2015 Kia Soul EV Specs and Review


2015 Kia Soul EV whiteThe first thing you notice about electric vehicles is quiet movement, as well as the acceleration appears to be effort. KIA soul EV is no exception. With zero-to-60 time of 12 seconds and a maximum speed of 90 km/h, not alarmingly fast Kia, but something about the lack of power of sound or vibration and the transmission of torque without interruption to feel more agile than the EV numbers change gear. So, do these numbers? 2015 that the Kia soul is fed by 50.6 motor kW AC permanent magnet synchronous 109 indicated horsepower and 210 pound-feet of torque output. As a part of soul of electric EV trick, completa full can provide all 210 pound-feet of torque is a stop, which makes you feel more agile than a petrol engine with the same specification, just because you don’t have to wait to build the revolutions of the engine and electricity.

KIA soul tells me that the engine uses multiple magnetic layers to improve efficiency and reduce the engine whining, but probably going for a ride in a row to say that Kia electricity is actually quieter than the Ford focus electric Nissan leaf. Suffice it to say that the soul of the EV is very quiet during the test of speed of city and highway. At speeds under 10 mph or investing, the soul is artificially a bit noisy, thanks to the alert system sounded smooth pedestrian beeps announce the presence of the vehicle. Although great 302 pounds more than the petrol variant, electric shocking soul feels more planted. This may be due to the lack of transfer of weight that comes with a power outage between the teeth changes – because the soul EV uses a single-speed transmission between the motor and the front wheels–and perhaps due to the 620-pound battery mounted under the floor, decrease the height of the Centre of gravity, compact crossover.

2015 Kia Soul EV Suspension

2015 Kia Soul EV expoSuspension of the soul of EV has been updated to compensate for the increase in weight and weight distribution changes power EV. Electric power steering system has three different settings that adjust the amount of aid by officials. Comfort offers a touch of light and support is most basic, Normal and sport has a heavy feel, thanks to the help of a little reduced. The steering wheel felt good enough in the sport mode, but it’s no sports car. Low rolling resistance tires are, perhaps, the link to the manipulation of EV, but it is also potentially contribute to highway cruising range.

Apartment 27kWh battery is a lithium-polymer cells and offers several soul EV revealed 93 miles from a full charge. During my initial test of approximately 40-mile trek is supervised by Kia, was pretty spot-on with estimates car, with 56% battery remaining and a trip computer that estimates a range of more than 56 miles. 40 miles to prove I took through a neighborhood of Palo Alto, high speed, and for a small winding roads are welcome and they can make our way on the San Francisco peninsula to the coast. I’ve tried the soul of speed of 90 km/h and it ran towards the steep and winding road through the EV Santa Cruz mountains… Basically as a journalist’s car. It is not the 40 miles of hyper-miling, the ability of the soul to provide an advertised range is even more impressive.

2015 Kia Soul EV Test

2015 Kia Soul EV fuel economyKnowing full well that the 40 miles of the test is not enough to get a complete picture about the different souls, who recently had revisited the extensive testing of EV. I have personally added over 160 miles on the odometer EV during the tests, the battery ran down to about a quarter of the capacity of two times. My first day at the wheel is a long, full of 81.1 miles of errands and transport. Computer battery indicate the remaining 27% and approximately 28 miles when plugged in during the night and handed the key to the CNET video team for several days. Do the math, that makes me about 3 miles above EPA estimates for the day.

He later joined the soul EV and, during the weekend without charge, putting in a 49.2 miles driving in moderate traffic. When I plugged in the CNET offices Sunday night, sitting at 19% capacity of the battery and the Panel shows the range of 14 miles. Which is approximately 4 miles down the track?. -possibly due to some slight test of zero to 60, performs test I did before… – but the balance with a surplus of 3-mile journey to the land that I am very spot-on with KIA.

2015 Kia Soul EV Energy

2015 Kia Soul EV used2015 Kia soul join herd EV grows cars which had been converted to electric vehicles. Such conversions go, alma EV is a promising start. Helps that the soul is an elegant, complete and versatile four-door hatchback to begin with, so that the soul of the EV is blessed with strong fundamentals. But Kia has done a great job with the EV, too, and the result is a totally competitive product with 93 miles golf estimated by the EPA.

In fact, Edmunds test, alma EV more trips at the expense of their competitors successfully. This impressive range is largely a function of 27 kWh (kilowatt-hour) lithium polymer, to obtain the juice that one of the two cargo ports are hidden behind sliding panels on the grill. Port air conditioning receive 120-Volt House current level (requires 24 hours of full charging) or 240 volts (5 hours), while the 480 volt DC special doors provide 80% of the cost of the empty minutes said. 480 volt power supply doesn’t grow on trees, but Kia has equipped a large number of dealers throughout California with DC charging, allows owners of EV (in theory at least) goes on a journey of much minimal down time. The company has also partnered with PlugShare to help you find the closest and charger Greenlots network to facilitate long distance freight trips.

2015 Kia Soul EV Comfort

2015 Kia Soul EV on the roadBut what about the States of California? It is a big problem with EV. Although Kia plans to offer some additional markets until 2015, it seems that the Golden State will be a focal point for the future. Provided that you are eligible to get the EV of the soul, however, you will find much to contradict. Commitment in the normal relationship is a simple loss of soul behind leg – and space and yet, some adults can still get in reasonable comfort. Strangely, the cargo space does not affect the battery under the floor, and EV soul actually feels more alive around the city than its gasoline because immediately available 210 pound-feet of torque from the electric motor.

It’s the EV is that wine a little late to the party, so there have been some interesting alternatives. 2015 Nissan leaf has a range of 84 miles and a minor of age, but as a pioneer in the segment, has years of experience and proven reliability. 2015 drops electric ford focus 76 miles and had a tight back seat and trunk, but offers a more attractive management and a high-quality cabin. 2015 e-Volkswagen Golf was the model in this segment, with a beautiful and elegant interior styling with 83 miles. In particular, the three are available more widely than the Kia from this writing. EV battery soul 2015 well though and there are really no missing one of its achievements. We supply Edmunds on sorting “the”, which is most impressive for the first electric car from Kia. 2015 Kia soul EV is a hatchback four electric doors and seating for five. This medication is available in two trim levels: base and + (also known as Plus).

2015 Kia Soul EV Standard Equipment

2015 Kia Soul EV priceThe basic model’s standard equipment includes cable fast charge port cost 120 volts DC, alloy wheels 16 inch light, automatic headlamps, heated side mirrors, rear privacy glass, on key and entry, covers (with function of “driver” to save energy) automatic climate control, steering wheel adjustable in height front seats, upholstered fabric tilt and telescopic steering wheel heated, caliber cluster specific EV with a multifunction display and a 60/40 split folding rear seats. Technology features, including Bluetooth connectivity for phone, camera and audio interface 8 inch touchscreen with EV special functions, navigation system, voice control, application integration of smartphone with remote access vehicle and a six speaker system with radio satellite, auxiliary audio jack and USB/iPod audio interface.

Soul + add aerodynamic windshield wipers, front fog lights and parking sensors rear, power folding mirrors, auto dimming rear view mirror, leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats can be used in the panel of instruments (premium vinyl) and heated adjustment, rear seat console, luggage NET, cover charge and 12 volt output. Battery, heating system is optional, both at the level of the garrison. Unlike ordinary people, EV does not offer additional options of factory or packing. Kia front wheel drive soul 2015 EV 81 kW (109 HP) and 210 lb-ft of torque electric motor-driven. Energy derived from 27 kWh lithium-ion battery.

2015 Kia Soul EV EPA

The hamster is KIA ads electric EV the new soul hatchback. And while they are nerds, sensual and dance ‘experiences’ definitely catchy, driving after 2015 Kia soul EV, we need to know if perhaps the Energizer Bunny will certainly entertain better beings. More than no-Tesla – car, electric cars so far, EV the soul keeps, VA. and EPA-score: 93 miles. And you have to do to reduce the anxiety of different concerns, metres from interval even curmudgeonly which are not marked. As we have observed, it is possible to add a punch here and there, it seems. The amount of EPA seems pretty conservative after several different charges and the total 388 miles divided by weeks and motorway urban, suburban and Interstate driving (Yes, come to that).

Urban and suburban side, see 114 miles on a single charge, driving ‘care’ with the use of the system’s main climate control, but not hypermiling – before fear and installed EV. And now, still shows 1 4 per 100 of the remaining costs. As with all electric vehicles, use the system of air conditioning remaining meat at your fingertips. Click system and then suddenly will drop by 10 miles or more. But Kia offers some smart things, which is very easy to resist the temptation to change it, for some good reasons. Firstly, it is heated and cooled ventilated seats included, such as the steering wheel and heated in a unit for the time in the 1950s (degrees F) made us very well. Secondly, there is passage of ventilation more here than in other models (such as the Nissan leaf, where we have some experience with mist, except the air conditioning is on again), then you don’t need to keep cycling defog on.

2015 Kia Soul EV Functions

In short, it is an electric car 100 miles, of which we have seen – how you can maintain your driving style in check. If your driving can be limited to reduce the speed of the city, keep it and stop the gradual and relatively smooth, and limit the use of the air conditioner, you will see probably or most of the cost, on a regular basis. Even based on what we see on the road driving, say if you keep your speed law and use climate control, about 80 miles, reasonable (70 miles is the fate of White knuckles wet and free from gama-ansiedad). To be able to go the distance was only part of the attraction, of course. And do not get the EV soul on a pedestal to be anxious and sensitive, because it is not (for Fiat 500e if you want to see how it is done.)

Soul of the EV is, however, a version which is very good, very intelligent, because driving a car – that has all the benefits and utilities of Minda packing trip of soul of gasoline, but it is better, more agile and feels a heck of lot more subtle. With the electric motor of 109 horsepower and 210 pound-feet of torque, the EV of the soul can run to 60 mph in only 12 seconds, according to Kia, and maximum speed is 90 km/h; But its value should be noted that, as electric cars more, has the biggest advantage in performance on the version of gasoline at low speed, urban driving. EV feels quickly but not scorching parade, very strong and quick to respond to as needed for each situation, give 50 km/h. above 50 km/h only soul – with the power of death which is felt as soon as the motor base of the soul (with 1.6 liter four).

2015 Kia Soul EV Packages

Own soul package is, we think, an electric car buyers have craved. Almost halfway between the subcompact crossover compact car and ended as a kind of car size painted high, Kia soul 2015 in the versatile as a small car get mainly small cars – only 163 inches long. Four adults may be very comfortable and there is a lot of room and kneeroom back for six-footers (and heated backrest also has a template). Changes of packing between the soul and the soul of the standard model EV is very slick, and Kia said that the almost identical cargo with the seats folded space, less the space occupied by the Ondol storage compartment charger. Space of the rear seat legroom is officially by three inches, but it is not a difference you may notice. Flip forward the rear seat and the cargo floor is fairly flat, but close enough (we moved some heavy amplifiers, PA drums and kick and caves, as this box is easy to pack and unpack).

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