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best All Wheel Drive Electric CarAll Wheel Drive Electric Car – Porsche fans excited about new offerings from Porsche. This offer is granted by the Porsche 911 Targa permanent all-wheel drive from the drive. The vehicle is now sold. Drive all-wheel drive (AWD), also known as four wheel drive, 4 x 4, 4WD, is a term used to describe a 4-wheeled vehicle with a transmission that allows all four wheels layers for both engine power. This feature is frequently associated with vehicles remain; all-wheel drive is essential in providing a better control on the slippery ice and race on a paved road. The term was originally used to describe how vehicles trucks that require switching between modes 2 wheels on the road and mode of the 4 wheel drive to low traction such as ice conditions, gravel and clay. AWD system system transmission identical to the public that will be marketed for luxury and downmarket brands. However, it is also common to different transmission systems that are marketed under the same name of homogeneous brand.

Porsche fans can now enjoy the fact that now permanent AWD for the Targa. Besides AWD, Targa was equipped with many Porsche car parts. 996 Targa and had a common denominator and features the word contributed significantly to the “wow factor”. The striking feature is the large glass roof and open the rear window. Glass roof and one rear window was able to invite a fresh air and light, when it leaves open. You can open the glass roof of up to half a meter in a matter of seconds, 7. This can be done by using 2 electric motors. According to the car, to fully open the cover, it would take approximately 0.45 square meters.

Reduces Wind Noise

All Wheel Drive Electric Car pricePart of the factory Porsche Targa roof panels for construction glass 2 layers, which is lighter by 1.9 kg of its predecessor. The car has developed a All Wheel Drive Electric Car system of sealing reduces wind noise. In addition, the wind deflector reduces turbulence inside the car. Targa also allows temperature beyond open free spirit with driving ability. In addition, semi translucent roller Sunblind are used to provide shade inside the car when the roof is closed. The glass cover and roller blinds can be used with the rocker switch. Porsche 911 Targa is powered by a six-cylinder 3.6 engine engine liter 6 cylinder of 3.6 litres offering 239kW. Variants, the most powerful among the variants with 3 engine.8 liter that produces 355bhp speeds. The car is also equipped with a system control Porsche VarioCam plus Plus, System (VTS) valves and flashy cars vehicle tracking capabilities.

The media is full of news about electric cars. The electric sports car from Tesla $100,000 will be sold soon, cars are falling over each other to announce the new electric vehicles and entrepreneurs around the world are struggling to venture capital. Oil prices jumped last year and all are feeling pain at the pump. No one seemed worried about the next load of electric cars with electricity. After all, you simply connect the car in a container and does not seem substantial costs. Joe has a Corvette, a high performance car produced by General Motors, which, according to the car manufacturer is 25 miles per gallon. Travel monthly 1000 miles of Joe, drives very cautiously and really manage daily work of 25 MPG traveled and sent. In $ $4.00 per gallon at the pump was gasoline paying $160 each month. Joe is thinking of buying a Tesla, an electric sports car. Trying to find the cost of electricity to drive this car. He could not find data anywhere. Joe knew that I had to explain to his spouse, why need to save energy and money before buying a Tesla, a sports car, electricity is very fast.

Accelerate Faster Than Petrol Cars

All Wheel Drive Electric Car sideTesla will accelerate faster than the Corvette. There is no doubt that an electric vehicle can accelerate faster than petrol cars. Electric motor and liquid motor fuel only two different devices convert electrical energy or fuel into mechanical energy. Electric motor can produce very high effort of torque on the wheel, rotation speed is much lower. In comparison, the electric motor will also have some drawbacks. No doubt are emitted polluting more and more carbon dioxide in coal used to generate electricity. Overall efficiency of power plant electric cars for the street, worse than a modern car that is powered by advancedĀ All Wheel Drive Electric Car combustion engines. The biggest drawback of electric cars is a small number of miles that you can redirect after a full recharge. In addition, charging empty battery will take a while, high performance batteries are expensive and will only have a limited life expectancy.

The cost of the energy to drive an electric car compared to a petrol car? Both vehicles had to save energy. Electric car stores electric energy in batteries, car engine burning stored energy in the form of fuel petrol or diesel in the fuel tank. Now we will see in the comparison of storage costs and pay sufficient electrical power or liquid fuel for 100 miles by car. Let’s assume that both cars would have the same requirements for resistance to 100 miles. In this match – up between Tesla and the Corvette. But as compare prices at gasoline pumps at a cost of utilities in the container? The energy contained in the gas can be turned into the mechanical energy of energy efficiency conversion only limited bean. Corvette engine will have around 35% energy conversion efficiency. (Motor fuel can eventually reach the Summit of the efficiency of energy conversion of 50% after dozens of future progress). Container conversion efficiency of electric power for energy and saves energy mechanical and then much larger around 85%.

Transmitted to The Rear Wheels

All Wheel Drive Electric Car reviewEnergy content of gasoline was 131 MJ/gallon (megajoule per gallon). 1 100 miles to drive the Corvette will burn four gallons of gas or 524 MJ/100 miles. Only 35% of the energy in gasoline or 183 MJ will be used to drive the Corvette. This is the mechanical energy is transmitted to the rear wheels Corvette. Almost the same amount of energy must be transferred to the wheel of an electric car, Tesla. Both cars are very similar in size and driving characteristics. However, Tesla has to take a little more power from the container, because the filling, storage, and battery electric experience energy losses. This loss is around 15% of electricity from the recipient and will not be available at the Conference. Tesla All Wheel Drive Electric Car owners will therefore pay 1.15 times more to get the same energy to the wheel as a Corvette or MJ 211 100 miles. Electricity at a price in dollars per kilowatt-hour or $kWh. The average price of electricity in the United States is $ $0.09 kWh. Factors for the conversion of energy is measured in energy MJ is measured in kWh is 0.2778 kWh/MJ.

For 100 miles, the Tesla will consume 58.6 kWh of electricity at a cost of $ $5.28. Corvette consumes 4 gallons of gas at a cost of $16. We now know that Tesla will save approximately $ 10 for every 100 miles or $10,000 more than 100,000 miles. Tesla will cost you $ $100,000. Corvette is the price $50,000 $75,000. I think that anyone who has an agreement with the roar of the engine as a bonus. 4-wheeled vehicle is a vehicle in which all four wheels receive torque of the motor power at the same time. Four electric cars are also referred to as car 4 x 4 or 4WD. The first number refers to the four wheels, while the second refers to the number of four wheels receive power from the engine. 4W more appropriate unit to carry out better tensile setting low like mud, snow, ice, gravel and loose and slippery surfaces where the 4 x 2 is not the best possible.

Driving on a Paved Road

modern All Wheel Drive Electric Car4 WD cars not as all wheel (drive AWD) drive cars have the option allows driver to manually change 4-dos WDto wheels when it comes to be the same when driving on a paved road. Some models still have the option to automatically switch to automatically transfer the power from the engine to only two of the four wheels. The first inventor of the unit’s had recorded not 4W. In 1893, the engineer Bramah Joseph Diploc filed a patent for a system of four differential unit with three and four wheels that was built later. Ferdinand Porsche designed and built a four-wheel driven electric vehicles in 1899. The vehicle has an electric motor connected to the center of each wheel. Spyker 60 h.p. It is the first car with a six-cylinder engine and was presented in 1903 by brothers in Amsterdam Holland Hendrik-Jan and Jacobus Spijeker. The car had two seats and 4W drive. In the United States, the first car system 4-cylinder, which was produced by the company in 1906 Twyford Pennsylvania and a total of six of them were manufactured. One of them is still available and appears from time to time.

With the advent of World War II, 4 wheel drive cars, jeeps and trucks are very popular and are widely used by the armed forces of many countries. Since the establishment of the control car 4WD now has become very popular with a wide range of modern brands around. Some popular brands, including Mercedes, Hummer, Land rover, Range Rover, Ford, Rambler, Buick, Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen and many others. Believe it or not, the first electric car of Porsche was invented in 1900. It is a collaboration between Porsche and Lohner, two engineer unknown car that won international recognition for their achievements. Porsche also went on to create a hybrid gas / electric, the first world. For various reasons, do not take more political, electric cars. It disappears in one second flat and overshadowed by the car’s gasoline for the next century. In recent years, growing interest in the company’s electric car Porsche had pushed (and other) to pursue electric car.

First Plug-in Hybrid Ever

In 2010, the Porsche 918 Spyder concept amazing, launched the first plug-in hybrid ever. “Green” car offers 78 miles per gallon and very low CO2 emissions. It has an option that allows the rider to choose how they want to force the car: electric, gas, or both things. In 2011, the Porsche Boxster Spyder concept is followed with – and the concept that really gets the power of less than 100 miles per charge. The good news is that this car will not have no emissions. (It was music to the ears of the environmental protection agency). The bad news is that the concept is exactly that: a concept. Porsche has not released any official commercial launch for this car. Customers will probably have to wait a while to make this purchase. However, when the Boxster – and it makes it to the market, are unsure of please. It seemed like a real sports car can reach a speed of 124 miles per hour, it has two machines (one in front) and with the rear, traction, account with 241 horsepower and can go from 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Although skeptical of the gas performance, Porsche lovers announced officially the Boxster Boxster S and the equivalent in driving dynamics.” Of course, real reviews not seen until car is available.

The secret of the Boxster – and it is the battery. It is 29 kWh iron phosphate Lithium Rechargeable battery. Right, the only drawback is the battery 9 hours to recharge. Although the option of “push” is free, it is much easier for five minutes on foot from the gas station. For those who drive less than 100 miles per day, the cost of the night that there will be no problem in the majority of cases, but for those who travel long distances on a regular basis, the length of the time limit and is very comfortable. Limitations considered, Porsche Boxster – and is still too large and necessary step in the right direction, and the All Wheel Drive Electric Car problem of load can be reduced (or perhaps completely asleep) when it hits the mass market. Until then, the hybrid options available today and should be sufficient for now.

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