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Bradley Airport Car RentalThe Angeles International Airport, known as LAX, is the third busiest airport in the country and ranked sixth in the world. But as a tourist are often Terminal 3 of the airport it was once. Terminal 3 is a strange calm from the bustling place. I’m going through it several times every year because it serves JetBlue and Virgin America, which is my favorite airplane. Spirit, border and other domestic flights fly Allegiant and Terminal 3, and Virgin Australia used for output. But the more lax traffic that passes through the Terminal is home to the main national airlines, as well as the wide new Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Although it is not new or luxury, Terminal 3 has the feeling of a quiet town, intimate, as the airport in the town of Florida in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, where I do most of my flight. This is not surprising, I felt at home. Dining options are limited to a Starbucks, Burger King, a bakery and Gladstone fish restaurant. There aren’t many shopping opportunities, also. But after fighting through the LAX traffic and catch a bus from Hertz, car rental service, wide, airport, Terminal 3 is generally feels like an oasis of tranquility.

Silence, which was destroyed when a young man who obviously bothered, for reasons probably known only by yourself, semi-auto rifle and ammunition filled cells asked partner to take you to the Terminal 3 – Although it is without a ticket – and opened fire safety input and lin.

Gerardo Hernández transportation safety agency official died in the fusillade Paul Anthony Ciancia 23, issued this morning. Wounded other two TSA agents, although both had been released from the hospital by next week. Traveler Brian 17 Oct, 29, from the suburb of Chicago in Lake Forest, remained hospitalized in good condition after being shot in the leg, the CNN report. (1)

After shooting his way through the security checkpoint and a set of a frenzied race for passengers and workers, Ciancia will long corridor, narrow, shops, baths and services from airport of right and the only exit door, 30-a your on the left. News referred to the witnesses, individual Ciancia who met to see if they work for the TSA. Otherwise, he left them alone. (2)

At the end of the fork of the Corridor section; one side leads to 31 to 34 and 35 to 39 other. But people’s doors only on the opposite side of a roundabout, which includes extensive waiting for the Center and the edge of the toilet and telephone. In the end, in the nearest security station, there is a small area with Burger King on one side and Gladstone on the other. Always take a bite in Gladstone before embarking on the plane.

Armed security agents and airport police respond promptly to reports of a shooting. They are trapped in Ciancia roundabout and, according to press reports, brought down by Burger King. Ciancia remains hospitalized in critical condition yesterday. Authorities said anti-Government notes that took and who sent a series of text that the family in New Jersey. Family in contact with local authorities, he asked the LAPD to verify that so-called ciancia arrived a little late to stop the airstrikes.

Hernandez, married father of two, was the first officer of TSA to be killed in the line of duty since the Agency was formed shortly after 9/11. His death brought calls from the Trade Union of workers of the TSA that provides weapons to at least part of the TSA staff. But it is hard to see how you configured the security guard at the crowded checkpoints may result in a slight loss of life; It seems more likely that other people may have been injured or killed in the crossfire. In any case, the TSA agents are not officers of the law and do not have the training to make the decision to shoot or not to shoot at the moment police officers are taught to do. If we have to put all of our TSA workers through training, I doubt that we could find enough staff for our consideration.

With the exception, perhaps, of Ohio, no other country is more synonymous with flights from Connecticut. Eratnya connected to many of the most famous aircraft of the world, the motor and propeller manufacturers, was hunted by people such as Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Pratt and Whitney, collective technologies, chance Vought, Avco Lycoming, standard United and Hamilton. Many of the valuable contributions that can be seen by visiting the aviation landscape.

Sandwiched between Avco Lycoming at one end of Stratford and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and is located to the left, 48 feet long Metro North train station, national museum traces the history and development of the technology of rotor helicopters.

The idea of Dr. Raymond e. founder Jankovich, a local pediatrician and Robert McCloud, the Bard of Stratford, was conceived in 1978 due to the location of the helicopter related and its potential benefits for the city. Realty are cemented with a grant from Avco Lycoming.

Named as a museum dedicated to rotary wing aircraft and opened its doors in 1983, is entirely by volunteers, most of them are former employees of the Sikorsky and offers shown in photo shoot chronologically, the model and some parts of the fu selaje collectively trail, air services helicopter designs traditionally have been trying to imitate, in the 21st century.

The helicopter itself has its origins in China flight peak was already recorded in the 4th century BC, short, round stick, is set with a “helicopter blade” or Airfoil, which resemble feathers. Playing well is to be rubbed back and forth or pulled by ropes, spin and generated wool elbow lifting, driving up vertically.

Leonardo da Vinci and sketch so many flapping wings of gliders, parachute and air screw is capable of lifting humans, linen to travel by plane, to be theorized screw “when the power of generating movement more quickly and that,” resigned air travel is becoming air following the shape of the feathers are compacted and flattened by the weight of the bed. And one of the things that led to the air, finding strength in a rebound when the ball hit the wall shape. ”

The display of “in principle” the museum itself describes these initial concepts. The first rotary-wing, which fails in prehistoric times, which leads to the upper part of design of China and da Vinci, Helix recorded “Chopper”.

Photos of “dawn of dreams” of 1843, describing good round, a fan and a side-by-side rotor, while those produced by Sir George Cayley-like flat, forming a wing in flight.

“The early prophets” survey showed that the first upload successful, with the support of 40 feet high reached during the flight of 20 seconds.

A rotor of helicopter-60, designed by Gustave Whitehead in 1911, emerged in Sikorsky collection “before”, while the “international achievement” Panel describes the times between 1930 and 1935.

E. h. Professor Henrich, evidenced in the Panel “power of Germany”, formed a new company to pursue his dream of designing a rotary-wing aircraft having previously served as project manager of Focke-Wulfe and made 28 second flights, on June 26 in 1936.

The mural was entitled “the birth of the first flight” and was awarded to the Sikorsky sample of factory that a brief chronology of the design began with the VS-300-1942 V1.

Development of an engine may be collected “gas turbine revolution”. Steam engines, for example, has many structural weight to withstand the vertical lift technology is known, but the petrol engine is lighter, appeared shortly after the turn of the century used ubiquitously. The rotary engine was relatively light but strong work during the 1920’s, an experimental helicopter to the entire block, cylinder revolves around a stationary crankshaft and cylinder, resulting in a significant cooling air flow is created.

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