupe and sedan come in range between LX, EX and EX-L of the line EX-L Navi and ornaments. The sedan is available in HF, hybrid and low fuel consumption thanks to Natural gas. Sporty Civic Si is available in sedan and Coupe body styles. The entry-level LX models come with steel wheels 15 inch, power, air conditioning, Tilt steering wheel and telescopic, folding rear seat, and cruise control. Electronic has screen 5 inch, camera, audio, SMS messaging and Bluetooth phone connectivity for functionality and a four-speaker system (six for coupe) sound with CD player, auxiliary audio, USB audio interface connector iPod and Pandora radio function.

2015 Honda Civic Si seatsCivic sedan adds alloy wheels of 15 inch, side point blind cameras, automatic climate, HondaLink control integration of smartphone (including the Aha radio and Apple eye free voice command function-based series) and improved audio with six speakers. The EX adds or replaces such features with alloy wheels light 16 inch, automatic headlamps, rear disc brakes, keyless ignition and entry, roof, extra Center 7 inch touchscreen, HDMI interface, and rear seat 60/40-split folding. EX coupes get updated system sound seven speakers.

2015 Honda Civic Si Wheels

2015 Honda Civic Si maintenanceEX-L adds alloy wheels of 17 inch, automatic headlights, fog lights, heating, mirrors, leather seats and front seats heating. EX-L sedan version includes 8-way power driver seat. As you might expect, the EX-L Navi added a navigation system, as well as satellite and HD radio. Choose a sedan Civic HF gain standard features similar to LX sedan a few more enhancements are designed to deliver maximum mpg. These include the prohibition of resistance low rolling, cast aluminum, panels of low aerodynamic spoiler wind wheel and rear.

2015 Honda Civic Si tailCivic hybrid sedan is available in four trim levels: base, leather and products of leather with Navi Navi. The basic version of the standard equipment essentially reflect the EX sedan less sunroof, rear disc brakes, 16-inch wheels and (has 15 years). The leather version has added more than the EX-L features fewer 17-inch wheels and a power driver’s seat. The second hybrid comes with forward collision warning, lane departure warning systems. The Navi adds navigation system (which also includes satellite HD radio). Natural gas Civic is available in two levels: the base and the skin with Navi. Standard features on the base trim LX mirrors most but also including some former touch blind right Chamber and HondaLink with 7-inch touchscreen display. Skin, adding the version of system of navigation Navi and most of the features of the EX-L, but the 17-inch wheels and a power driver’s seat.

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