2015 Tesla Model S P85D Specs and Review


2015 Tesla Model S P85D blackOne, two, three… power, power, power; There is no struggle, there is a danger of falling into the field next to the road. 3.2 seconds to 60 mph comes silently and inexorably as a freight train. With the weight of the sidewalk, 4.647 pounds per ton more than the typical super car, the model S P85D look drama let slip the dogs of dual working. Tesla launches new version of its electric car model S last year, adding a motor to drive the front wheels and towers, gives to the purchaser of the car all-wheel-drive option. Standard template S D 85, dual engine with 85 kilowatt-hour battery, was $86.070 before tax incentives and offer a total of 370 horsepower with 270-mile range.

Variant of performance model S, P85D, features 691 horsepower and 253 miles of full loads, it can make according to the EPA data. This happens for a base price of $105.670 in the United States, £79.080 in United Kingdom and AU $140.900 in Australia, I felt a bit of an electric car cheap in all continents. Model S P85D while maintaining the same body style as the standard model, with a compromise: the front Chamber under the hood offers a third less space due to the engine. Cabin and storing space under the window back, remain unchanged. In addition to dual engine, model P85D S showing some new tricks that are retrieved for the entire line of the model S, Tesla in part due to the continuous software updates over-the-water and few achieved through new hardware installed in each resulting template of the October 2014.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D Control Panel

2015 Tesla Model S P85D designControl Panel, dashboard LCD shows the graph of the indicator with the use of force, speed and distance. Virtual map of license scales appears when I turn on the direction of the route in the navigation system. The right side of the instrument panel can display stereo audio information or other items on the menu to choose the driver. I saw potential unrealized in this Panel, especially when both sides are blank. Tesla could make the left side of the programmable controller, can provide details or use calendar appointments could screen at this time. And that may be a suggestion of a driver, but what about a red tone of anger in the center of the gauge when you let a dog.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D speedLarge touch screen 17-inch in the center of the control panel shows the double or single, window driver’s taste, operating with a satisfactory response by the underlying processor NVIDIA. The static menu at the top of the line gives you direct access to the stereo, navigation, phone, browser, Web, shows the use of energy and the agenda of paired phone from the driver. Persistent button in the lower left corner of the display settings, such as the height with air suspension, the program, including sports and leisure and crazy mode for acceleration. Along with two USB ports for the input of audio and Bluetooth audio streaming, I also have a built-in lazy and interaction, Inc. core applications use data 3 g. connection car Tesla spokesman could not give a timeline when the company will offer 4 g data, and I would like to see more third-party applications, built in audio and vice versa. Tesla has yet to advance the strategy of this application since the introduction of the car.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D Entertainment

2015 Tesla Model S P85D steeringWith the model of the P85D voice commands were frustrating, until the completion of the knowledge that had the button sound for issuing commands. To sort music by artist name with voice commands, the system of my USB drive connected to the effective implementation of Slacker, but is not exactly what I want. Voice commands work ask the purpose, similar to how a map of smartphone application responds to open research. Tesla, implement Google maps and search in P85D S models, so the display shows search options based on some targets and calculates a route to avoid traffic jams, a feature was added last September. Can I choose to display images of Google Earth satellite map, similar to the system of navigation Audi. Unlike the Audi, it has no map or address stored in navigation, so when out of cellular data, area navigation is broken.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D featuresThis Panel is useful information and the system does not light when I put the key in the key ignition (old Convention of the 20th century), but before that, when I went into the car while carrying a RFID fob in the shape of a car. In the same way, if I my app from smartphone in Tesla, synchronized with the car, I can open it and start with that. Just put my foot on the brake pedal the car making the move from standby mode, we will. It is too early to tell if the Tesla is equivalent to a chapter or simply a note in the history of the automobile, but the history of the company S model will leave a note here on the car and driver: we started our first full test long term of the battery-electric car. (We previously had a test of four months of 2011 Nissan leaf). During the next few months, Tesla model S P85D 2015 40,000 miles, no more 250-mile record time between battery charges. Concern among the staff of the Tesla will extend beyond gas vehicle fan quickly evaporated, however. Our model tortured 5262 miles during the first two months.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D Electric

2015 Tesla Model S P85D redIf it seems that we are late to the party, Tesla knows it is not for lack of effort on our part. Although invitations in the past, the Tesla S model is provided only to our annual 10Best revision this month of September, when electric cars soon won a place on the list of the largest classic car for sale today. 40 thousand miles in the model S complete the picture of the experience of Tesla, offering new insights into the reliability of the property and the car in the long run. For practical reasons and hedonist, our car in the long run is the model P85D S high performance. All wheels are standard will help us pass the months of winter and large batteries, 85 kWh facilitate a variety of anxiety that accompanies trying to gather 40,000 miles on the odometer in a timely manner. Of course, also convinced inverter by Tesla says that P85D can reach 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D techSteep, the base price is $105.670 to p85d set the tone as we ran to the list of options. So our S model comes with all the features available, except in the package Executive sit. Comes with leather, Microfiber, spoiler lip finish carbon fiber trim, small wheels, 21-inch ($ 4500) and $1,500 in ink. $4250 pilot automatic package adds Adaptive cruise control, assistance for maintenance of rail, private parking and automatic high beams. Front seats from the “generation”, at a cost of $3,500, won praise from our pilots to be the best carved seat in default. Our car also comes with 12 stereo speakers, air suspension, heated steering wheel, panoramic glass roof, heated seats for the second row and a third row rear-facing. Optional dual on-board chargers allow to add variety to 58 miles per hour when we call for a 80 amp 240 volt circuit. Everything in P85D, model S Tesla brought a price of $136.720 before a federal tax credit of tag of $7500, the most expensive of our long term before, to say nothing of the more powerful, with an audience of P85D 691-hp combined.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D Configuration

2015 Tesla Model S P85D engineAt the end we intend to take advantage of two boots by installing a 100 amp dedicated circuits in the garage, car and driver. For now, we mainly use the existing costs 240 volt, 30 amp connector, which provides 12:0 total costs. This configuration also meters of electricity which will be sent to the car by which we can measure the correct energy consumption, including parasitic loss of charging process. So far, our model of consumption an average of 46 kWh of electricity per 100 miles, equals 72 MPGe. The EPA classifies P85D in a combined 93 MPGe, although the Agency did not consider the inefficiencies in the loading process.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D frontWhile we are not surprised to lose the mark, US EPA gets frustrated when we can not reproduce the performance of Tesla claims, so much so we have tested the model on two separate occasions. The best was 3.3 seconds to 60 mph, two tenths behind the numbers of factory and a quarter mile sprint-11.8 seconds. We also observed the driver accelerated fade back to the full race, especially straight at speeds of 3-digit. The sharpness of the corners and braked numbers fall in line with the of the standard bearer of the sports sedan. Although our team has taken Tesla on several occasions, the experience of the model S seems novel. This is not only smooth acceleration, quiet or plug the action whenever you park is so different from Tesla. The model S is full of oddities, Chief among them how many buttons and switches have been condensed to a 17-inch touch screen. Push or pull the finger to pop the lock gates sliding sunroof and heated seats, warm front and back. There is no involvement of the driver in the vehicle.

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