2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Specs and Review


2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 sideTurbo standard V-8 of the class S is replaced by the biturbo 6.0 liter V-12 engine for the transformation of a Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Maybach. The results are expressed in 523 horsepower and 604 foot pounds of torque. The larger engine, however, feeds the same seven-speed automatic transmission that still sends only torque to the rear wheels. Injection and slow anti-marcha Eco Start / Stop system achieved to help EPA estimated mpg 13 city S600 and 20 mpg in highway. Isn’t bad for a yacht of land that measures more than 5 feet of lock to lock, but not good enough to avoid that it imposed a $1,700 Gas Guzzler Tax before the bottom line.

The acceleration is V-12, easy and smooth, once underway. Around the city, the engine of butter almost sounds from the cockpit. When you stretch, V-12 provides a magnification pair almost constant, interrupted only by brief moments when the seven-speed transmission ratio. The engine never feels tense or taxes, but sometimes it seems as if is Apure. The line, there is a strange hesitation between the tip of the pedal in the slow response to the Maybach and moments later. This is very annoying when combined with the lag start-stop is produced by the system. It is as if Mercedes has been designed for a program of limousine surly valet which just don’t be in a hurry, but it is more likely that this is too delicate to start having Maybach S600 to maintain programming for VIP smooth ride in the back seat.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Features

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 seatsPerhaps the feature that worked harder to keep the Mercedes Maybach-smooth ride is its control of the magic of the body air suspension. Shock absorb shocks with and, along with the chassis well insulated, is almost completely smooth imperfections in the road such as cracked sidewalks and unfinished. This system also offers a bit of height adjustment of ride that can improve large potholes and obstacles of the body and even auto levels to keep the chassis is as flat as the laws of physics allow you during hard cornering. Driving a Mercedes S600-Maybach is an interesting experience, but this is a car for people who like to be pressed. Yes, ventilation & heater surface bucket front feature scroll to occupants active support in the turns, and several programs tailored to the massage. But the two power adjustable backrest even more interesting.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 whiteBecause I do not drive and encouraged at the same time, I decided to spend some time with the Maybach S600 and behind my friends throughout the San Francisco Bay, a sort of impromptu conductor Uber, the second line does not go to waste. It followed a lot of “Oh my God, this place!” and “this carpet is better than what is in my apartment!” Our example is equipped with a seat back optional package $1,950 Executive essentially changing the rear seat S-Class became class airline seat. Center console rear seat split into a pair of seats of power-adjustable, reclining, heated and cooled cupholders and hide a pair of flip-down table to accommodate the residents of the laptop, paper or glass of champagne. (We also have a refrigerator $1100 box an optional folding seat between them could keep the bubbly cold.) Folding Ottoman characteristics of rear seat and a pair of remote control to access default screen rear seat entertainment is permanently mounted on the backs of the front seats.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Seats

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 designWhile lying down, the rear seat passengers can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sky through the Dim panoramic or electro-chromatic glass roof skylights at the touch of a button when sky magic $ 4.950 control are present. There are a lot of “OOHS” and “ahs” and “How hell do that?” Of course, skylights, back and the backlight can also be completely covered with fabric curtains motorized when the darkness or the desired privacy. Near the cabin of the Maybach, Mercedes full caracteristica-lampara themed environments of the adjustable light that can change from blue to red or white with the touch of a button and adjust the lighting. Even our noses were treated thanks to $115 spray cabin fragrance options fill the air of the cabin with a slight perfume.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 priceFaces is not one of the front seats and in the center of the front of drivers and passengers, but large two inch screen ultra 12.3 panel. One is used to display the front controller digital instrument cluster and the other with information and entertainment, navigation, and other data. This is not just luxurious limousines stretched S-class with the Maybach badges – is much more luxurious than a normal sedan. 523-hp, 6.0-liter V-12 twin-turbo provides the motivation of the companies, while passengers enjoy the massage leather armchairs, hot stone. Praised as the quietest in the world and with car audio system, standard S600 Burmester is a concert bearing rooms as well. And forget the new air filtration system, a car smell that animates the cabin with your own perfume Maybach.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Cabin

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 speedOverwhelm the senses or they starving. Connect the driver with a car so completely that he had to duck to avoid the crankshaft throw, or isolate the cabin so completely that the occupants feel clean for its serenity. Constant stimulation of sensory or less? When a car is expensive, the way it should be selected. But the S600 Mercedes Maybach-2016 graphics the middle course difficult. It was not a supercar to panic, no space insulation numbness on four wheels. Instead, he pampers each of the five senses is considered dose. Of course, not a new Maybach car for people who only have their names in the parking lot. This is $ 190,275, 523-hp, twin-turbo V-12-powered Titans who have their names on buildings, especially in China.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 interiorAfter all, even billionaires in America like to consider themselves “middle class.” Many units Ford F-150s and drink Coors occasionally. Maybach scandalous even by the standards of one percenters-Americans and that is why only about 10 percent of the new Maybach subbrand reimagined in the S-Class production will make it here. Chinese culture, on the other hand, has a persistent caste system and the Duke nouveau encouraged hope in regal comfort while they are drinking cold silver champagne optional crystal flute. Mercedes expects 50 percent of new Maybachs go there. Let us examine the Maybach S600, a taste at a time.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Wheelbase

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 blackNewest mechanical Maybach substance identical to the standard S600. During the assembly, steel panels are welded to the floor and extended rear aluminum roof and new settlements again tied to the structure. With a wheelbase stretch 8.1 inches and adding chrome B pillars and a small window in the back door, the result is a great look, but with a luxury profile, provocative. However, the default multispoke wheels S600, Maybach also anonymous look. It is stunning, optional exclusive Maybach 20-inch carrying wallop eyeballs are needed. As a Tiffany silver bowl serving embedded in a set of polished ET slot magazines, wheels visually lowers the car Maybach center of gravity and gives a frisson futurism. They are wrapped in 245/40 and 275/35 rear Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 run flat tires with square shoulders and standard pitch juggernaut test. He then ruled the universe kind of thing.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 displaySo, forget the individual media screen in the back room, do not bother with the seven environment possible color interior lighting you can choose from and no research through a standard panorama sunroof; Visual feast is below each bumper. All Maybach excerpt translated into extra legroom for the occupants of the two in the back, sitting on the throne that looks as if they took a business jet. With a separate power control, restraints pillow style head, the extended leg support and the perfect way to pamper, will be good to sleep in your home. Six-Footers will not be able to press the front seats with their feet.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Package

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 modelAdding the rear seat comfort package it should really be called an incredibly comfortable package backseat – and a hot stone massage system is included. This is the best you can touch automobiledom even that does not offer a happy ending. Save for some controls, there is no passenger abutment surface that can caress, pamper or stroke ever moo. Unless they go barefoot. Then his fingers sank the plush, sheepskin rugs. They used to go mé. Mercedes claims that the rear passenger Maybach S600 sits in the quiet space in each car. Neither the seatbelt inertial reels sealed to reduce noise offensive operations.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 detailsSilence is not always a virtue, though, so that each Maybach brings Burmester surround sound system or even the high-end 3-D surround sound system that faithfully reproduces the orchestral music and has a tweeter are emerging and turning while in use. But the most interesting sound Maybach mainly by the driver. Pressing Start Start button ignition sequence that buzzes huge 6.0 liters V-12 twin-turbo living like connects the soil were removed and the fuel pump start on the moon rocket attached Saturn V.

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