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2016 Scion iM styleLaunched in 2003 with much fanfare, the youngest of the Toyota brand reached its sales peak in 2006, and currently, the demand for the model is less than half of what it was at its peak. Once hailed as an incubator of risk and the design as a model to attract younger customers, hyper, Scion has languished in recent years, partly because of a dearth of new products. Change begins now, with iM hatchback Scion displayed below, along with the new sedan even cheaper Mazda they nicknamed it. Both models hitting showrooms this month and its first real signal in years that Toyota has not given experimental small car brand. This car is worth paying attention, because they are well constructed and offers good value.

IM not see here is technically not a new model, a new North America only. The five-door hatchback is a light version of the new second generation Toyota Auris, Corolla European derivatives were sold there since. Although some years, I am a sweet look and feel with a surprisingly aggressive face, high level of content and elegant packaging. If a libertine way iM is observed two boxes, Aero-kit and rims of impressive address and I think it’s a hot hatch, which is immediately under the hood should disabused of that notion. Toyota is famous for the 1.8 four-cylinder engines offer only aspirated liters. As machines which were million miles of roads under the purview of the corolla are boring, it is a perfectly adequate methods of motivation that is soft and fairly quiet. But with only 137 horsepower and 126 pounds feet of torque, is not a recipe for excitement (unless you’re the type of person who is winded research).

Are still reading? Good… While the dream of enthusiastic economic iM not, iM still has much to recommend. On the one hand, it is very cheap. The price of $19,255 with manual transmission or $19,995 for model 2-pedal, which came out of the gate, this limit is cheaper. It comes with many standard decoration, including glass, decent camera Pioneer touchscreen six speaker audio sound system, dual zone climate control and 17-inch alloy wheels. Scion is not marketed in Australia or the United Kingdom.

Scion decided to continue with the approach of “mono-spec”, it means no choice besides the navigation system available, so if you want items such as front hid there essentially lights, sunroof, or skin, you’re in luck. Optional navigation unit appears as a spare system a few years ago. Controls sometimes confusing (why push “Means” to obtain the function of navigation?), the graphics are not very sharp and does not offer any Android or Apple Auto CarPlay. However, it will be the current Pandora through a smartphone and has voice recognition software.

2016 Scion iM comparisonPasses through the disillusionment of its potential and the amount of soft-touch plastics will find within well-defined. There are also touches of elegant design and stitching in contrast and piano black trim with serious organized switches (very well done climate control). While not too much amplified seat, and steering wheel is easy to fall into the hands of my 5-foot, 9-inch painting. The interior of both in silence, with the surprising second row to accommodate thanks to the lack of a hump in the floor and ceiling, the last of which help to earn 20.8 cubic feet of cargo space. In General, iM cabin feels well conceived and well…

2016 Scion iM yellowUnfortunately, the dynamics of driving Scion – front wheel drive is a little less. Yes, iM quite constant and exciting well great blessing for the 17-inch corner class Toyo Proxes 4 tires, but electrical assistance, while the right address, gives a small sensation. Travel quality is generally good, but along the winding road asphalt or rude, and iM rival as the Mazda3, Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf participation stakes in repair and driver.

When combined with the continuously variable transmission CVTi-S, there isn’t enough energy or even a revvy excitation for help involved drivers. Although the seven steps of logic CVT designed to reproduce the traditional gear box torque converter points as well as a sports mode that keeps the speed for better engine response at the expense of efficiency. CVTS are always the better fuel economy of facilitator who are driving pleasure, and that is true, too. While these units are very well behaved, it is definitely possible to get some of the elasticity of the dreaded ‘elastic’ rpm motor when you step on the gas.

2016 Scion iM blueWhen we tested the Scion 2016 manual transmission version im, we say that the scale of the descendants in General, “is easy to know why not only sold as the Toyota”. Soon after, Toyota announced that the youth of destiny sub brand is closing after this model year. So here we have a CVT automatic, I am an orphan at the age of one. Test is to save time, simply because I am a new-to-2016 will be actually sold as Toyota, starting next year, as it did in Japan and Europe, where it is known as the Auris. Here, going to be the Corolla iM when taken by Toyota, along with his brother FR-S (which became the Toyota 86) and (who took the name of Toyota Yaris).

2016 Scion iM sideIM is a four-door hatchback that is built on the same basic platform as the Toyota Corolla to 3.9 inches short wheelbase and with independent rear suspension replace warranty Corolla torsion-viga shaft. Asian and European markets to offer all-wheel-drive Touring (wagon) and hybrid variants, all those who are considered not appropriate to the needs of the Scion, but who knows what would be like for us Toyota dealers? We know you want more power, however. Lazy 1.8 liter four-cylinder under the hood produces 137 horsepower and 126 lb-ft of torque, nearly equal to the echo of the corolla. This engine feels ancient compared with 2.0 liter direct injected four years that now offers to most competitors.

In our test car, was coupled to an automatic transmission continuously variable (CVT), where the corolla, offers seven different proportions in Sport mode. It is surprising, considering the young Scion Guide, there is no Exchange pallets, manual controls are also available through the shift lever. We are not fans of CVT, but this is more fun than most, because the car do not speak in a constant high rpm during acceleration hard. This helps the iM of the Earth at the end of the spectra of compact-hatch in our silent noise measurement. One of the automakers reasons use CVTs to improve fuel economy; In this case, the pay is better than the model’s manual gearbox, in the ranking of EPA and in our tests, where we can achieve 28 mpg mpg 1.

2016 Scion iM expoAppearance wise, iM of the space capsule style looks sportier Corolla has in edades-es more like a Honda Civic start when dawn payer which was really the point. Elongated snout can suggest a low-profile of the nose complying with pedestrian-crash-a standard achievement that has eluded policymakers as the size of the Mazda 3.

Inside, there are curiosities like going out on the bottom panel, below the climate control buttons before climbing on top of synthetic leather glove box. This strip of color in contrast to the rest of the interior is affecting us as curious. There is contrast stitching on fabric upholstered seats and door panels and a round black cushion on the driver side in a console that can be interpreted as break knees. touchscreen 7.0 inch manage phone connectivity and audio system while the 4.2 inch screen color in the middle of measure functions for cluster as a screen of information. In General, the cabin is not a bad place to be. This is sufficiently large as to drivers, and adults can tolerate the backseat for 1 or 2 hours, although the designers seem to have tried a little too make her look young Scion.

The main benefits of the ASSERT travel independent rear suspension iM in more controlled and comfortable that one would expect given the car a very assertive attenuation and the short wheelbase. I am tense and planted, though, and while the steering wheel and the brakes feel good at the end of the scale, the general impression is a chassis that is vastly superior to the capacity of the powertrain.

In our tests, the CVT model has 9.1 seconds to reach 60 mph. This was half a second slower that the manual transmission of the iM, which itself is a second slower than he’s 160 HP Ford Focus and two seconds slower than the VW Golf. Go 100 mph? Obviously, was pursued makes do not want young Scion customers need to experience infinite 27-plus seconds to reach. Speed is not everything, of course, but nothing better gone iM on the track in this acceleration of basic metrics for the Kia soul, which cost less than 2000 and offers other utilities. It has a slight edge IM manual top model when it came to the skidpad, where he manages 0.83 g, some still modest for a class. 70 mph braking was 175 feet, is adequate, but not great photo & 1 car pie-velocidad 6.

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