2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door Specs and Review


2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door comparisonA little about the car that said “very well” not only in my head. I’m running Mini app connected driving characteristics of mission control that serves as a companion as artificial intelligence. Less “2001,” is more like the movie “,” Mission Control is a Committee composed of the voice of the women in the car and the voices of men and machines to control the climate, of the United States of America, with an accent. As to the control of the mission to provide some answers to random events of a particular car, I imagined becoming an active racing coach, or a way of keeping drivers alert on long journeys.

And Cooper S this really comes with the engine 2 litres, more than the engine of 1.6 liters of the previous generation. The Mini Cooper is that the new Ses fits with double-stage 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder direct injection engines, both for the 189 horsepower and 207 pounds feet of torque. This represents an increase of torque to horsepower and fuel economy is sitting on the street 33 mpg city and 26 mpg honored for transmission automatic, similar to the previous generation model.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door Price

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door techThere is yet another wrinkle to stun Minirati… – this Mini Cooper S is equipped with four doors and do not include the term “Paisano” in its name. In the United States, where we call this model 2015 4 ports Mini Cooper S, the initial price is $25,100, but examples I tested came with a navigation, heads-up display and a sliding roof, bringing the total to $35.900 expensive. It is quite a bit more than the basic $20.450 for non – S Mini Cooper Hardtop. In the United Kingdom, where this model is called more correctly the Mini Cooper S 5 door Hatch, the basic version goes for £19.405. A little more money, the kind that British can opt for a version diesel, Cooper SD, and metro, Spain buyers make an AU $38.050 to the Cooper S 5 door hatch and about how many thousands more of my add-on charges.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door colorsThis generation of the Mini Cooper s has grown a bit and establish an additional medium of all door is about a foot longer than the previous two-door Cooper S and weight of 200 pounds (90 kilograms) more. Greater size and weight certainly affects the handling, as the Mini Cooper S is now a hot hatches kart less and more. Even with the committed sport mode, the wheel does not feel very sensitive as you want, showing too as my goal is to be changed. Similarly, there seems to be other cars to my around what I expected of the Mini, my isolation from the road.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door Weight

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door displayAt the same time, it is ridiculously easy to get pneumatic winch, amplification to the emotion. I feel the extra weight on the road, the car responds at first and the following entry through the back. Try a small path, it leads to a curve of braking, Mini Cooper S all kinds, it shows no desire to kick ass, it makes no sense of playing a well known brand. Mini Cooper S has become a more mature car with character comfortable daily street, possibly even closer to that purchase for the style, but to deal with the sharp incline toward the latest Volkswagen Golf GTI. Switch between sport, green or mid unit mode has little effect on handling, but the response of the engine changed considerably. In sports, the very rough sent machine on the front wheels or a quarter of the throttle, while green or half way, been capable of modulating the energy through the entire journey of the accelerator pedal.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door parkingIn addition to fuel economy, the size of the Mini Cooper S is equipped with idle stop, shut off the engine at traffic stops. Do I usually love this feature because it wants to burn petrol while sitting at a red light? I had to turn it off when you enter the famous hills of San Francisco, such as traffic and stop signs have the machine often restarts while also negotiating class of 25 per cent. Mini turbo dual stage help maintain smooth enough acceleration, since it allows more engine continues to increase the engine’s power turbo, more than a typical stage. exit 189 HP seems to be too much for the Mini Cooper S, even if you are taking advantage of a back door to load the car with your friends. Rear seat includes a cube of light with the end of deter it of cramming the three passengers in the back, by which helps performance.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door Speed

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door powerSix-speed automatic shifted unobtrusively, works silently in the background. When I moved the shift lever in the sport, along with a car mode, he is willing to hold the low gear longer, although not very aggressive. Although most of the Mini models so far are replete back chairs They are advisable in practicality They really delivered. The new Mini Cooper Hardtop, for example, is suitable for carrying adult passengers in the back of Little Tikes Cozy Coupe things and even take a back seat. In 2015, however, the Mini finally gives practical five-door with more rear legroom space and an increase in the input and output.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door interior4 door hardtop, Mini him, an additional package of 2.9 inches in wheelbase and 6.3 inches more overall length folded. More than half of the distance between additional axes (1.5 inches) in legroom for rear seat, and changing sitting in storage instead be used for adults. Steerage class is still not widespread, but thanks to the support of the very concave front seats, nearly six feet can sit behind a similarly sized driver without incorporating permanent seat knee. Slightly more than three horizontal upper doors, roof offer more adequate capacity. Balance stretching in the trunk of a larger area, which grew from 8.7 to 13.1 cubic feet with the rear seats in place and 38.0 to 40.7 with it folded. New 60/40 folding backrest allows additional volumes allocated among passengers and goods required. Hard top 4 magic doors still can not match the packaging of Honda Fit, and more like a Ford Fiesta, both in size and in the exterior and interior.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door Hatchback

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door fuel economyOf course, much more than the cost Mini O Party or Set. Two additional ports nick for an additional $ 1,000 for the basic Mini, with a base of 2,015 Cooper hatchback version costs $ 22,300 and Cooper S led us to this report ranging from $ 25,950. That’s about three thousand more than the Ford Fiesta ST, which 10Best winner, riots four wheels. And, of course, the Mini offers the option of a 4-door much, much more than Ford does, and the $ 40,000 in the realm of possibility. Our first unit 4-door limited to the Cooper S with automatic transmission. These couples are generally pleasant (if not very Engage), a simple push of 2.0-liter inline-four Gere much torque very quickly, even at low revs. It feels like a larger engine, naturally aspirated. Combined with a shift points well calibrated and well coordinated accelerator, power train produces a smooth and linear momentum.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door back seatsAs the three brothers doors, the new model feels very solid and larger than its size. Effort management is not turned off the light or heavy, but more reactive than most other cars. However, Cooper S, while the place, never felt nervous. Bigger body with additional ports are added about 135 pounds to the curb weight, the increase was not immediately obvious in the driving experience. English road, suspension calibration to deliver a great combination of control and flexibility in the configuration center. But when you switch to Sport, he changed much firmer shocks and create a pogo car for most of the nodes. Can be ring around the middle of the screen turns red for a moment LED expected to change the sport, while the central display promising “maximum kart feeling” and a line with thought bubbles car near the head the driver full of pictures of rockets.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door Settings

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door mpgVisual excitement and throughout this generation Mini Cooper; The same circular ring That LED also serves as an indicator of temperature change when you play with HVAC settings and secondary tachometer During normal driving. There are also a subtle arc of light illumination on all four door panels, as well as the gas meter Comprising a weighted series of horizontal LED. The visual creativity as what your money bought the Mini. Our Cooper S inside runs and finished with a sculpted, three-dimensional dash panel, elegant wood trim with matte finish, and lots of nautical interesting. Switches and controls all high-quality feel and move with precision.

2015 Mini Cooper S 4-Door styleIt should be no surprise that the BMW Mini is essentially under the skin. Although there are several different graphics, the system iDrive infotainment is pure and controlled by a large center button. Small display on the screen directly from the speedometer Bimmer also part of the cell, and is controlled by a button on the end of the rod and the direction in each BMW. In fact, most engineers and marketing specialists on hand to speak with a strong German accent. Go, the bones of this car mechanic BMW has deep roots. Four-cylinder engine in the Cooper S variant and three cylinders in the base Cooper, is a new member of the family to do cola machines will soon be under most BMW bell. Similarly, front-wheel drive architecture that also form the basis for the next generation 1 Series cars, marking the first BMW sedan that drive the front wheels only.

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