2015 BMW M4 Specs and Review

2015 BMW M4 drivingAlthough a car of the new model, some great expectations towards the M4. It is the successor of the M3 Coupe, BMW comes the day of the decision of the strange name model sedan, while the valid numbers for two-door vehicles. M4 must be lived up to and exceeded the standards set by the M3 Coupe, the participants of the day of favorite music and amateur riders. The M4 is a high performance coupé BMW series 4 version, gain more strength by adjusting the suspension is much stricter dual clutch transmission and a large number of other versions. That stand out on the track and it was reluctant to allow the unit to work every day. The BMW M3, but still makes that the car comes only with four doors, but with identical performance upgrade to the M4.

As the reputation of BMW M cars it has evolved over the years, so have their prices. M4 has a price base of $65,150 in United States, United Kingdom, £56,635 and AU $179,730 in Australia, Continue Reading “2015 BMW M4 Specs and Review”

2016 BMW M2 Coupe Specs and Review

2016 bmw m2 coupe engineIn 2011, the BMW M division 1 1 M Coupe developed based on the series of basic level 1 luxury Sports Coupe. It is a powerful sports car with a great weakness: availability. Less than 1000 examples imported to the United States, and demand exceeds supply. In 2014, the BMW series 1 was redesigned and it had renamed the 2 series. Now, two years later, we have the 2016 BMW M2. Then, the same formula, but with a nice detail: BMW says it will build, as it can sell. It should not be confused with M235i, 14:00 high-performance series is the suitable car M2 “m”. Among a series of changes, the M2 was expanded by 3.2 inches to accommodate Beefy tires, power has increased 14% and the suspension was reworked with a narrow focus on performance. The end result: was a riot to drive.

Compared to the current generation coupe BMW M4, M2 more responsive to driver inputs, but stopped far too sensitive. In horse racing, novice drivers are fun and forgiving, so for a good Continue Reading “2016 BMW M2 Coupe Specs and Review”

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2015 BMW X4 Specs and Review

2015 BMW X4 in the roadX4 is a completely new model and the symptoms of BMW expands to the formation of the model, pulling in almost any imaginable place. series 3 corresponds to the wheelbase, but 4 X measuring some inches total length, while the roof is more than one foot longer than the sedan brother. Unlike the 3 series, X 4 is a hatchback and all versions are equipped with all-wheel-drive. You can ask the question of why buy X 4 X 3, which has a more suitable SUV, but ask that same question X front 6 X 5 when former model came out and responded with a reasonable sales success which continues to produce the BMW X 6. And although the proportion of rare X 4, incorporates the electronic engineering and driveline good cabin makes BMW cars for fun.

In the United States, the basic model BMW X 4 xDrive28i go for a base price of $44.700. This example selected to the navigation, the M Sport package, Premium package and rearview Continue Reading “2015 BMW X4 Specs and Review”

2015 BMW 740Ld xDrive Specs and Review

2015 BMW 740Ld xDrive cockpitThe big Bimmer is powered by a 3.0 diesel engine configuration liter in-line six-cylinder twin – turbo. 26 mpg combined States (that blew up to 31 mpg highway and 23 mpg city) 740Ld not a SIP fuel, but that is a variant of the series of long-wheelbase chassis more efficient 7-won the ActiveHybrid 7 by 1 mpg in all areas. Like most turbo-diesel engine, 3.0 L 7 (codenamed N57) has the power of a simple, but great effort of torque. We are talking about approximately 255 horses force and an impressive 401 pound-feet of torque–the latest available only 1, 500 RPM, which makes 740Ld a great Highway cruiser. There are some situations in which 740Ld is short on the torque; It is almost never too high a gear. The large sedan pulled offline, meet the momentum, reaching 60 mph in 6.1 seconds.

Torque is sent through automatic large eight-speed transmission produced by the ZF gearbox, which is only available for the 7 series, before being divided between four patches of BMW Continue Reading “2015 BMW 740Ld xDrive Specs and Review”

2015 BMW X5 M Specs and Review

2015 BMW X5 M comparisonAnd with the entire system created for your convenience. The new X 5 M follow the theme of the new BMW car programmed operating line m. direction, displacement, acceleration and suspension offers various ways of efficient or comfort for the sport, with a combination of settings that is salvageable to M1 or M2 button on the steering wheel. The X 5 M is a SUV truly remarkable test, BMW engineering competition and a demonstration of a rubber technology is the performance. Although the X 5 M, weighs more than 5,000 pounds and offers 9.1 inches in height, it handles very well and is going to scare the pants of other drivers on the track of the day.

To prove the point, BMW gave me the opportunity to drive the new X 5 M at Laguna Seca, Monterey, California famous circuit track. Because I am not in a car recently, I thought about Continue Reading “2015 BMW X5 M Specs and Review”

2015 BMW M5 Specs and Review

2015 BMW M5 blackThe M5 can be educated and a collection thanks to a brutal twist allows the driver to adjust the direct performance sedan and the almost ridiculous title character. Engine, suspension, steering and transmission each have three modes are selected individually to change the appearance of the sedan for a road ready to compete at the touch of a button. A look under the hood of our example Sakhir Orange metallic and you will find the V-8 engine’s 4.4 liter that produces 560 horsepower and 550 pound feet of torque indicated. The engine is forced to eat the fuel and air through direct injection and a couple of turbocharger mounted on “the best v configuration This means that turbos which lies between the banks of cylinders of the engine, rather than depending on the hand, the more compact packaging, spool faster and better control over thermal efficiency.

Starting from there, the M5 has been that we have been increased further by an optional competition package $7,300 that adds even more 15 horses in the mix, reaches a total end to Continue Reading “2015 BMW M5 Specs and Review”

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2009 BMW M3 Specs and Review

2009 BMW M3 modsFor the 2009 the premiere of the iDrive redesigned controller for the system of navigation optional, the BMW M3, that is now a base of disc hard and traffic in time real. In addition, the M3 sedan received new taillights and other back end style settings with regular 3 series saloon, as well as a variety of small inside. There are a few, the name of the model in the automotive world that systematically makes otherwise soft fans salivate uncontrollably. That will do the trick is “911”; So what will follow the “Ferrari” and perhaps “GT-r”. We believe that it is time to “M3” to join this exclusive group, if you have not done so already. Like its predecessor, the caretaker, 2009 BMW M3 offers excellent cocktails seduce the car performance sports and everyday practicality.

The previous-generation M3 is an action difficult to follow, which offers a highly capable chassis and one of the largest in the world in the time machine: 333 HP 3.2 liter inline-6. As the fans Continue Reading “2009 BMW M3 Specs and Review”

2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe Specs and Review

2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe whiteThings are increasingly cluttered online BMW and like. And then, 2015 BMW 428 Gran Coupe arriving in the garage of car technology, BMW made me believer. At first glance, the 2015 428 BMW Gran Coupe looks much like a BMW 328i sedan until 2015. Both are based on the same series of platform 3, has a design that is almost identical, and definitely have 4 doors. Back door Gran Coupe is slightly shorter than the sedan, making entry and exit is a little complicated, but not too much. There is also a little less space in the rear line thanks to the bottom, under roof Coupe.

Press the button on the trunk of the keychain and the point of this template was immediately clear. Where conventional rod, the sedan has Gran Coupe design liftback with not unlike the Continue Reading “2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe Specs and Review”

2015 BMW i8 Specs and Review

2015 BMW i8 styleI8 is a type of hiper-hibrido, what could happen if Ferrari developed the Prius. Shows two very different personalities: engineer obsessed with energy and youth problems. Mode driving comfort and Eco Pro, could they have parked and forgotten, but after changes in sport mode, the lack of violence is going to get out me the i8. Press the co production of cheaper and worldly i3, represents a radical rethinking of the private BMW i8 in climate change and the reduced supply of fossil fuels. I8 seems like a first effort by BMW to bring the efficiency of the new century and still maintain the legacy of performance, and that is going to cost.

Price base in the United States came in $135.700 before adding a trim level “world” is available. UK buyers looking for £99,845, although i8 electric Singlemode should avoid the costs of Continue Reading “2015 BMW i8 Specs and Review”

2017 BMW X5 M Specs and Review

2017 BMW X5 M blackWhile SUVS have their strengths, accelerate performance and management point usually it is not one of them. An important exception to this rule is the BMW X 5 M SUV 2017 that put the “sport” in sport utility. Still five better passenger mid-size crossover thinks that this sport luxury sedan SUV as a pledge. Of course, the model top-of-line X 5 xDrive50i pattern was not bent, thanks to 445 V8 horsepower that help provide the acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. But the BMW X 5 M up to the bet with the help of 567 HP confused this sport-ute is large enough to run the same incredible in 4 seconds flat. To put this number in perspective, the x 5 M is only a hair faster than the pride of BMW Sports Coupe M4.

A good trick, must demonstrate that the xDrive50i and the x 5 M does not feel completely different in everyday driving. Do whatever you want, but it is something to keep in mind before Continue Reading “2017 BMW X5 M Specs and Review”

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