2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe Specs and Review

2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe whiteThings are increasingly cluttered online BMW and like. And then, 2015 BMW 428 Gran Coupe arriving in the garage of car technology, BMW made me believer. At first glance, the 2015 428 BMW Gran Coupe looks much like a BMW 328i sedan until 2015. Both are based on the same series of platform 3, has a design that is almost identical, and definitely have 4 doors. Back door Gran Coupe is slightly shorter than the sedan, making entry and exit is a little complicated, but not too much. There is also a little less space in the rear line thanks to the bottom, under roof Coupe.

Press the button on the trunk of the keychain and the point of this template was immediately clear. Where conventional rod, the sedan has Gran Coupe design liftback with not unlike the Continue Reading “2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe Specs and Review”

2015 BMW i8 Specs and Review

2015 BMW i8 styleI8 is a type of hiper-hibrido, what could happen if Ferrari developed the Prius. Shows two very different personalities: engineer obsessed with energy and youth problems. Mode driving comfort and Eco Pro, could they have parked and forgotten, but after changes in sport mode, the lack of violence is going to get out me the i8. Press the co production of cheaper and worldly i3, represents a radical rethinking of the private BMW i8 in climate change and the reduced supply of fossil fuels. I8 seems like a first effort by BMW to bring the efficiency of the new century and still maintain the legacy of performance, and that is going to cost.

Price base in the United States came in $135.700 before adding a trim level “world” is available. UK buyers looking for £99,845, although i8 electric Singlemode should avoid the costs of Continue Reading “2015 BMW i8 Specs and Review”

2015 BMW M4 Specs and Review

2015 BMW M4 drivingAlthough a car of the new model, some great expectations towards the M4. It is the successor of the M3 Coupe, BMW comes the day of the decision of the strange name model sedan, while the valid numbers for two-door vehicles. M4 must be lived up to and exceeded the standards set by the M3 Coupe, the participants of the day of favorite music and amateur riders. The M4 is a high performance coupé BMW series 4 version, gain more strength by adjusting the suspension is much stricter dual clutch transmission and a large number of other versions. That stand out on the track and it was reluctant to allow the unit to work every day. The BMW M3, but still makes that the car comes only with four doors, but with identical performance upgrade to the M4.

As the reputation of BMW M cars it has evolved over the years, so have their prices. M4 has a price base of $65,150 in United States, United Kingdom, £56,635 and AU $179,730 in Australia, Continue Reading “2015 BMW M4 Specs and Review”