2016 Ford Escape Specs and Review


2016 Ford Escape black2016 Ford Escape keeps all the good that is the last, but the rest of the MyFord Touch system supports synchronization of 3, completely redesigned and infotainment redesigned to this car as a completely modern resort. With Sync 3, 2016 flight impressed me up and down, making drivers, comfortable, versatile, with mainly services of high technology that could want. The facilities have a serious price, however, as a fugitive are loaded in setting of titanium which comes to $36,330, a big jump over the base price of $23,995. The extra money brings an engine more powerful, streamlined, seats of all-wheel-drive, automatic, leather upholstered with power liftgate and power 3 Sync entertainment system settings. You may be able to find a suitable permutation of choice in its price range.

Buyers from the United Kingdom and Australia will not find in the programming of dealers Ford escape, but you will find that the Kuga, which is basically the same car. Base price for the Kuga has reached £20,995 in United Kingdom and AU $27,490 in Australia, but Ford said when the Sync 3 may be available in the market. Rather than detail the miracle Synchro 3, engine driving experience and I need space, because they create a getaway car is very practical, suitable for various applications. Although a small SUV, the cargo area is 21.3 cubic feet, with good depth and time. And it was in the back seat of the second row. Fold down and looking to 67.8 cubic feet. And titanium trim, could do to open my back door just fed standing under the ass Runaway Brain stops. This is a good trick to escape.

2016 Ford Escape colorsEscape to add this price is for 1 2-liter Ecoboost engine, which uses a direct injection and a turbocharger to generate power of 240 horsepower and 270 pound feet of torque. The figures exceeded the competition and throttle response ready, giving one escape more than enough motivation to spend and fusion. In fact, 1.6 liter Ecoboost exhaust intermediate 178 horsepower engine for competitive car, like the Honda CR-v. It is a 2-liter engine, perfect to escape automatic six-speed transmission that changes since quietly and quickly, for a smoother driving experience. Because every car requires some type of configuration, apparently, the position of the lever “S” to maintain a speed of the engine slightly higher sport. Along the way, the sports mode is not useful, but the mode of manual gearbox, controlled with switches rocker, which can be useful for heavy loads or low traction situations.

2016 Ford Escape techThe option of all-wheel-drive escape automatically, working with controls such as the differential lock any driver. This means that the slanted front wheel drive with torque to the rear wheels when necessary. Also brings EPA fuel economy average mpg to 23 mpg, 2 defeats in the version of the 2 litre engine with front wheel drive. What a surprise that was fun with the escape is a quality ride. While the luxury of suspension of escape for a very soft, beaten running and vibration damping soil is harsh. He accelerated to escape from a part of the road demanding, with ripples deep through the set of changes, and you’re doing a great job absorbing rises and descents of the land. After each Crest, he settled instead of jumping up and down.

2016 Ford Escape navigation systemAnd while I like to touch the sensitive steering, react instantly to my input, escape feels a little heavy in the upper corners. It is not surprising for a small SUV, the swaying of the cabin makes it difficult me pushes through curves. Ford Escape complete with stability programmes of the vehicle, of course, and also the braking system, which applies the stop lamp of the wheel rather than help the car turn. Corner, brake system can help, but I can’t say that they come into play.

Adding to what had been a small SUV is educated, practical, providing an answer control panel electronic platform synchronization 15:00 any tablet or smartphone in the market. Display button operation on a dual core, Texas Instruments, reports directly to my touch input. Most impressive, can drag the map on the screen, even when they are still full of complex 3D buildings receive. I have never seen the level of sensitivity of other car-based navigation system, and as a map is saved locally, you do not have to wait for the data connection to fill the screen, as you would with a smartphone application.

2016 Ford Escape sideCompact crossover SUV is ideal for many things, whether it is go to work, take their children to school, take things from Costco or going on a ski trip. Often missing, however, is a sense of humor. To achieve this, you’ll want to check out 2016 Ford Escape. Based on the Ford focus pulls, units fled today as the focus on the tip of your finger (which is a compliment), and when is equipped with a turbocharged 2.0 engine litres, this is one of the crossover more fast and small in this price range. In addition, the escape gets its stripes with drive crossover optional all-wheel, fuel economy, roomy cargo compartment and hand the power liftgate is available, free of charge, at the foot of the super cool sensor.

One of our few problems with the current generation of rupture has been spoiled system optional operation of Infotainment MyFord touch, built with Microsoft Knowledge but impaired since birth by major usability problems. Luckily, 2016 leak Gets a clean slate and features the introduction of BlackBerry 3 synchronization system, which has a faster response time and a simple menu that appears as a banner at the bottom of the touch screen. 3 synchronization also has pinch and intuitive hit functions, as a smartphone, combining the prominence of the rich resources of MyFord Touch. Based on our initial impression, is a real step forward.

If you choose to synchronize 3, exhaust will delight you with one of the best stand in the segment of compact crossover, highlighted in first quality materials and generous standard items such as cameras, USB connectivity and voice control is really useful. Therefore we are not in love with the standard information and entertainment system, which consists of 4.2-inch Center who is humble and edge screen form double-over-keys placed in the V-shaped pattern, no matter; Once the road, you’ll soon realize that it is very satisfying to drive. Agile, yet subtle, confidence level of car drivers are quite rare in this class.

It is not unprecedented, however. Sporty and efficient updated 2016 Mazda CX-5 game escape on more fronts, especially with information and entertainment, the button-based interface. The classification of the “A” of the Honda CR-v and Toyota RAV4 Edmunds is also recommended. Unlike the leak, they do not offer a variety of machines for buyers who want to improve their performance, but are very easy to handle and it has a wider saddle and load. Hyundai Santa Fe sport is worth checking out, too, as an alternative to a slightly larger engine optional numbers rival escape from the top of the line 2.0 liter turbo. But Ford Escape 2016 options in this segment due to the experience of a very well rounded.

2016 Ford Escape is a compact crossover SUV that comes in three trim levels: S, be and titanium. Standard features include steel wheels 17 inch mirrors integrated blind spot, parental control, full power accessories, bureaucracy entry keyless, cruise control, air conditioning, Tilt steering wheel and telescopic, adjustable in height, folding 60/40 driver seat split folding rear seats and the Center 4.2 inch screen, camera, voice commands interface electronic glass Sync AppLink with smartphone integration , Phone Bluetooth connectivity and audio and a six speaker system with USB port and CD player.

Update which adds alloy wheels of 17 inch (optional on the S), engine 1.6 l Turbo, automatic headlights, fog lights, keyless, keypad rear privacy glass, driver, upholstered fabric seat improved power adjustable (with power lumbar), eight, center rear arm and satellite radio. The ‘ convenience package adds rails of ceiling, rear parking sensors, automatic climate, power of synchronization control dual zone outputs of 110 volt style house, 3 interface (including 8 inch touch screen) and a speaker sound system and nine with two USB ports. Leather comfort package if it contributed to the mirror, heated leather seats and heated front seats. You can also get heated seats and mirrors, besides demisting of the windscreen with the cold weather package. The power liftgate is also available (requires convenience package), 18-inch wheels and a remote turn-on.

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