2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Specs and Review


2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan colorsUntil a few years ago, there isn’t much in the way an alternative buyer for van need a vehicle that can store a large amount of load, but I don’t want size or commercial van fuel big thirst. Fortunately for them, less freight and some passengers was introduced. Nissan NV200 2016 offers are. NV200 (along with its twin the country Chevrolet, City Express) is a totally different design than the older brother, Nissan NV. Not as trucklike NV, load small van this car with everyday practicality in mind. Very agile and low consumption in the city and is better suited in the typical path of a full size van. For power, the NV200 depend on engine four-cylinder 2.0 liter that produces energy to 131. Even for a small sedan that will be well below expectations, but the positive side of a floor below the NV200 offers loading and some useful features and technologies to facilitate the tasks of a lesson.

If you are looking for is a small pickup truck of load, there are several other options worth looking at. 1999 Ford Transit Connect offers a higher load capacity with options how to configure extended engine and cabin upgrades. 2016, which the city of Ram may be charged with the ProMaster even changes more than Ford and have relatively powerful four-cylinder engines as standard. There is also a new Mercedes-Benz Metris square with all th. It is more expensive, but that occupies a unique place in terms of size between the small Van and full-sizers as NV, Ford transits and Mercedes Sprinter. In General, 2016 NV200 dramatically not stand out here, but worth considering, especially if the price is right.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Design

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan white2016 Nissan NV200 is a van two passenger load compact designed for commercial use. Available in S and SV trims. The S version standard features include 15-inch steel wheels, a division of rear cargo door 40/60, side door, front power Windows, mirrors power outlet 12 volt wide-angle surveillance, front upholstery fabric and vinyl, only steering wheel tilt, seat driver adjustable height, folding passenger plane and audio system capacity 2 speakers with CD player and auxiliary audio output jack. Options for the S trim includes audio and Bluetooth phone connectivity and cruise control.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan modelSV adds electric heated mirrors, locks, without key, cruise control, rear additional outlet 12 volt and six hooks for fastening of the cargo area of the energy. SV also provides access to more options. The outer package is combined with the NV200 body color mirrors and bumper, while the technology package adds a touch screen 3.6 inch screen, application integration for smartphone, voice control, improved audio, navigation, iPod/USB interface, system radio satellite and camera. Optional S and SV is a window privacy, sliding glass rear door glass rear door, mirror interior mirror, rear defroster and parking sensors.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Engine

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan styleNV200 is powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder producing 131 HP and 139 pounds feet of torque. This is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and front wheel drive. NV200 SV necessary for 10 seconds to reach 60 mph from a dead stop. EPA fuel economy estimated slightly increased this year to 25 combined mpg (24 26 city/highway). The same van with us, recorded an impressive 27 mpg in the Edmunds review cycle and in general, average 23 mpg. Maximum load capacity is 1,480 pounds. Nissan NV200 2016 including brakes (disc front/drum rear), stability control, traction control, side airbags and airbags seat front side standard safety features. Glass and camera, rear parking sensors are optional.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan usedSV NV200 track evidence needed 137 feet to stop from 60 km/h, which is remotely considering that it was empty of cargo van. Interior, the NV200 is long enough to fit 6-foot ladder, large enough to hold a model of platform of 48 inches between the rear cockpit and almost 4.5 feet tall. Nissan has already done the work for you, providing a default integrated to allow the installation of racks and shelves without the need for drilling into wall of Mount Van. They should give the drivers the easy way to protect and manage their equipment and supplies. SV set also includes six-point of load for greater flexibility.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Tech

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan msrpThe Nissan nv200 is offered in the compact segment are growing. Intended for commercial buyers who want something smaller and more efficient wieldier than a traditional size van, offers a good combination of space, available technology resources and value. With the dimensions of a unibody compact and as a car platform, NV200 is very maneuverable for a van and offered 22.8 feet. Despite its size, the NV200 122.7 useful feature cubic feet of space for cargo and a 1500 lbs load capacity. The cargo area is equipped with brackets for installation of shelves and shelves are integrated, while to walk six load hooks mounted spec’d can be for certain large items.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan detailsDual sliding doors and floor under load 19.5 inch Interior take advantage of available properties, such as the 60/40 split tailgate. Nissan designed door back 40% to reduce the absorption of traffic when parked beside the road and rear double account with two door 90 degrees and 180 degrees of the opening position. All the features of a fixed port default Panel, although the glass window can be specified as an option. Depending on the State of work – ranging, the cabin is a simple but friendly, ergonomic spaces. Small storage point is much thanks to the center console with a laptop hanging folder of file storage, pen and pencil trays, CD holders and dual Cup holders. Storage Cubbies niche is also located at the top of the console for folders and documents and to passenger seat folds down to serve as duratop or expand the cargo space to transport goods for more.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Options

A full range of hospitality 2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan options available (details below), with the highlights, including Bluetooth audio streaming, navigation system with real-time traffic updates, text messages have helped applications mobile handsfree Nissan, including Facebook and Pandora and a security camera. NV200 is powered by an efficiency of the 2.0 liter four cylinder that produces energy and spirit 139 131 lb – ft of torque. With the help of the new CVT, the factory returns 24 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway economic. Available in S and SV trims of the NV200. S came standard with an AM/FM/CD stereo with input Assistant and mounted in the front two door speakers, power window, power outlet 12 volt on the dashboard and the passenger side storage, tray underneath.

SV adds locks power heated outside mirrors with locking doors automatic, remote keyless entry with two keyrings, cruise control with control steering wheel, rear trunk, power point extra 12V at the rear of the center console, 6 1 floor-mounted hooks for load in the cargo area and full wheel covers. Options include the system hands-free Bluetooth phone with the ability to transmit Sonar rear parking, audio, Monitor, System Radio XM satellite and the Nissan armada tracking system, which helps with the logistics business. The technological package has a new navigation system with 6.5-inch touch integration recognition, applications of mobile Bluetooth, screen and voice, SirusXM, Sirius XM radio satellite and links traffic, hands-free text message attached, a USB port for MP3 player and camera glass travel system.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Features

Other 2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan features include a glass door package, a package with sliding glass doors and exterior appearance with body color package bumpers, mirrors and the door handles on the outside and a chrome grille. All models come with front double NV200, front and side airbags lateral stability and traction control system and tire pressure monitoring. This is a snapshot of the weekend at TTAC spy. In addition to metals China in Ann Arbor, published yesterday, here is a picture of what could be the next generation of passenger compact Nissan NV200 van plying the roads of California through TTAC readers edges Felix. NV200 van only available on a cover charge tomorrow van or taxi. New York City landed yesterday in a long legal battle.

They go in the photo has all the advantages to become the prototype of Nissan, including camo is similar to that used in other models of Nissan, explains the photographer spy Brian Williams in the email. According to the reader and photo presenter Felix, go two forwarded this morning while driving west of I-80 near Vacaville, California, which is about halfway between Sacramento and San Francisco. The Nissan NV200 is a smart alternative to merchants who need a truck size complete alternative cheaper, more maneuverable. They have Ranger project van commercial equipment and accessories that allows you to maximize the Nissan NV200 cargo space and working productively.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Packages

Design of the Ranger is very adaptable and van shelving and bin packages are designed according to all trade and meet all needs. An operation of a man the ladder rack is easy our Van for the signature flip-away design Ranger, shelves, ergonomic workstations to mobile design, Ranger has everything to make your Nissan NV200 van work efficiently. Comfort cabs can be improved much by choosing the van of partition that allows maximum seat travel, improve security and climate. Customize your work van tries to choose the details of that work for you. It is why the design of the Ranger has a complete line of accessories for Nissan NV200 van provide details that make the difference. Each dealer has preferences that help them work and create with maximum efficiency. Our wide range of options allows you to choose what is best, so everything you have that you need, when you need it.

Van sales of Ranger project teams is quiet because it is designed to eliminate annoying rattles. This resulted in a more comfortable and stress-free ride. This unique design allows us to offer the industry, guarantee trouble-free and means that not only the product performed in silence when he was young, but will continue to operate year after year. It uses a motor and lithium-ion batteries for EV and sheet has two folding seats in the trunk. The car had been built especially for drivers of taxi, rental fleet and hotels, but can also work as an inexpensive car family to a buyer. We talked about 2016 Infiniti QX60.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Driving Experience

It is not suitable for long walks, however. Nissan cites a variety of only 106 miles, but 70 miles recognise more realistically. However, the NV200 – and has the advantage on short trips. Because it is based on a van, sit up, so visibility is brilliant – although bouncy suspension and driving experience very betrays its roots. But do not suffer from noisy diesel vehicles, as well as response low speed boats instant electric motor making it feel much faster than the spectacle of 0-62 mph time of 14 seconds.

There is plenty of space in the e-NV200 and sliding doors that are easy to adjust the Chair to the midline. More bleeding is very strict about the kneeroom, but unlike many MPVs based on car basis of normal time and space as well. In a five-seat configuration, the boot capacity is 870 liters. Up to 2,940 litres with all seats, which is more than one liter of 601 of the Ford Galaxy. But the less storage and quality of rivals based on the car. However, can this be achieved with a gadget as telematics of CarWings, sat-nav, a reversing camera and still hot steering wheel. The biggest problem is the price. Our costs of Tekna Plus £ 26,429 fast once the Government grants of £5000. Cheap to run, though, and if you can find a quick charger, can restore the battery to 80% in 30 minutes.

2016 Nissan NV200 Minivan Transmission

Nissan has taken the next step in its goal of becoming a world leader in technology of electric vehicle yesterday with the announcement that it had begun a comprehensive testing programme for electric cars. Based on the versatile platform NV200 than vans it was popular in Europe and Japan with the shipping companies and taxi companies are the same, be loaned an electric NV200 for cabbage, Ltd. of Japan postal service two months ago to test the suitability as a vehicle for delivery. Nissan has published details of the trial scheme, but said that it plans to launch a fleet of test in Europe and Japan in the future months.

Nissan also remaining would be about the technology of transmission and battery NV200, but a Nissan spokesman told us at the hearing that the vehicle in Japan is converted by the technicians of the production of gasoline vehicles. Modified or not, the success of the world fleet of electric NV200s test will have a direct impact on how to market car Japan plans to introduce electric cars to the United States. This year, Nissan received $1 billion for the exclusive contract with the New York City licensed taxi drivers to provide 13,200 vehicles from 2013.

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