2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Specs and Review


2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door on the roadConsider the compact car for various reasons, mainly the value and practicality. After all, the low price of the vehicle is a compact and basic, easy to Park wherever you go and enough fuel to get there without blowing the budget next month. Although many interesting compact at the logical level, often lack element that really prevents the emotional connection. If you buy the 2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door, however, completely intact elements. 2017 mini Hardtop is unlike other compact cars. The intrinsic strength of a compact package and inject a good dose of emotion, a combination rare in this price class. The excitement comes from three engine turbochargers available. Cooper’s base 134 HP three-cylinder surprisingly fresh, while the Cooper JCW to almost 100 HP pumps.

The key for us, however, is a factor of personalization. Campaign and the base price is really just a starting point for a list of endless options, which really lets you create your own conversion. If you want a sweet 18-inch rims to replace standard 15-inch alloy wheels, you can have. If you like full leather upholstery, side mirrors are painted as flag of the United Kingdom or the Adaptive suspension shock so that it matches the style of your unit, you can have everything, too. Just be prepared to pay a little more. Or perhaps fairly larger, depending on far.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Style

Mini Hardtop is tops for customization and style, but some other Subcompacts are probably worth checking out. Ford Fiesta many practices, but still fun to drive, especially if you have a variant of high-octane ST. Fiat 500 talents of Italy can not be ignored and the version of the Abarth energy are sure to put a smile on your face. If you don’t mind going a little bigger, the Volkswagen Golf and Golf GTI, Ford Focus ST and 86 Toyota Subaru BRZ all twins will fuel your desire for a sports car with a manageable size. Even with all of these options are powerful, however, it is difficult to ignore the fun offered by 2017 and Mini Hardtop. This is very good.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door side2017 mini Hardtop was available as a four-door or 2-1 hatchback. It has two body styles available at the base of the Cooper and Cooper S versions, while to the high performance of the John Cooper works (JCW) adjust to two-door hatch. All models Cooper that come standard with limited-slip differential, electronic 15-inch alloy wheels, automatic headlights, automatic windscreen wipers, mirrors heating, key lock/unlock, remote keyless on, leather-wrapped tilt and telescopic steering wheel, climate control automatic, cruise control, refrigerated glove box, height, center armrest, adjustable front seats can be used in upholstered furniture (premium vinyl) and 60/40-split folding rear seats. Featured technologies include Bluetooth connectivity, application integration for smartphone, 6.5-inch screen and a sound of six speakers with HD radio system, USB port and an input jack.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Power

Cooper S by adding more powerful engines, exhaust bend, hood scoop mounted Center tips, 16-inch wheels with run-flat (optional), fog lights rims of LED, sports seats and adjustable driving mode. Additional equipment for a variant of John Cooper works including wheels 17 inch, tinted front brakes, sport tuned suspension, LED lighting, more powerful engines, aerodynamic body kit, rear spoiler, steering wheel sport special chairs with upholstery fabric. The standard suspension is available as an option without cost for the JCW.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door speedAlthough there are many options, some of which were incorporated in the package. Premium entry package without key, double panel and audio system speaker Harman Kardon 12 roof. The sports package includes adjustable shock, wheels 16 inches (18 inches on the Cooper S RIMS), sports seats, adjustable drive mode and the led. The technology package of beam camera, navigation system, parking and 8.8-inch rear screen sensors. A complete package that combines the three packages, while the cold Pack separately add mirrors with auto-dimming, power folding exterior mirrors and heated front seats.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Features

Other features include a heads-up display, automatic parking upholstery system and fabric or leather. This essential Mini Cooper is one of their most recognized on the road today and Universal fun driving. The inside (thankfully) has evolved since its inception a relatively useful project original and significant today. Although the exterior was refurbished two years ago, it would be difficult to find much difference. Cooper comes in several different flavors, which can be adapted to your budget: Cooper, Cooper S, Cooper, Clubman and convertible. Cooper and Cooper S is also offered with four doors, which is the default value in the Clubman. Cooper Clubman is available only with all-wheel drive.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door drivingThree powertrains available in Cooper turbocomprimidas. Based on 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbo 124 horsepower and is very fun to drive. Turbo 2.0 liter inline-4 model 189 hp Cooper S – but perhaps outkick the coverage itself. This is a 2.0 liter turbo-4 John Cooper works Edition, which makes 228 horsepower, and have a nice, hot, waiting for your drivers shirt. The machine can be accompanied to a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. According to the numbers, Cooper is 4.5 inches longer, 1.7 inches and 0.3 inches high that Cooper was replaced by 2014. Hardtop four-door and Cooper adding 10 inches more truck Clubman and add about 8 inches to that number. Yes, we understand now: maxi Mini.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Details

Cooper can be pressed in detail (especially Clubman), but it was actually less practical than many hatchbacks that costs much less. The last Mini Cooper received the highest rating by IIHS, including the prestigious Top Safety Pick nod Agency. Federal examiners do not have to agree with them; It gave the car an overall rating of 4 stars. The features and customization abound. Approach to output mini Burger King to build cars here and allow owners to have everything you liked them, for a price. Dear mini equipped with a 6.5-inch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, 15 inch wheels (18 inches on the Cooper S) and synthetic leather.

We recommend the sport package’s custom of $1,750 for value of the shock and the quality, but there are some packages which can add up quickly. Interestingly, a package called “fully loaded” contains no there are glass cameras $1,350 still another, and there are thousands more in exterior finish and decals. The base Coopers starts at $21,000 JCW and cast of top-of-line begins North $35,600. Cooper charged s model can run up to $40,000. 2017 mini Cooper Hardtop is a hatchback, although it is now available with four doors. Clubman, which comes from the four-door version long wheelbase is and use the style store in the back. It is a convertible, well, you know what that means.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Version

This year it will be forgiven bad version came out 15 years ago, a project that remains constant. We supply the Mini on October 8 on the scale of our style is captivating and incredible thank you it is good outside and is rather strange, but still used. (Read more about how we can judge the car). 2017 mini Cooper became and mostly for the better. The instrument goes where, at the end: a great small tachometer speedometer hanging on the side of being behind the steering wheel. The round shape in the center of the instrument panel is now exclusively on screen, various sizes, depending on the level of finish and options – flanked by a pair of rectangular vents. Two vents of large spherical balloon sitting down on the outside edge of the Panel.

Distribution device, they had met in values of marginal to the chaotic, is easier to find and more logical to operate. There is also a switch under the dash above the Center horizontal line, but was more or less standard three rotary buttons for the heating and ventilation system. (Note: switchgear roof folding convertible metallic power can heat up in the Sun, making the ceiling of the dead in the summer-ironic). Passengers remain seated in the car, surrounded by very nice black trim and upholstery, but still remain whims more rewarding Mini, and much bad failure, making the Mini even more habitable.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Customization

What distinguishes the Cooper line many buyers will be the level of customization and the opportunity to compose their own styles. For example, a convertible can be themed with the top of the flag and the column with Union Jack detailing reasons, eight different upholstery has to offer, including the new Malta brown skin and its finished fibers such as community and white porcelain adds to the look of the more typical cabin. Mini hardtop received one minor for 2017 update, along with a slight increase in the price of $250 for models 2 and 4 door from $21,800 and 22,800 $, respectively, while the Clubman maintains 2016 prices from $24.950 after objectives of cost. The price of the Mini Cabrio 2017 also remains unchanged at $26,800.

Model Mini Hardtop, a media package is now standard and include the 6.5-inch screen to improve the Visual with the Mini connected, the Bluetooth and the front central armrest. Mini driving now package ZSP sport fashion, but it will remain a standard feature for the model S and Cooper John Cooper works. ZPP-Premium package now includes the excitement of Mini. 2017 mini Hardtop 2 doors, 4 doors, Clubman and convertible models will be offered reports all engines, including 1.5 litre, three-cylinder turbocharged engine that delivers 134 hp and 162 lb – ft of torque. There is also a machine 2.0 liter turbo four that pumping 189 horsepower and 207 lb-ft. the manual six-speed transmission standard, while an optional six-speed automatic. Clubman can be drive system with all-wheel.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Interior

For 2017, Mini will also offer a special edition of seven, which will feature exclusive interior and exterior, and a Special Edition marking the first current generation Minis. Customers can choose from four colors exteriors-Lapisluxury blue, white and black pepper midnight and British Racing Green. A handful of seat materials and colors available for further customization. A special edition of seven will offer 18-inch Mini speaker arrogance wheels for $500. Prices start at an additional $2,500 for model Cooper Hardtop and $2,000 for the Cooper S Hardtop model.

Of course these prices are just the tip of the iceberg of the Mini brand, many options can quickly increase the Clubman and convertible. Unlike the greatest Clubman and convertible convertible, witnesses of the campaign and Mini 2017 the price jump from $250 to $300, depending on the lining, with a model of the Hardtop Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop more expensive, surpassing $21,800 and $25,250. Available in two-door or four-door (add $1000) of the body, all 2017 hardtop Mini comes with the Pack of media. Previous options package $750, including the front part of the saddle, 6.5 inch in the center of the stack, and Mini connected, the connected mobility of service marks in this system of information and entertainment to mobile devices.

2017 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Equipment

Bonus equipment offset hardtops based the previous loss of driving Mini Cooper mode selector. Interesting features of the attention now is part of the sport package, which includes the dynamic shock, LED, lens clear flashing lights, 16-inch wheels, and assisted by a heavier Chair. A package of seven new editions of old honors Austin seven (not Mickey Mantle) and the number of some special badging, silver setting in the roof and door mirrors, a few pieces of chocolate inside, special models and 17-inch wheels. Choose package will Cooper Hardtop and Cooper S Hardtop new $2500-$ 2000, buyer respectively. Meanwhile, exceeds the price of $300 for a high-performance two-door only Mini JCW Hardtop push model base price $31,750.

Mini Hardtop extends until 2017, without mechanical changes and new features, but all models come with a package of media, including screen 6.5 inches, Mini connected, Bluetooth audio streaming with voice control and the Center arm. Last year, a media package is an option of $750 in the base of the Cooper and Cooper S model, equipment up to 2017 more increased cost of housing. Two-door hardtop was redesigned for the year 2014 and broader 4 doors was added to 2015. The basic model is back with an engine Turbo 1.5-liter cylinder 3 134 horsepower, and use the engine of 2.0 liter turbo Cooper 189-hp John Cooper works oriented to performance models come only as 1 2 doors with an update to 2.0 liters to 228 hp. all three are available with six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. Mini offers buyers a long list of optional and how to customize the interior and exterior, including seven special for 2017 Edition appearance package. The model is an advantage for those who need a car that is unique or almost, but going crazy with options may increase the price of a small car to a higher level that would pay it for a medium or large car.

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