2015 Jeep Cherokee Specs and Review


2015 Jeep Cherokee problemsOnce, the sport utility vehicles covered with mud, across the river and do everything against the thrift. In the decade since, however, the majority of car buyers was count of than an SUV crossover more reasonable is the way to go for daily use. Jeep has been trying to implement the legacy of some of the more civilized small crossover (imagine the Patriot and the compass), but the results have been disappointing. Fortunately, the Jeep Cherokee 2015 finally came close to giving the best usability in the real world and capable off-road performance.

The usefulness of the real world that began with smooth running of Cherokee, comfortable and luxurious quality even compared to some other small crossover. The Interior is well it is another bonus and comes with some optional features fantastic standard and technology. V6 engine of the Cherokee, like optional what is good and has a lot of power and fuel economy ratings are decent. Since the end of the pavement, the Jeep has you covered with the trim of the Trailhawk Cherokee level. With low range and special equipment, such as differential gears, rear lock Trailhawk can go further off road than the all-wheel-drive crossover.

Top of The Class

2015 Jeep Cherokee frontCherokee fun, no doubt, but there are some drawbacks. Although the inside of the top of the class, may be the best option if you frequently need to carry a lot of things. At the same time spacious rear seat for passengers, the rear cargo area is relatively small in comparison. Rival roomier, especially with the rear seats folded. In addition, 2015 Jeep Cherokee four-cylinder engine is the player who is mediocre, and nine-speed automatic transmission can disrupt the reluctant to March while that cruising speed.

If you can’t find enough Cherokee to your liking, 2015, Ford Escape, Honda CR-v, Mazda CX-5 2015 and Toyota RAV4 are excellent options for this class. The CR-v and the RAV4 has more interior space of the Cherokee, while the CX-5 and the exhaust is more fun to drive, they are sharper, and the direction and management. Subaru Forester and XV Crosstrek may also be worth a look given the better than your average off-road ability. In general, however, the year 2015 is the best Jeep Cherokee Wrangler we have come a long time ago not by name. 2015 the Jeep Cherokee is a five-passenger crossover SUV is available in four trim levels: sport, latitude, Trailhawk and limited.

Standard Equipment

2015 Jeep Cherokee backStandard equipment includes 17-inch air steel wheels conditioning, power accessories, input remote keyless, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, rear seat 60/40 split, reclining, sliding rear seats and connectivity with its system of audio and Bluetooth phone and six-speaker audio with 5-inch, touch-screen interface USB/iPod integration input auxiliary audio and SD card reader. groups packages available with icer cleaner cold, on remote, power folding heated mirrors, heated front seats and steering wheel heating. You can also get alloy wheels, radio satellite, camera and CD player, as an independent option.

Latitude adds alloy wheels, channels ceiling, fog lights, automatic lights, camera, handles and color mirrors, privacy tinted glass, LED indoor lighting, folding seat front passenger with storage in the seat cushions, steering wheel lined in leather and a 115-volt outlet. The latitude also comes with a wide range of options, including an engine V6, 2 roof racks (the roof of the front opening rear glass, fixed), audio speaker and nine upgrades of the system and the interface of 8.4 inch touchscreen with a smartphone application integration. Comfort package electric tailgate, automatic headlight control controller, automatic dual-zone climate of eight-way (with 4-way power lumbar) power, satellite, tv, radio, remote turn-on and network load and cover.

Four Wheel Drive

2015 Jeep Cherokee designTrailhawk off-road-road-track four-wheel-drive only and comes with a box of low-range changes, a little larger all-terrain, off-road tires and 17-inch wheels oriented suspension tuning, locking rear differential, plates slip, towbars, exclusive exterior finish updated interior surface, a group of larger caliber, 8.4 inch screen touch and satellite radio. 2015 Jeep Cherokee has great responsibility. The original Jeep Cherokee that was released in 1986 for the bar for sporty vehicle that can be used as family transport, and inspires a lot of competitors, including the highly successful, 90-era Ford Explorer. But times have changed more than three decades, and what was a SUV based on the car now “crossover vehicle” is built on the foundations of the car. They are more comfortable, more efficient and closer in spirit to fuel cars–but higher and with all-wheel drive as an option as needed. They are also not as simple and easy as the original Cherokee once.

Today, the Jeep Cherokee is intended to be the first choice for families serving – direct competitor and crossover set that includes the Ford Escape, Honda CR-v, Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4. It is that a disruption of the Jeep Liberty has been replaced and the changes go far beyond the name of the model. It no longer relies on the truck drive rear wheel and a style that is less abrupt and cries of freedom Square-off. Cherokee year 2015 aims to bridge over – and off-road-road II. It may be a compact SUV that was the first to do both equal: Junction City is filled with the heart of the trail rated Jeep. It has all major brands–Jeep ruggedness and free spirit common to things in the air–while the rest is perfect for families who want security AWD and a touch of hardness.

Avant Grade

2015 Jeep Cherokee msrpBut not everyone is going to be a big fan. An approach is sure to find a middle ground between heritage Jeep, crossover contemporary and avant-garde new direction. But in fact led by a surprising variation on the face the Jeep Cherokee and then quit while you’re in the front window. In other words, his role as a substitute for freedom, derived from the Dart and the compass “mea culpa” is still not really reconciled in the project.

The front end of the headlights and grille design detail fracture minimizes one that explains the Jeep no matter where is visible, all over the world. They are unforgivable, but reworked weakness – and, frankly, a habit that will like some. The rest of the body is impressive as the remains of an envelope, with return to the crossover of high in the areas of glass and carve the bumper – rehashed Hyundai, to inherit the Grand Cherokee. Paramedics perform cabin here, the cure for every bad thought with some kind of palliative and made some really good things and a touch of Easter eggs (seems a challenge to find all hidden in the jeep).


2015 Jeep Cherokee 0-60Cherokee is the size of the model which will be called compact in the United States, such as the CR-v, the Forester and fled. Jeep half of meters can be called so, but certainly with the models. There is no third row of seating, but it is relatively spacious five-seater with a rear seat that is suitable for adults – or even the three a shorter distance–but Front headrests pop may require a stance positions seized some space in the back seat. Front and rear slide line choose between charging and legroom, and there is a practical Organizer for fans.

You have the option of four-cylinder and V-6 engines that helps to keep it in the classroom that includes several templates that were all four-cylinder. Standard 184 HP, 2.4 liter four in row from much stronger for the accelerations (as smooth and quiet for this class), there is a lot of weight. Another new 3.2-liter V-6 makes 271 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque; It is generally happy with the work and torquey nothing to throw my way. With the V-6 and a tow package, Cherokee can pull 4.500 lbs. No matter which version, Cherokee has been pretty dead but needs direction, with a good and well cushioned.


2015 Jeep Cherokee navigation systemCherokee also has an automatic ZF’s nine speeds, with a lower first gear for a quick match, as well as some higher speeds for good mileage on the road. The figure of more than 31 mpg on the highway is not a leader in its class, but we have seen around it in real conditions; The model 4WD post a lower mpg. One thing that should help improve the model V-6 mileage in real-world driving in stop-and-go, if not the official classification of the EPA…-… – the introduction of an engine start-stop (ESS) in all V-6s Cherokee until 2015.

Sport, latitude, limited edition and the Trailhawk is offered, with each model that serve different types of buyers. The launch of the new model of Jeep is not an everyday occurrence. Cherokee 2014 sounds radical, which replaced freedom, has a simple formula: a dude in the outer and upper class, most of the interior spaces and has a perfect performance on the road and mileage are acceptable. The fact that the 2014 version Jeep Cherokee can handle cast extreme is a bonus, but the driver will find every day a new model of complete crossover is hard to beat.

Two Engine Options

2015 Jeep Cherokee packageDuring the test, I rode to the new Cherokee on a winding road of mountain and its streets, as well as the highway a short task, and that is not as well as any SUV in its class. Sandwiched between the test that is several hours slow rock climb and off-road trails in Moab, Utah, known for land of adventure. There are two engine options: standard 184 HP, 2.4 liter four-cylinder and optional hp 271, 3.2-liter V-6. Both work for the automatic transmission of nine speeds, a first for a jeep and its parent Chrysler. I have tested both in the different levels of adjustment and 1.5 l was found to be competent, but a bit slow, while the V-6 is impressive and I have been pushing as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s a four-cylinder engine that in the majority of buyers. I could test machine only off-road approach Trailhawk lining the worst-case scenario for the acceleration level. Additional equipment Trailhawk adds weight significant, even compared with the all-wheel-drive-Trailhawk cut, leaves only front wheel drive model. Weight loss is certainly a problem during my test on the road surface. The four Trailhawk cylinders heavily from a dead stop and have difficulty accelerating on slopes, saying such delicious moans go. At higher speeds, however, through appropriate maneuvers and Cherokee does not seem sufficient statistical power.


The v-6 is another story completely. Trailhawk V-6 accelerated through the mountains with little fight, kicking up when it is necessary, aggressive and does not make me think of greater traction and off-road equipment is the barrier. Then I shed Trailhawk heavy equipment for simple and limited traction, low rolling resistance tires and low ride, Cherokee V-6 height felt different and very quickly a car on the road. For transmission speeds of nine felt relatively well, definitely not the usual against a variable continuous or automatic six-speed transmission. Change not fuelling rapidly on the four-cylinder, with a V-6 model and was not able to change gear manually. The representatives said that manual Jeep allows only a change in the threshold of maximum efficiency.

All versions of the Cherokee that I’ve tried are treated well in the corners, with crisp direction. There are some lean in bends, but not beyond what the rest of the class of this exhibition on the same stage. Cherokee even heavier than other singles for 200 pounds in some cases; It is nearly 100 pounds lighter than the equinox. So while the specifications of lucrative four-cylinder engine compared with the small crossover, it is definitely lost due to the weight. The Equinox four-cylinder also the lack of emotion in acceleration.

Turbocharged Four Cylinder

The classification of the whole programming of the Cherokee fuel has not been released, but the version of all-wheel-drive four-cylinder rating of 21 mpg city and 28 mpg on the highway and 24 combined mpg. The figures came behind the version of all-wheel-drive of the CR-v, Subaru Forester and the RAV4, but before the equinox. There is no much choice of V-6 in the class, and Cherokee surpasses Chevy with an experience that is more fun to drive; Neck and throat escaped an energetic, turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0 liter. V-6 all-wheel-drive Cherokee version is rated at 19 mpg city, 27 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined. Once again, the version V-6 of the best of the equinox when comes back the option to escape four-cylinder Turbo and Forester.

This became a new SUV, the company wants to make sure that reporters put the version of Trail Rated badge worthy steps through the Trailhawk. We do this. I took the two Trailhawks of four-cylinder and V-6 through more than 1 hour of track of sand, rocks and boulders that are unlike any unpleasant road did before. Tilts 30 degrees is very common and only a qualified gas pedal control they exhibit with them during the Trailhawk.

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