2016 Ford Escape Specs and Review

2016 Ford Escape black2016 Ford Escape keeps all the good that is the last, but the rest of the MyFord Touch system supports synchronization of 3, completely redesigned and infotainment redesigned to this car as a completely modern resort. With Sync 3, 2016 flight impressed me up and down, making drivers, comfortable, versatile, with mainly services of high technology that could want. The facilities have a serious price, however, as a fugitive are loaded in setting of titanium which comes to $36,330, a big jump over the base price of $23,995. The extra money brings an engine more powerful, streamlined, seats of all-wheel-drive, automatic, leather upholstered with power liftgate and power 3 Sync entertainment system settings. You may be able to find a suitable permutation of choice in its price range.

Buyers from the United Kingdom and Australia will not find in the programming of dealers Ford escape, but you will find that the Kuga, which is basically the same car. Base price for the Kuga Continue Reading “2016 Ford Escape Specs and Review”

2011 Ford Edge Sport Specs and Review

2011 Ford Edge Sport blackPerhaps you have heard about this set of Dearborn, Michigan, called Ford Motor Corporation. Wait, what? Oh, right. Ford Motor Company (FMC). Anyway, this group of men and women and the machine is apparently something roll lately. They are blue and American car companies as the rest of America mortgaged the teeth. But whatever! The sun shines in Michigan and by Gosh, this company and horseless-carriage, which made the proverbial straw. They have what we call momentum. This includes the Ford Edge 2011, a new version of the Edge crossover, which is a fully updated version of the device in the form of a pie that has sold 400.000 copies from their relationship in 2006.

Such is the speed of the change in the FMC that the introduction of the 2011 Ford Edge is a species of launch of the second division this year, a little by sitting and low the radar of it Continue Reading “2011 Ford Edge Sport Specs and Review”

2015 Ford F-150 4×4 Platinum Specs and Review

2015 Ford F-150 4x4 Platinum blackThis 2000 Ford F-150 Platinum, decorated with white metallic paint $595 Platinum and chrome brightwork, plans to be more than just a work truck and it does nothing but. 4 x 4 transmission with cabins of luxury, balance of the skin. This is not only a worker; It is a neat Clydesdale. It is also smarter than your average truck. By the year 2015, the F-series has been processing technology. The ship features a full LED headlamp lighting quad-beam for a queue. The body now consists of a lightweight aluminum frame and a high-strength steel. And although the F-150 are still available with a fat V-8 engine, Ford focus, seems to me appropriate in the choice that EcoBoost V-6 reduces the size of the new engine.

Although now consists of aluminum and high-strength steel, 2015 Ford F-150 is still like a truck. Ford says that the new F-150 is lighter than the previous generation of up to 700 pounds Continue Reading “2015 Ford F-150 4×4 Platinum Specs and Review”

2015 Ford Mustang Specs and Review

2015 Ford Mustang designThis is a land of pure muscle if it were not for the intelligent system that works below the surface. Consider the electric power steering with three different modes. Add four drive modes make the most steerable Mustang, snow, backroads and urban circuit. Think of it as a car of muscle for the 21st century, the traditional sound and fury of the race still does not lead to the construction of the character is designed for the modern driver. Ford Mustang 2015 represents a whole new generation of the model that has been in continuous production for 50 years. Given that legacy and the popularity of the Ford models can not be wrong. The company goes far beyond sending it, giving the car a very attractive, strong and agile should attract a new Legion of fans.

This new Mustang down retro style of the previous generation, a very timely decision by Ford as seen fled. While the Mustang with the length of the campaign and fastback delicate hamstrings Continue Reading “2015 Ford Mustang Specs and Review”

2015 Ford Edge Specs and Review

2015 Ford Edge tailI was surprised by the passenger, the hills, admiring the panorama sunroof stretches for back and give them a little hazy night sky. The banks all cherished in leather seats color cognac, giving a touch of old-world class cabin. If it’s cold, the four of us can enjoy heating front and rear seats. The edge is a crossroads of five passengers, Ford restyled the model 2015, losing the previous look slablike design supports clean and light body. You can view and escape to occupy the same place in the lineup, but slightly more banks go chic. About titanium cut, I think that the appointment of the interior of the car that competes with the premium segment. No doubt the price is closer to the model of premium.

2015 basic adjustment Ford Edge will only run $28.100 titanium finish model, but it comes with $35.600. Add equipment package $5,845 302A, transporting the panoramic sunroof, heated Continue Reading “2015 Ford Edge Specs and Review”

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2 Specs and Review

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2 powerRobust, but refined. This is the paradox of the best encapsulates very able to 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2, a truck that is in almost any environment. Take along the way and give a quiet ride that makes the bumps and distance learning. Take off the road and terrain rugged shuffle as a cub of the puma with steroids, scalar energy to tilt the Rails without a doubt. Raptor is a Ford F-150 pickup that is sweet with updates designed to improve off-road performance seriously. In the heart of this update is that you revised the suspension, as a clash of racing type, rate of elastic spring and wide ranges allow this truck supporting all kinds of insult off-road without ever losing the peace, or, God forbade, living. Raptor was really built trail-buster, with elements to make a stone paths of propagation so soft feeling as its form.

The off-road enthusiasts hardcore has few other options. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is an agile goats billy with the appeal that has been tested, as the Toyota FJ Cruiser, and there is also a Continue Reading “2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2 Specs and Review”

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2017 Ford Fusion Sedan Specs and Review

2017 Ford Fusion Sedan redWhen the current fusion out again in 2013, is hit much better than the car it replaces, and becomes a direct with consumers. Aston Martin esque attractive grills, indoor powertrain options and ensure that there is something for everyone. Five years since his debut, but the current generation of fusion still looks fresh. But the inertia that became the death sentence in this ultra competitive segment, for 2017 Ford Fusion has a couple of tricks that arm to maintain high buyer interest. Chief among these is the entertainment system Sync, which replaced the MyFord touch interface is generally unloved. 3 quick and easy to use thanks to menus and virtual buttons sync style large smartphone. Or, if the former more attractive power, Ford is covered, too, with the V6 engine of the new fusion sport trim. It has a 2.7-liter turbo V6 that cranks 325 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, which is the kind of bar hot final.

All mergers 2017 redesigned front fascia with new lamps, Rotary transmission gear selector and a power button and there are some new options such as LED lighting and advanced automatic Continue Reading “2017 Ford Fusion Sedan Specs and Review”

2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Specs and Review

2008 ford escape xlt awd gas mileageBy accounting for Ford, the escape of more than 1 million (and Escape Hybrid) have been sold since the introduction of the vehicle in November 2000. Large number no matter how slice and seems to show people how the Ford Escape also off without substantial changes for six years. But sales dipped slightly, and it’s time to update the display of the escape and packing. With the redesigned 2008 Ford Escape, Ford had married with the face of the company with a delicious escape price and comfort of transportation. Some call this type of industry report updates of the “upper half”, or, in other words, all about the pinch of trusses to body floor of new or redesigned. Motors, drives (excludes hybrids) and wheelbase is transitions of 2007 model that is becoming very part of incentives to make room for the ‘ 08 escape will be at many dealers in April.

There are two engines available: 153 horsepower 2.3-liter four-cylinder or, as the all-wheel-drive model are bound, 200 horsepower V6 of 3.0 liters with 193 lbs ft of torque. Both machines with Continue Reading “2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Specs and Review”

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