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Craigslist Car Scams victimsCraigslist Car Scams – Buyer beware! Buying a vehicle used in line can be a difficult task these days. For all legitimate websites that actually provide useful services and processes, there are few sites that promises a service similar to complete offal. The problem is that many sites scam copy exactly a legitimate site. The idea was to confuse the consumer in the sense of security. If the eyes look legitimate must be legitimate corporate law? Not good. We are going to see today is predominant in the world to buy a used car-online fraud and examine how they work. People, imitation is often the high praise of it, though distracted in some degree. Legitimate web site selling cars used, and Web sites that offer services such as the protection of trust and fraud, imitation could mean big trouble for the consumer. Ethics as it is, this happens all the time. A big problem in the online community of people copying legitimate Web sites, and then use the name and the structure of the real site to earn the trust of consumers and, finally, the scam of their hard-earned money.

The scam works like this. Interested in the creation of fake web sites of penal register the IP address with the identity stolen, or even the identity of the person who died. Hosts that provide domain name does not have any process is good to check the validity of their identity and their people more. The Internet is very good hiding places for criminals catch them all. Thus, domain names are published and we went. The criminal often continue to create sites that are identical to the web sites of legitimate business, famous. Most of the pages, the images; All the bells and whistles of the actual site is the same. Do so, these criminals really attract traffic to his fake site? Good question, but the answer is very simple. Used cars and cars, make it through a false list of vehicles and a follow-up email. Dent copies of photos, VIN and the description of the actual cars used to be sold and creates fake copies than cars for sale at a price lower than the market. It is that a false list is the temptation to be interested. The list of fakes is placed on sites such as Ebay, AutoTrader,, Craigslist and others. Buyers attracted by low prices and, in general, please contact seller by email. Rise criminal has your email address.

worst Craigslist Car ScamsAs we all know, our email personal sticking out like that if not tomorrow. Last week I received an email telling me that I had won the lottery in the United Kingdom. “Sweet!” I think – I don’t even remember playing! Obviously a joke, but used to illustrate that my e-mail address and your email address is there. On the outside. So these fraudsters send e-mails and many of them. For used cars, criminals usually create false commitment or shipping services. When asked about the car cheap, that criminals will send you more pictures, more details, what you want (remember, stole the information from the list are real). They just want interested enough to use their service. Scammers will send you an email with a link to this site is false commitment or transportation services. They want to believe that the fake site is the real thing. It looks real, that it is more likely to send money or personal information.

Often, corrupt sellers email will contain descriptions of services, testimonials, a capture of screen a fake web site and a link that will take you to a fake website. The link often takes consumer directly to the form of trick questions that ask for personal information and basic questions to determine what services might be interested. Some minutes or hours later, another e-mail raised to the consumer. Get the second email is often erroneously facilitates that the mind of the receiver, as many less sophisticated local imitation was trying to take the site once and never hear from them again. This villain that I wrote about the most advanced, and know the mind of the consumer.

bad Craigslist Car ScamsThe second email is probably a bit, use the name of the consumer and also give instructions on what to do to ensure a service that removes a search fill in the site during the first visit. An example is a site that offers escrow services drive online shopping. Warranty service is one that will act as an intermediary for the payment of the car until consumers actually receive the car you buy. Maybe it was the $ $1000, $ $5000, maybe, depending on the price of the car and the amount requested by the seller. The false site often say the readers of email that should be the first transaction with the web site through Moneygram or other method generally known to transfer money from your bank account on the site to maintain an account. Even bank transfer, used in a safe way to transfer money, now used by the criminals. They illegally accessing the account via stolen identity. Because right now, all over the site and the method for sending money seems legit consumers do not hesitate to send a deposit of good faith.

This is the last time that he or money-conscious consumers, as well as the last time that the site would start this type of communication. In general, consumers grow frustrated or worried about the lack of coincidence. He decided to act, call the phone number for service customer on the web site, even if some are listed. Sometimes, the number is the number of real companies, which obviously won’t have a record of the transaction or the person making the transaction. As bad as the real business people may feel about the situation, there is nothing that you can do to help. Another tip about telephone numbers: If you call a number from a web site and hear a few clicks before the call, the call is redirected to a different number. This usually happens with the numbers that appear on the web pages of the farce. If the company is legitimate, there would be nothing they can do for you, in addition to empathize with their situation. While it is good, it won’t help you to get your money back!

Craigslist Car Scams costsWhat it boils down to this, if they refer to the shipping companies or escrow by the seller of the car, is a good idea to call the number on the list, talk to a representative and request information to you, the conversation referred to correspondence by mail or an email message. You can also use resources online to find the service that offers real and well-known exposes false commitment companies. Are you in the market for a new or used car? If so, you may be ready to begin your vehicle search. If you’re like many other American consumers, using a number of search and purchase method. For example, you would do the automatic search for online sales, you can visit some of the local dealers, you will probably see in newspaper automotive sections local and so on. Regardless of what you take, you will probably find the number of vehicles that meet your needs and requirements.

If you buy a new car or used car buy only the first or second, it’s time for a reality check. Not all sellers of cars. In fact, not all cars are good, good. To ensure that you don’t get exploited looking to buy a new or used, car continue reading about some tips. Research, research research and again: suppose that you use the software program car Locator which allows you to browse hundreds of cars shopping sites at the same time. You will find several nearby vehicles, within your budget, and they all seem to be in good condition. Before you rush make a test management, do a little research online. This research should include a check user comments (be sure to have the brand, model and exact year), in search of a day or more recalls and an estimate of the value of the check the Web page of Kelley Blue Book. Remember just because the car looks good on paper, or even directly, not to say!

Craigslist Car Scams experienceAvoid actually buying a car online: more scams focus on online shopping. If you want to find to find cheap cars for sale, go ahead and do it. Reduce the risk of being mistaken for finding a car on Craigslist for sale, contact the seller by phone, set up a test drive, check the drive and then agrees to buy in person. Never agree to wire or bank transfers money to sellers who claim that you will be working for you because “walked on” and will not schedule a demonstration. The average car buyer, is very risky to buy a car without being first seen physically make sure that you are there. Negotiate a better price: is used to sometimes not necessarily be wrong in thousands of dollars. Used-car salesman who convinced a girl a car first $10,000 is a big problem, when in reality the estimated value of $9,000 car are the same. If you pay more, he took advantage. This is another benefit of the estimated value of research vehicles before.

Looking for a new or used vehicle? If so, you can see the local dealers, check out ads in your newspaper local and so on. For a larger vehicle selection, you may find yourself looking online. When doing a search online, you will probably find a wide variety of cars that are not in your country. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when looking to buy a car in the State. Keep in mind that these tips are designed for someone who is investigating operations remotely. Let’s say that you live in New York and lived hours from Pennsylvania, chances are you just driving there to control the car. In this case, apply the rules for the purchase of vehicles. Unfortunately, there are a number of scams car that focus on State purchases and transactions remotely. In this case, the scammer steals the information and images from the list of legitimate vehicles online, but to publish your own information; There are no cars to sell. You pay, collect the money, but there are no cars to pick up or send. But wait! If at 6 p.m. live from the vehicle in question and is intended to be delivered to you by a shuttle service, do you know the vehicle actually exist? You have several options:

Find someone locally through Craigslist and offer them $ $20 to go to take pictures of the car. $20 will save you the hassle of big. Ask the seller to take photographs; one that is already posted online. If the seller is legit and has vehicles that sit outside his home; They should be able to do so. Make sure that the images, the interior color, mileage and thus the game with a description of the vehicle from the list of sales. You are generally right and certainly when you are that suggested the purchase of a remote. However, there are some vendors that provide only will your vehicle of transport for which they are defined. There is for the dealer to look at the car. It’s a big red flag. When you buy a car used in the country or outside, you must always have the option to check out and test your own vehicle. Because you are out of State, you can do it. However, the option should still be offered. Research study from Gartner that I found about 7.5 per cent of the money lost in fraud schemes in 2008, many of them through online scams. Between phishing attacks (to attract users to a fake site), chat rooms and fake antispyware, vulnerable consumers online because marketers online and service providers.

DAS Auto Transport, car transport company, has identified the national scheme of cars used by scammers using auction and sales sites online to advertise used cars, trucks and SUVS sharply discounted price. Buyers think they are receiving much: ‘Wow! Used Lexus SUV for $ $12000 to only $4800? That thing!” And it will be much – if the seller has, in fact, the vehicle is sold. Firstly, the scammer list Yahoo engine eBay, Craigslist, auto sales or other auction sites. It is what seems to be the information to car buyers might want: information of the VIN, mileage, pictures, etc. Scammers have this information because you have copied the previous, valid online for vehicle listing. This is probably the car sold six months to a year before. Even with all the information, the majority of buyers carefully. Your “contact the seller” and he also asked to see the vehicle, or that someone check for them.

Of course, people commit fraud does not have any vehicle to show, says that buyers that shippers of confidence in yes same (DAS) or other sender auto already has a vehicle is packed for shipping. However, fraudsters added, buyers doesn’t have that worry because the vehicle is covered by Sharma (or other companies) program for the protection of the vehicle. If buyer dislikes the vehicle upon arrival, he obtained the refund amount. Once the buyer is in accordance with the agreement, fraudulent sellers explained that a person’s “vehicle protection program” will contact you to arrange payment. Fake email that contains information of payment and number of control, direct customers to a fake Web site that looks legitimate. Scammers often make a full copy of the company to other Web sites and host different domain names. Often, buyers don’t they realize that he was being deceived, until it comes into contact with the auto transport company asking about delivery dates or request additional information. This massive fraud scheme. For example, the Craigslist Car Scams sender of the report get flame three or more every week throughout the country. About 1/3 of the people who already paid.

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