2015 Porsche Macan Specs and Review


2015 Porsche Macan whiteMacan, which resembles a teenager cousin Cayenne, was worthy of the Porsche emblem in the chapel from the moment that ignited the engine and all the time I spent along the backroads of tearing. At the same time, promises of Macan will launch and show the capabilities of technology of driver assistance that puts Porsche towards the autonomous driving. Macan S, with the twin turbo V-6, going from $49,900, resulting the cheapest Porsche models currently on the market. An example is the Macan that I drove Turbo, twin turbo with a V-6 is higher, jumping base price up to $72,300. The predominant model for £59,300 in United Kingdom and AU $135,811 Driveaway price in Australia. Porsche offers a variety of options to customize and improve the performance of the Macan, which you can find the price considerably. Our sample revision came in just under $90,000.

110.5-inch wheelbase of the Macan shares a platform with the Audi Q5, with it. However, the Macan more than 2.5 inches and 2 inches shorter in height. In the cabin, the ceiling can feel down for passengers–front and rear seats certainly reflect the stylish compact SUV Macan. On the other hand, I was impressed with the amount of load, 17.7 cubic feet, to open the back door. As Macan has the option of keyless entry, on instead of a button, it is a kind of strange coming out of the lower left corner of the Panel handle. Again, I was met with a good Growl and quickly machine before settling in idle. This was my first clue that the Macans will be better than the compact SUV medium.

2015 Porsche Macan Engine

2015 Porsche Macan comparisonHere is the injection engine 3.6 liter V-6, flat and six are not used in 911. With two turbos, one for each Bank of cylinders and a 10.5:1 of high compression ratio, the engine produces 400 HP and 406 lb-ft of torque. In change, Macan machine S, V-6 3 litres with two turbos, ago 340 horsepower. I do not think that you will feel disappointed with the smaller engines. The default road mode, find a little high spirits of Macan. While it is easy to modulate the throttle stop, keep the speed of slow traffic was difficult. The Macans want to run, not retained by the sea of common cars in the neighborhood. In addition to the high power output, this behavior until the Porsche Doppelkupplung transmission seven-speed double clutch (PDK), which comes from the Macan series. I feel the change of the tooth which is stronger than expected typical automatic transmission with torque converter and PDK are hunted a bit at a slower speed.

2015 Porsche Macan styleThis problem results in the price to pay when I’m up to the backroads coil. With the air suspension optional in this example and standard four-wheel drive, it is the grip during the day with the button on the console, I can choose the fashion sports or sports, and more. But not the sports mode tends to be anemic in the other car, which only makes the accelerator more sensitive program, Sport Macan mode means something. One-touch buttons it mm adjustable regulator pressure, PDK and control traction and suspension adjustment.

2015 Porsche Macan Speeds

2015 Porsche Macan speedTook a while driving a car, sitting in a car of turns and speeds on the straights, but then not use any gas. The middle third of the attraction Accelerator makes for a good time in Macan, but when I press beyond the gear enough, a car than 1 400 of horses of all bears. Suddenly it was blowing directly downward with vertiginous acceleration. Porsche does not spare the brakes with six-piston front calipers and I had to start using to scrape the speed before the turn, I lock my foot down hard. Not immediately grab, brake gave me space to modulate, took a little or a lot of speed.

2015 Porsche Macan on the roadI leave the PDK automatic and I rewarded low already slowed, choosing the right equipment for my speed brushed before redline system. Or, use the steering wheel paddles, choose my teeth. The third and fourth gear is to a little twisty, like Macan has enough grip to let me push the speed in the turns. I feel something like the Cayman, Porsche DNA is clear of the rear wheels. The manual notes that Sport Plus mode is designed for use in the ‘Racecourse’, and I have no doubt the Macan would prove its worth in the song of the day. Sincerely, I wish the program more sensitive electric steering in sport Macan. Feel that the address does not seem to change from normal mode to sport. Not felt much rotation in curves, which may be corrected if the available torque vector system was present in this car.

2015 Porsche Macan Family

2015 Porsche Macan priceGiven the great success of the Porsche Cayenne with a medium that has an SUV crossover, is only a matter of time before the company expanded the family, offering a compact crossover. But just because it is smaller and less expensive doesn’t mean that 2015 Porsche Macan is less worthy of top iconic shape of the crest emblem. No mistake, Macan comes back with the speed, handling and driving character involved would expect from the manufacturer of the 911 and the Cayenne.

Although it shares some components with the Audi Q5, 2015 2015 Macan Porsche (pronounced “Ma-cahn”) has its own engine, suspension and, of course, style design. In addition, Porsche had engineering to improve the performance of the crossing by car with the back of the brand more premium. Drive all-wheel system Macan pattern usually directs most of the power from the engine to the rear wheels and the power that only goes to the front wheels as needed to maintain traction.

2015 Porsche Macan Energy

2015 Porsche Macan – The energy generated by one of two available V6 engine. For Macan, is a 3.0 litre V6 Turbo that is rated at 340 horsepower. In Macan, Turbo, Turbo 3.6 liter V6 reveal 400 horsepower, which is a strength and much more you will find in the small luxury SUV crossover. However, gets a quick change from manual transmission automated as standard (Porsche PDK), as in a car a sports car. Porsche also provided Macan sport tuned suspension and optional not commonly in this class, such as nominal summer performance sticky tires, the Adaptive suspension and rear differential pair of vectors–all that favorable ability of handling around turns. There is also an air suspension optional that can be used to improve the height of 9 inches Macans, thus increasing the capacity of this land of pedestrian crossing.

Hardware like this of course, does not come out cheap, so this should not be a surprise that a Macan is more compact SUV luxury crossover was another. And this is the base price. -It is easy to increase your bottom line and the other 30% is only optional equipment. The closest competitors are the Audi SQ5 2015 Porsche, which has 354 HP V6 with compressor and similar to that of the Macan starting price. Meanwhile, less expensive BMW X 3 2015 is still quite sporty and arguably better value, also offers more space with the rear seats in use. 2015 Range Rover Land Rover Evoque is another alternative, although the hindquarters to important weaknesses of closer and smaller load.

2015 Porsche Macan Performance

These are good choices. But if you want maximum performance from an SUV crossover of small luxury, 2015 Porsche Macan is your best bet in this crowd. 2015 Porsche Macan is a five-passenger SUV crossover Compact is available in base S and adjust levels higher performance Turbo. Equipment standard on the S include wheels 19-inch, power liftgate, power mirrors, heating, side view of motor starting and stopping of Dr. auto, active bi-xenon headlight bulbs cruise control, climate control, dual zone, power accessories, seats leather/Suede, front electric seats of eight positions with memory settings, back seat 40/20/40-split-folding, Bluetooth connectivity a 7-inch touch screen and a system of 11-speaker audio with CD and USB/iPod simulated Player audio interface.

2015 Porsche Macan added turbo engines more powerful, unique wheels 19-inch cushions of Adaptive suspension, unique front and rear fascias, fog lights from LED, full of upholstery leather, Alcantara upholstery, aluminum accents, 18 sport front seats electric configuration of memory front seats, 14-speaker audio system with Bose surround sound (add HD radio and satellite radio) and navigation systems.

2015 Porsche Macan Features

Some of the features available in the Turbo S as an option. Other options (some of which are grouped into packages and depend on the level of adjustment) included 20 or 21 inches wheels, summer performance tires, torque vectoring (Porsche torque vectoring) variables to the rear wheels, Adaptive suspension of air, side skirts, skid plates, sensors of parking, front and rear of the panoramic rooftop (with or without camera) of body automatic dimming mirrors Adaptive Headlights with high beams automatic and Keyless ignition.

There are lots of play in the new SUV from Porsche Macan 2015, although it plays like a sports car, a SUV stump – jump. Spirit of Porsche since the Audi Q5 compact SUV that, even though the two have never been one to another, the Macan has a personality that is best described as a hatchback of luxury with drive all-wheel. Both models M 2015-340-horsepower strength “S” and (especially) 400 horsepower “Turbo” – gets its inspiration from twin – turbo V6 engine suitable as fluid PDK 7-speed. The Porsche Cayenne SUV, but there are still 4-door Porsche sports car is new to the city, which can transport, light hiking and look good in the forest: 2015 Porsche Macan.

2015 Porsche Macan Sport

If drive a Porsche 911 disguised as a compact engine front SUV sounds the message that you want to send to the world, 2015 Porsche Macan gives flexible, strong and clear message. The sport is new gifts of Macan, not utilities. If you need a real-life luxury SUV, is in the region for Porsche Cayenne (similar home prices around $51,000), or the Land Rover LR2 is cheaper, less powerful. High performance: Valentine couple V6 twin – turbo Porsche designed (M s: 3.0 litres/340 HP, 2.2 l Turbo: Macan/440-HP) with Porsche PDK 7-speed automatic transmission. “Sport” button PDK Macan redline and change. Previously we talked about 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0.

Piano-S base adjustment as an Alcantara suede seat inserts black leather and brushed aluminum Turbo, each Macan. The front seat to swallow. Major indicators tell you the value. Porsche 918 Spyder-steering wheel multifunction wink to sportscar supercar-feeling ready. A view of the windshield is wide IMAX, and is easy to look back as well as traffic. The second row small space, however. Organize them hatch, floor level, 17.7 cubic feet expands to 53 cubic feet by fall of 40/20/40 split 2 row folding seats. Cargo space is poor in comparison with competitors such as the BMW X 3 and Audi Q5 SUV.

2015 Porsche Macan Scale

Profiling to look something like a 3/4-scale the small proportion of Cayenne, 2015 has Porsche Macan characters rather than the compact hatchback SUV. This is not a complement to be known as Porsche, also. Macan of the complaint you will notice that the round fog lights and a single line of characters under the lamp light bi-xenon lights S Macan approach, while to the Turbo Macans sports foglamps integrated and horizontal bar strong two air intake integrated under the lights of the signal.

Each year 2015 Macan Porsche SUV out of the box for problems with twin – turbo V6, automatic transmission 7-speed (PDK), 19-inch wheels and dual exhaust pipes. Bi-xenon lights provide lighting quality and multifunction steering wheel with pallets of change than safe-in-a-steering wheel control. Also standard: rear hatch and dual-zone climate controls. Characteristics of the Macan 1 8-way power – rest with seat Alcantara Center and piano black interior trim, while the Macans Turbo include sport 18-way adjustable leather seats, Bose audio speakers-14, Alcantara roof, brushed aluminum liner handling setting inside and accuracy is the aggregate Porsche active suspension management.

2015 Porsche Macan Turbo

Many of the features of the more desired Macan Turbo is available as an option. The best audio system includes speakers sound Surround high-end Burmester, adaptive cruise control, rooftop panoramic 16, a 360-degree Surround system view-show Macan position of the camera in space (or in the parking lot), out of sight – and a full set of security technology options (monitoring of blind spot, help to maintain the rail (, etc)… For the owner of the Macan heat shoes, Porsche offers a perforated ceramic composite brakes, wheels 21 inch, Porsche optimization torque vectoring Plus electronic cornering and timer and display g-force Sport Chrono package.

Macan model has a V6 3.0 liter 340 HP, deployment of 339 lb – ft of torque. Performance, however, came the HP Turbo 400 Macans of 3.6 litres. It is a V6 twin Turbo has an answer for everything, with 406 lb – ft of low thrust began 1350 rpm redline acceleration and angry at 6,700 rpm. Standard on both models, the automatic transmission of double Macan clutch 7-speed Porsche PDK provide almost instant, smooth and displacement. Transmission worked slightly on end S of full time of 3.0 liters of Macan, but flies again from waste for the Macan Turbo 3.6 liters from zero to 60 mph in less than five seconds. PDK “sport” button Macan redline shift points, add more pressure changes and put another Growl exhaust note.

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