2016 Scion iA Specs and Review


2016 Scion iA buying guidesNow, it is no secret that he was actually mounted Mazda2 sedan 2016, built by Mazda for the area of the factory of Salamanca, Mexico before basically received a “face/Off” – style exchanges with the Prius c. fascia but because Mazda has announced that it will not sell the car Mazda Mazda3 in the United States in the short term market – and , as I have only to find out that it is a small car is fantastic-a dress any logo can be I’m taking.

Under Toyota’s breathing with the 1.5 engine liter had direct injected four-cylinder engine cover. Results are expressed in 106 horsepower and 103 pounds feet of torque. Front wheel motor coupling is 1 6-speed manual transmission or six speed automatic with torque converter lock. Descendant of auto tells us that you can block the converter’s torque in each gear to give a feeling of chain simple kinematics and agile. Example to show the manual gear box blue Sapphire.

2016 Scion iA usedDon’t be fooled by the numbers. One thing I think that Mazda is very good is to make a beautiful small machines, low power. This is not an exception. An absolute peach of a machine, which is alive, vibrant, and to the joy of the revolution. The wheel a standard 16-inch wheels shoes with 185 mm tire width. Suspend the previous chassis these rolls is MacPherson front and torsion beam rear axle “sport tuned”. Yes, I also scoff at the idea of a sporty rear pair… and then hit the road. Around 2400 pounds of sedan, it’s more fun driving that it deserves to be. The perfectly orderly suspension: that the response of all time, flexible and communicative. There are difficulties and sincerity that makes econobox direction of play in a corner after corner of pleasant experience. Gear lever is also very good. Play short, defined the appropriate port and there is great involvement when barriers to the teeth.

2016 Scion iA front seats2016, it is not a car fast and it was not very powerful, but with a low weight in vacuum and agile handling, sedan can be just for fun. -even at a reasonable speed. I am so happy that everything about this car seems designed to work well on the road, not so good in the role.! (Deja vu, anyone?) Although these featured some set of legs, is not a sports car. The engine is so quiet, barely it can be heard under approximately 4000 RPM and the tachometer is a cute small digital gauges are crammed into a small wing of the instrument cluster, so the exact time of reductions can be complicated. In addition, the clutch pedal is too light for my taste. On the other hand, the third pedal means that travellers will not be bored with my left leg when a crawl through the city’s heavy traffic.

2016 Scion iA powerYou could also add “more efficient” Scion to the list of prizes. Estimates of the EPA up to 42 mpg highway, combined mileage of 33 and 37 when it is equipped with an automatic transmission. With the manual transmission, the estimate was reduced to 31 cities on Highway 41 and 35 mpg combined. I finished my hard spirit through the Santa Cruz mountains with trip computer shows a very respectable 32 mpg. And in the second, driving again for a week of intense traffic in San Francisco, could reproduce the results.

2016 Scion iA viewSmart keyless entry by default gives access to cabins and standard buttons start to bring your car to life. Leaving the control panel as a roast of iPad is very un-7 inch Mazda Scion voice infotainment system Connect. Of course, the interface has been cleaned of the mention of Mazda, but performance, features and organization that is identical to what I have previously tested in the Mazda3 and the MX-5 Miata. The touch screen when the vehicle is stopped, but when it is the movement, the physical controllers console should be used.

2016 Scion iA colorsThe default double-DIN and easily updatable used in the rest of the Scion brand upsetting to car enthusiasts how to change stereo audio (maybe one of those new Android or Apple Auto CarPlay equipment hit the market now), but this seems to be the way that the entire industry is moving. Features like the integration of application of Aha and Stitcher, Bluetooth for handsfree calls and streaming audio and dual USB connectivity; Not bad, standard equipment. I don’t see any anywhere CD player is in the Control Panel, but I doubt that anyone in a younger target audience he would lose.

2016 Scion iA engineNot long ago when buy a subcompact sedan would imply and sacrifice performance and optional features and above standard improvement. You may not pay much, but you can’t too. The last entry in this segment is gradually changing the paradigm, however, and an abundance of clear with him. The new Scion 2016 Full of features and fun to drive, he set a new standard for the class. It could be argued that this is a perfect match with the type of cars like the Scion to build. In truth, however, is actually a new version of the Mazda 2 sedan and not Toyota (parent company of enter) at all. 2 be not sold in the United States, however, so it is the only way to get car, Interior technology, cheerful and intuitive interface management.

These attributes are combined with competitive prices, better than average fuel economy and two years of free maintenance in the beginning and it is easy to see why we believe that a car is best in class. No, although options box, so if you really want a subcompact to transport goods, you may be better with the Honda Fit hatchback. The attitude of unity of fun and role of technology is also a major selling point for the popular Ford Fiesta, then may be worth checking out too. But hitting the sweet spot between economy and quality better that his rivals are already strong, the decision to choose a Scion of 2016 was easy. Descendant of 2016 was a compact sedan is available in a single level of finish and still complete. Standard features include 16-inch alloy wheels light, locks and keyless entry power accessories on, cruise control, a frontal collision of low speed warning braking system, full, Tilt steering wheel and telescopic, 60/40 folding rear seats-split and automatic air conditioning.

Towards technology, also have the glass, 7 inch touchscreen with the accompaniment of the dial controller, audio and Bluetooth phone connectivity and a system of six-speaker with Internet audio streaming radio, voice recognition and a USB interface. The navigation system is one of the few available options. Under the hood of the Scion of 2016 is 1.5 liter four-cylinder that generates 106 horsepower and 103 pounds feet of torque. The power delivered to the front wheels via 1 6-speed manual transmission is standard, with a six-speed automatic is available for an additional fee. EPA estimated fuel economy of 37 mpg combined (city/41 Highway 33) for automatic and manual of 35 mpg combined (city/41 Highway 31). These figures are at the upper end of the class.

Standard safety features include brakes (with drum rear), front and lateral airbags of control and front and rear and side-curtain airbags of stability. Frontal collision of low speed, warning auto brake system is also available, which is rare in the class, even as an option. In the segment of compact sedan buyers generally have low expectations when it comes to improvements to the interior, but 2016 considerably raise the bar for comfort and intelligent design. The materials used throughout the cabin similar to that found in the more expensive, the car and rival mark the interface of the system of information and entertainment of the brand, the luxury sedan. 7 inch touch screen perfectly situated right in the view of the driver and sharp graphics can read a summary.

The front seats have a base adjustment, but the short – and medium-sized passenger will probably find this course enough for a long time. Older drivers have that compromising their positions because of the strength of telescopic extension preferred short wheel closer to the panel control they want. Behind the typical class accommodation, means it is in the seat back is best suited for small passengers due to the lack of head – and legroom. Raised panel door and a small window also tend to feel more limited space. Load rating is above the average of the class, with a capacity of 13.5 cubic feet. I support and low Liftover height release much extra to improve usability. With a simple power come from small four-cylinder engines, Scion, which requires long and heavy gas pedal to lift at high speed. Press the symbol button for models with transmission automatic seemed focus response and continuous higher rotations, but still need to merge in transit or to slower ground vehicles.

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