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Cars With Heads Up DisplayAs a biker, I always wondered how a rider look good me and pull in front of me anyway. They want that they beat them… try to kill me. -What? Well, today we have many motorists are distracted by their own toys from personal technology, text messages or their cars of high-tech gadgets. not only have to worry about using lipstick, or shave, but now reading the newspaper in the morning, the people have to worry about the fact that they can not live of their tech toys and try to perform multiple tasks at the same time a look occasional out of the car.

In case you have not noticed, this car I do not push much, even if in the future, I am sure that they, much less Google believes that, and I am one with the probability of that the potential for the future. However, on October 01, 2012 the acute brain (cf. apparently of BioScholar online) has an interesting article titled; “Driving with a navigation satellite contribute the inattentional blindness,” which says; “Driving with a navigation satellite can make you blind to walk, to try to keep the image on the screen within your mind that you ignore what is on his forehead, reveals a new study. “Focus on the detail of something new to do to distract us from the things that happen around us and it produces an effect known as inattentional blindness”

Of course, the army has conducted tests with heads-up Display (HUD) and indicates that the objective is, in addition, many accidents occur because this problem is real. Pilot in attack helicopters and planes have been known to fly to a destination, because there is so much going on in their heads, and also have a fart of the brain, or excessive visual input. The same thing happened to the driver and given the account that do not pay to almost normal levels, or the amount of attention to what they do. Why are taking in front of the bike, or sometimes almost missed jump pedestrian back on the side of the road. Heads of the display for high human interface technology need more sensory information to the brain. We have studied the HUD Heads Up Display unit for Apache attack helicopters, F-18 jets, business and use the thinking of SUVS in the fog, trucks, cars racing, boats, heavy equipment was one of the mining companies important.

and the use of other possible technologies, came to the conclusion that the exhaustion and concentration can be the weak link. Recognizing that the human brain through natural or maintenance not experienced enough to continue the loop and the integrity of the operation. Thus, HUD units can cause accidents, rather than blocking someone. As an example of a truck driver who is tired and there has been a lot of this research lose concentration levels. USN and research division of the Navy has done research showing that even small fatigue can cause a decrease in the level of concentration of 10%. When you work with the brain unit supertributados HUD that performs tasks that are not designed to make and has no experience of second nature to deal with.

Martial artists learned to move some no more than a reflection. Practice makes perfect scenario. The hitter in baseball with your hand coordination and eye to super human levels, no captain of the baseball team can guarantee. Even Vince Lombarde humanity learn the famous coach and the authority will agree. It is not that human beings do not interface with computers, many is a matter of blind faith and trust is simply a matter of practice. Therefore, the simulation is the key here.

If we look at the theory of HUD and step back for a second that you can see the problems with the Visual sensory excess. The brain is said to use 40% of their use in the assimilation of Visual input data for the action. Now only 60%. Then after pressing the visual overload in white out, or the brain fart as people usually say. That has even been in sports and choked when up to bat or only the word wrong can attest to the fact that the brain has failure to do homework or even information are not committed to memory (see this site for creating and pensamen preset to COUGH on the) matter) or used in a long time. Thus, the more practical.

It is not that the brain is not able to do that it is capable of almost anything, because we learn at least a little. The problem with the interface is what is causing the problem. For example, in one study, an Apache attack helicopter and a couple in real life simulators vision and HUD is falling due to overnight data show visual overload in the pilot. Why? First night, everything is green or red, depending on the system and 60% of the profits from the visual during the day does not exist. Therefore, works with 40% of the visual input needed, believing that the innate characteristics of the teams top as instinct and ask your AH has overloaded to interpret data and act accordingly, brain, according to the case? Of course it requires experience. But, what experience you have, except perhaps check out the girls on the road by hand, reading the newspaper, talking on a cell phone, move with one hand and see in your front brake lights? Well, it is a good start, but it is a bit risky to take into account the cost of insurance?

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