2015 Jeep Compass Specs and Review


2015 Jeep Compass on the roadYou know the old saying: “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing”. But each vehicle worthy of the magazine, but not beloved by mayo. And how we ended up discussing¬†2015 Jeep Compass compact crossover. To be fair, the Jeep Compass several things for him, especially the rock-bottom prices and off-road ability is certainly above the average when equipped with some special options. But it is where the positives stop. These off-road options cause unpleasant paste with automatic transmission continuously variable (CVT) and the dark fuel as part of the agreement. Therefore, the machine Basic is weak fall results disappointing and not usually be a character refined that this backpack.

If you is looking for an alternative of the family Jeep, there are two newly arrived: 2015 Jeep Cherokee slim, satisfy and impertinent 2015 Jeep Renegade. Subaru XV Crosstrek offers chops Off-Road that are comparable and Poland more in other aspects, of high performance while on the road, including the management of sharp 2015 Mazda CX-5 and usable, high technology 2015 Ford Escape. If cost is your main concern, Nissan Rogue select the same value-oriented and is much better vehicles around. We can think of some good things on the Jeep Compass 2015, but rivals are better in all areas. Jeep Compass 2015 is a small five-passenger crossover SUV is available in three trim levels: sport, Latitude and limited. Two subtrims altitude and height edit edit – add features for sports and latitude, respectively.

Standard Features

2015 Jeep Compass accelerationStandard features for sport include 16 alloy wheels (17s upgrade higher if specified 2.4-liter engine), fog lights, roof, air conditioning, cruise control, manual rail accessories (windows, locks and mirrors), 60/40-split folding rear seats, only the inclination of the steering wheel and a sound system of four speakers with CD player and auxiliary audio output jack. Add value of Group of accessories of power optional, mirrors heated, keyless of the input and external parts of colors of body. High gloss black Edition package adds rims of alloy of 18 inches, them senses towards towards outside-out finished outside, upholstery “mesh of sports”, seats front with heating and steering wheel lined in leather with controls of audio. Latitude starts with standard features and adds bright grille, exterior and interior extended chrome trim, adjustable-height driver seat, the front passenger seat folds flat, 115-volt power and a lifting of the involved skin steering wheel (with audio controls) and heated front seats.

A package of Edition height not has the problem of the time locked to out-out of adjustment, but begins with the list of the team of latitude and played in rims of 17 inches, seats of leather, seat driver electric of six positions (more adjustment lumbar manual) and the ceiling. A variety limited of ingredients begins with equipment of great height and adds rims of 18 inches, headlights of projector, chrome extra control of climate automatic, adjustment, display of information of driver, attenuation rearview, camera, glass of screen touch of 6.5 inches (with hard based in the unit of music of storage optional and navigation), automatic 1 6 CDs, satellite and radio.


2015 Jeep Compass priceInterface of screen touch (with or without navigation) optional in latitude. All models are four-wheel-drive package qualifies the freedom Drive II off-road, which includes a 2 engine.4 litres, oil cooling, specifically monitoring CVT engine, wheels 17 inch tires all terrain, tow hooks, underbody, skid plates full size spare wheel, descent control, hill-start support and seat adjustable driver on Hill (to the garrison of the sport). Latitude and adjustments limited qualify for loads of package of comfort and safety. At this latitude adds mirror auto dimming rear view, security alarm and display the information to the driver. A limited version of this package adds the start remote control, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and telephone and audio. Jeep also offers Bluetooth as an option on all fittings.

Also available on the latitude and Limited is the Sun and sound package (including the roof, sound system Boston Acoustics nine speakers, back cover fold-out of two speakers and satellite radio) and delay the paquete-acoplados preparation (including the oil cooler motor, wiring harness and trailer complete steppe delay). 2015 of Compass base engine is a 2.0 litres of four cylinders nominal of 158 HP of force and 141 pound-feet of torque. It is only offered in the sport of latitude and ornaments with front wheel drive. The transmission manual of five speeds is standard in the sport of 2.0 litres, while the 2.0 litres latitude comes only with an automatic of six speeds. Drive front wheel and high altitude model comes with an engine of 2.0 liters and CVT.

Fuel Economy

2015 Jeep Compass msrpEPA estimated fuel economy of 26 mpg combined (23 city/30 Highway the Patriot 2.0 liter with a five-speed manual. Automatic’s six-speed falls 23 mpg combined numbers (21 / 28). Altitude and speed of 2.0 liters of height 24 mpg combined (22 / 27) with a CVT. Optional on the sport’s drive front wheel and latitude and standard on the limited front wheel drive is the engine of the four-cylinder 2.4 liter that produces 172 HP and 165 lb-ft of torque. This machine is also a standard in all the compass with the drive all-wheel. He manual of five speeds was offered another time in them sports, but instead of an automatic of six speeds in charge of cambios-a less that specify the freedom Unit II, sets a replacement for the CVT with the trace.

With the manual and the of wheel front drive, 2.4 liter has a power of them Patriots 25 mpg combined (23 29 city / highway). Add a six-speed automatic and being 23 mpg combined (21/27). With drive all-wheel, Patriot’s 2.4 liter back 24 mpg combined 23 mpg (22/27) with the manual, (21/27) along with automatic transmission 6-speed 1 and pathetic 21 mpg combined (20/23) with freedom of movement (II) CVT. In the tests, the brujula-traccion with engine 2.4 l and six-speed automatic transmission went from zero to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds, the average time for this class.

Safety Standard

2015 Jeep Compass offroadFeatures safety standard for all models Jeep Compass 2015, including traction, stability control and anti-lock brakes, side air bags for front seats and side airbags. All models are wheel drive front except rear drum brake had limited resources while the rest of the programming back and front disc brakes. In the test of them brakes, compasses comes to a stop from 60 mph in 121 feet, that is the average of the class of vehicle. In Government, 2015 crash tests Jeep Compass received four stars (out of five possible) by accident in General, with a low protection frontal accident of three out of five stars for side impact protection.

Materials interior of the Jeep Compass, some improvements in the last year, including the accent stitching available in certain parts of the lining, but the class of the industry plastic is still in the agenda. In addition, Bluetooth and USB connectivity is still optional, even higher level of adjustment and base sports should do so with the unstable Windows and manual locks. Is something to have in has if is observed the compass to prices low…-he no could come with features that you would expect. The front seats are very comfortable and enough support to the unit again, even if a cushion seat can be a bit tight for adults. Rear legroom is tight for this class, remember more than one compact hatchback crossover high horse. In entertainment, 6.5 inch touch screen optional is older and less easy to use than the 8.4 inch “Uconnect” interface found on most of the other Jeep and Chrysler models.


2015 Jeep Compass backCompass offers some smart interior features, such as the refrigerated glove box and a distinctive speakers fold down and out of the elevator liftgate for beach parties and the like. However, the maximum load capacity is 33.3 cubic pales in comparison to the junction of rivals. Behind the second row, compass 22.7 cubic feet of cargo is also relatively small.

The engine of 2.0 liters of Compass 2015 continues to cost, but where it ends good. Loud and little to statistical, with the economy of fuel for an output simple as disappointing, this machine is after the press. 2.engine 4 liters, on the other hand, was very exciting to live with most of the competitors, and fuel economy is suffering badly, although the rate of improvement is not much larger. A word of warning for those who are interested in the height of the edition of cool-a dark style: If you go with a front wheel drive, are stuck with a smaller engine and CVT in tandem is really pathetic. Fortunately, the height (height) are also available with all-wheel drive, by the year 2015, which brings more engines large and more fun (if a little slow) six-speed automatic.

Ride Quality

2015 Jeep Compass interiorRide quality is another weak point of the compass. The basic suspension design was originally from so many years of disappointing Dodge Caliber hatchback and the struggle to overcome obsolete urban street today. Expect greater nervousness, swinging as a surface, with the cruel impact than what you feel more rivals. The treatment is also below average, with a taste of home control gives way to excessive body roll and handling is vague in the corner. At least can make a respectable cast with freedom drive II, although other compass of the mediocrity in this Department.

One of the two compact SUV from Jeep, compass initially derided as too soft for the Jeep brand, both in style and philosophy, due to the design of the car was built based on the platform of the front wheel drive. With a more traditional style, boxier, Jeep Patriot related is most popular for compass reestilizada 2011 resembles the Grand Cherokee. Compass compete with the Chevrolet Equinox, Honda CR-v, Subaru Forester and many other crossover small. New skin of first quality and accurate available 2014 six-speed automatic transmission makes it even Jeep Compass better, but the compact SUV continued to fight with his cheap.


2015 Jeep Compass powerJeep Compass Compact is a hard sell in the alignment of car Off-Road more large-repainting 2011 brings a casual style of setting public could confuse easily with a brother greater, the Grand Cherokee. Sales are growing. Updates sprinkled with along the history of the compass, as a replacement for a redesign important, making the compass that today you see the mismatch between it good quality in them last years have seen of jeep and of the Jeep old that persists in the compass.

2014, Jeep has added the option of high quality leather and overrides the problem of continuously variable automatic transmission with a six-speed automatic. Compare the 2013 with the compass of 2014 here. I’ve tried the compass 2014 less costly level of finish, limited with the 2.4-litre four-cylinder, 6-speed optional automatic transmission and all-wheel drive (one of the two systems, called the freedom drive I) that stuck on $29,375 destination charges.Compass is relatively more expensive than the Jeep Patriot more traditional and similar; cost base $19,490 compass and Patriot base was $16,990. 2014, another jeep came into the market: new Cherokee ($ 23.990). Modern Cherokee offers more or less the same passengers and cargo as a patriot.


It seems that the only Nissan and Honda (of four-cylinder willpower 2013) already know how to do well with a continuously variable automatic transmission. Previous CVT Jeep is a bad experience in the compass. It was almost lost by 2014, making most model with a conventional six-speed automatic transmission as an optional upgrade to a five-speed manual standard. Old slow to respond to the CVT to happen – rather than, to accelerate – and CVT Wakefield nature of the sky is a bad combination. Rough sound machine will fill the cockpit with voices the beast enough for passengers asking, “would suppose so?”

for $1,200, six-speed automatic costs $100 more than the CVT, but it was worth the entry. Available with base 158 horsepower, 2.0 liter four-cylinder and optional 172 horsepower, 2 EU had tested the 4 litres. The transmission is not an example of perfection, but the compass as a true SUV now leads not to treat. Transmission does the job without much drama, even if an editor is not happy with the six-speed engranaje-caza and consistent Downshifting while using cruise control.

Speed and Traction

With a 2.4 litre, six-speed and traction, 2014 just improve gas mileage – of 1 mpg on the highway, 27/09/23 mpg city/highway/combined – but, honestly, I could accept gas mileage with a capacity of six-speed driving, top of the CVT (21/23/26 mpg with the freedom drive all-wheel drive). Compass is EPA rated at 21/01/24 mpg with front wheel drive standard 2.4 liters engine and transmission automatic, while the transmission manual standard of five speeds with traction front and an estimation of the 2.0 litres 23 / 30 / 26 mpg. With the automatic, 2.0 liter is 21/28/24 mpg. Little machines is not available with drive all-wheel.

Live in Unit II package Off-Road freedom CVT uses the transmissions of gear’s teeth full of the range off-road-road, low. Compass limited, at the top of the compass line adjustment, which offers perforated interior brown leather with accent stitching for $195. Just the interior parts with the quality and substance of Jeep Grand Cherokee strove to imitate on the outside. The wealth of material that covers the seats, door panels and central storage cover. However, the skin is out of character for the rest of the interior.


Although impressive, new leather throughout the Interior shows his age although a birthday 2009 adds a soft touch of materials that are urgently needed. There is still no telescoping tilt direction, switch and button look outdated and old-fashioned, with low resolution multimedia systems and scream “old Jeep.”Is the epitome of quality and modern repair Jeep Grand Cherokee. Compass has good skin is like Fred Flintstone using Armani. As the Grand Cherokee, however, the front seat comfort is good for the skeleton of the height of 6 feet. The rear seat space is on the smaller side compared to many of the SUV small, which does not help with the narrow rear floor. Hump and prevent overcrowding occupy space, while the seat front seat brackets interfere with space for rear passengers. The comfortable chair of Compass may not be easy for all; high, 8 inches of distance to the ground is equipped with a seat more high, also. Low-ride SUV such as the CR-v has as little as 6.3 inches of height and a high pass on.

Compass is one of the small SUV with a dedication to start-up. Soil, some system of all-wheel-drive tires, off-road which are available and much more the credibility of the Jeep Trail Rated badge and compass when equipped with the freedom Drive II off-road package. Success outside the road is not always successful on the road, however. Compass 2012 cross previously with the freedom of Drive II Off-Road, rims all terrain and inch extras of height makes that the travel 3 hours of travel not is fun, as mess SUV roam by the roads. 2014 Compass I’ve tried without off-road package that surprised me as well handled. With a comfortable ride, in addition to not take offense in the corners and agility that demonstrates to an SUV.


Despite the silence around of the city, the noise of the wind film last pillar compass is persistent and strong enough to make me check if the window switch closed at 65 mph. Editor and the other passengers noticed the noise too. 172 hp engine provides decent acceleration, especially with a new transmission, but sound machines are rough at high engine speeds. Fortunately, the compass is not a sports car which must be accelerated out often. Compass has minimal load space is 22.7 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 53.6 cubic space with the rear seat folded; available cubic feet 39.0 with companion of folding flat seat of the degree of latitude and limited trims. The space behind the front seats and the rear is very weak compared to the RAV4, CR-v (23.1/44.1) and escape (21.3/42.1) (38.(4/45.6). Often, the charger charging can also find comfortable task: load at high altitudes due to the high altitude and the height of the rear bumper of a SUV.

Cherokee is longer and wider does not offer much improvement over the beat of measurement/54.9 15.4 cubic feet. 2,000 pounds of towing capacity are available with preparations delaying optional $250, including oil coolers of motor, trailer wiring harness and full-size spare wheel trailer. Without the package, the maximum tow rating is compasses 1,000 pounds. Patriot is evaluated with the same numbers, while the Cherokee has a maximum capacity of 2,000 pounds of patterns. 2014 Jeep Compass does not have a rating of crash safety Insurance Institute test on the roads or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There is a ranking along with similar Jeep Patriot, and were only for the test of collision side. The Patriot and the compass are evaluated costs on both the IIHS side impact test. Rating for rear crash protection is also good. Compass has not test through the overlapping front small, Institute or techo-fuerza.

Front Airbag

Report of the NHTSA since overlay only front and compass, giving by result 3 of mayo star in the test front and, consequently, rollover 4 of mayo star. Standard safety equipment includes brakes ABS Federal, set in the mandate, front airbag electronic stability. Standard safety features include side air bags in front and rear occupants and trunk for front passengers side impact airbags. A security camera is optional on sport and latitude and adjustment standard on limited models. Jeep Compass 2015 had been living on borrowed time, in model years; However, these vehicles are somewhat poorly designed, over time, become closer to what will be a resounding success of this type could have been when it was introduced for the first time almost a decade ago.

In recent years this model has become a hatchback econobox strange in a sort of Mini Jeep Grand Cherokee – tripled sales and provide opportunities in life enjoy the model nine. But the compass from the year 2015 in showroom, including all updates received over the years. Today, it offers an elegant interior, powertrain is smooth and predictable handling which is much more in tune with what buyers expect small crossover. exterior of the 2011 update goes a long way to reduce the difficulty of the original exterior design of 2007. The front end is round–with the current Grand Cherokee light unit, no less–clashes a bit with the corner of the roof and the rear chopped-off, but now it seems fresh. Lattice textured silver ticket dress clothing sport and the latitude, while limited models a projector for halogen lamp with chrome and black frames.


Then, in the jeep, the team reviewed upholstery and trims. Is a dark and cheap black cloth fabric plastic hard seat; Now there are available a Chair Brown perforated seats of leather with stitching accent, for example…-tissue or of a sport and vinyl with accent stitching. In the early years of the compass is known for the robust engine, buzzy and slow transmission automatic continuously variable (CVT). The improvements have increased, but the compass base engine sets 158 horsepower, four-cylinder 2.0 engine liters, while the limited model came with a version of the 172-hp, 2.4-liter.

For the transmission, a five-speed manual is standard on the sport, while the six-speed automatic and a couple of CVTs are offered across the range. The March also has automatic height for lower RPM in high speed, power and tooth low 4.21 to use too much force, and manual change. The Jeep offers the compass of all range of CVTs- and the model CVT for the four wheels system of transmission more capable. Mileage of gas for the compass not is large in comparison with other models of its size. Range of mileage of 26 mpg city, 30 Highway based engine 2.0 and manual gearbox, until 21/27 and the auto 4WD or only 20/23 mpg with the heaviest Unit II of the freedom package.


Little he has done to improve the ride, which is hard, and more as an economy of the car rather than other compact crossovers. All versions have the acoustic laminated windshield, that little glass just to dominate the constant problem of the model of compass with the noise of the engine. The Chair is only adequate at best in regards to comfort; the seat back is one of the more difficult, the more, our headquarters has been proven in the vehicle. And there isn’t a lot of cargo space behind the rear seats. Front Active headrests, electronic stability control, Hill Start assist is standard on all models compass 2015. But with the results of the front of three-star of the federal Government and any updated value the IIHS, very difficult to make a call for the total safety of the passengers.

Compass 2015 offers in the sport, latitude, and limited models, each one with an option of traction front, the freedom drive traction active full-time full (with diff good lock Center for snow or sand) or freedom II, that adds more capacity off-road. The year of the previous model, find a system that later became in powerful enough to produce sand or some trails more bumps, but there are still rock crawler. Jeep also offers packages of height and great height, which includes more features.


Compass 2015 programming standard features include air conditioning, accessories power supply, input key, cruise control, fog lights, Removable rechargeable flashlights illuminated cupholders. Model Latitude adds heated cloth front seats, seat passenger folding, split 60 / 40 folding seats back, 115 volt inverter and steering wheel lined in leather. In the part top of the range, the limited Gets a motor of 2.4 litres, four wheels brakes of disc, alloy light of 18 inch of them wheels, upholstery of leather, headlights of projector, seat driver electric, Center of information, control of climate automatic, door of garage universal. Options include power coated, ParkView camera, Uconnect voice commands (called handsfree and streaming audio), sound of premium of nine speakers with speakers rear door and a navigation system with Sirius XM link travel. Changes in 2015 Jeep Compass are available in navigation latitude, including middle school as an option and the dome which replaces the light of removable flashlight conventional unit in the previous model. Eco green coat clear replacement of Brown in the election of a rough exterior paint.

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