2016 Audi TT Roadster Specs and Review


2016 Audi TT Roadster blueAs if the Virtual cockpit is not enough, the TT Roadster is also brilliant fun, little sports car with sensitive handling and finely decorated cabins. 2016 TT Roadster is that the third generation model was launched in 1998 with a distinctive design. Audi launches a generation 3 TT Coupe and Roadster as a car year 2016 in United States, each version is almost identical to citations in car and cabin. Roadster rear seat and roof of tiles metal shed return with folding soft top energy fast.

Play Audi in the field of the premium, so go TT Roadster base to $47,325 delivered. The version I drove added navigation, Bang Olufsen, 19-inch wheels and audio and a variety of other options, has a total of $54,125. The good news for buyers from the United Kingdom and Australia is that the TT Roadster is practically equal in power and equipment to the American model. UK buyers in basic price £28,915, while Australia will have to reach $91,966 price driveaway.

2016 Audi TT Roadster on the roadI have been impressed with the Audi booth technology features, how to integrate Google Earth with navigation and includes a data-based application information and parking place. The new interface of the Virtual cockpit, Audi took a step that seems very logically remove the center of the screen and displays all relevant information in the navigation, entertainment and connectivity on the dashboard. While driving, so accustomed only to lose sight of the fact that seemed appropriate to select a stereo album or view where I next turn.

2016 Audi TT Roadster tailBut that immediately important information such as the speed of the vehicle and the engine? Virtual cockpit, shown on the virtual measuring superimposed on a map and menu screens, all displayed in a large, bright LCD display that will never succumb to the brightness. Deny a button on the steering wheel, I change the measurement of small to large format, whatever that is better suited to the task of driving today. Honestly, it took me a while to find out how to find my way through several on-screen menus with the steering wheel. The system used for the previous generation, tend to take console-mounted control buttons and shortcuts. But after a few hours, you can keep your hands on the wheel and push the library of music or contact or my destination of choice.

2016 Audi TT Roadster yellowAbove all, the interface of the cab in the TT Roadster in something Virtual missed when I enter other more conventional cars, the System Center. This functionality moved to the screen focuses on driver it may be to change the view of passengers, but the look remains surprisingly visible at an angle. A high resolution LCD screen is bright and wide viewing angle enough that passengers can play your DJ or enter the destination using the console-mounted control. New Audi TT adjustment with 4 g LTE had spent time of connections in Google Earth and Google search for images for the navigation. Or you could choose a map on board view perspective or plan. Another change to embrace how efficiently the goals go in, Audi will be a system that immediately began to investigate when I write a letter, find local businesses or street name. Ford moved to a paradigm in 3 new synchronization system.

2016 Audi TT Roadster sideManual steering input, the Audi include location-based services, such as the car park with a capacity of up to date information, when available. Despite the way in which these services work, I’d like to see the Audi partner with some of the existing companies of third parties such as Yelp or other business assessment services. Fortunately, Audi also does not end with system ancient, belonging to the audio port switch, USB port is simple. I use the iPhone and its own cord or simply connect the USB stick to be used as a source of music. Other audio sources, including Bluetooth streaming, radio satellite, HD radio and Wi-Fi and optional CD player.

2016 Audi TT Roadster style$950, I believe that the choice of Bang Olufsen audio and is very valuable. With 12 loudspeakers and 680 Watts, rich in sound production with a good high resolution frequency. The sound of this please all audiophile music lover it. However, with the top down and the Audi DriveSelect system in dynamic mode, sports exhaust note tend to drown the music with his mellifluous ROAR. It can be surprising, as the TT uses a power plant of the 2-liter four-cylinder, or a muscle. But with turbocharger and direct injection, the peak output at 220 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, is not bad for a car 3,384 pounds.

2016 Audi TT Roadster parkingThe exterior design of the proportions of roadster and TT actions with two previous generations. Sheet metal is a little more chiseled and angular, with rings that Audi moved to tents, R8 style, the grill becomes even more dominant and aggressive than ever. In the rear, third brake light covers the entire width of the vehicle, connect the headlights. Audi is compact, but nature greeting in densely populated areas as New York and San Francisco.

Major changes took place under the skin, that extends above the heavy MQB architecture of the Group Volkswagen-economy. There are a wide variety of assistance and telematics system is impressive, but the thief shows a new control panel, which minimizes the disorder (although the disorder may increase). inch TFT screen 12.3 in confronting the driver a display Centre and with the controls on the steering wheel, the MMI controller and even the touchpad in the center console. (Audi has kept the button pad and front seat). Under the hood, the Audi had packed two version 2.0 TFSI engine liter gasoline everywhere. The TT roadster, made 220 HP; TTS Roadster has 292 horsepower, but don’t let yourself go, as only a regular droptop TT will come to the U.S. market. 2.0 liter paired with VW Group of dual-clutch six-speed automatic DQ250 “wet”. Provides smooth shifting and ultraquick and powertrain for fun of skin moving at full speed. In normal operation, the soundtrack of TT is very soft and free of undesirable vibrations.

Most customers will be well served by 220-hp. engine hope it will close from zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds, with a top speed of 155 mph set while not not yet rated EPA window sticker, we believe that TT proclaim 24 mpg city fuel economy numbers and 32 mpg on the highway. The architecture of front-wheel drive of MQB, but TT come standard with drive car all-wheel and excited by turning in the corner. Assisted electro is the brighter side, but offers enough feedback, and the roadster quickly is very easy. It is so beautiful how much forgiveness – in contrast to the TT’s first generation, who is prone to lift oversteer at high speeds.

TT Roadster does not lose almost usable back seat Coupe, otherwise use the space for the lid of foldable fabric, which opens and closes in less than 10 seconds. Even with the top of the bar is low, keeping the cylinder capacity of 9.9. The Interior is protected from excessive wind blow, and you will be lower, even in cold weather. The driver and passengers enjoy plenty of space and comfort; as you might expect from Audi, cabin materials and perfect workmanship. When this summer is the coast of the United States at some point, the TT roadster will face competition from the likes of the BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster, SLK of Mercedes-Benz, Nissan 370Z and if it’s pure power you are looking for, can you want a new Corvette shop of the cross. But the TT roadster is masterfully blend of style and sophistication, refinement and sportiness as many of its competitors to not – although it seems that Audi cars in prefer the form of Coupé.

The best Roadster Audi TT from 2016 – at least in the invierno-es all-wheel drive chassis and turn off the peaks soft power, thick that keeps the elements out. It is very noisy. With this in mind, the TT is a good ride for the holiday season, however, there is no space for luggage, so that your gift is for multiple cards. Personally I prefer the Coupé. Clean lines, it became rigid and weighs about 200 lbs less. But doubts about the tenderness of the old TT with this redesign. As the Q7, TT and the R8 before its more and more acute angle Gets the sheet front to back. It seems not happy; It seems angry. A problem I have, visual. Open the chapel of the joints it is right on top of the car, it makes a little strange line. Then me di account which could not not leave my head.

Front of 2.0 liter turbo makes 4 220 hp and 258 lb – ft of torque in the range of rpm low rev in 1600. It was also. After winding of turbo reel for a fraction of a second TT out quickly and with drive all-wheel, can be brutally thrown in a corner without having to worry too much. The subtle change of a six-speed dual-clutch S-tronic transmission speed “.” Doubtful that the line is probably grip they are trying to block. The feeling of more agile S mode. It is also good to give them a quick draw, switch traffic, passing through. Pull again to return.

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