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How To Test A Car Battery knowledgeHow To Test A Car Battery – Hello all and welcome to the series of short as a guide to weekend warriors new mechanical and automotive equipment. This is not written for experts, but for the average Joe or Jane who wants to do a few more auto maintenance works alone, without having to pay the repair shop or rely on friends or family. In today’s article I’ll tell you a simple process to check the level of your car battery acid. The first point that I would tell you is to make sure that you use protective gloves. While your car battery acid does not hurt you, really is best to stay away from you, if possible, or at least wash quickly. Of course, it is toxic if swallowed, do that.

Now that we have out of the box, the first thing that you need to be sure that it is the battery is useful for. That means that you have two plates of copper or small plastic that can be removed with a screwdriver. After you delete it, you want to make sure that there is enough liquid in the battery. If not, use low mineral content of distilled water to fill to the line on a case or at least up to the plate in the bottom of the battery. If they completed successfully, drop Tester kit you use to pull the solution to the dropper. At that moment, all that’s left is to check ball in the tester to determine the condition of the fluid. If it is low in concentration, most service stations can add acid electrolyte for you. If they tell you to replace the battery, I will follow your advice. It’s not fun to get twisted.

How To Test A Car Battery techIt can be very difficult to recharge a car battery. It is difficult and can take a long time. Or someone can follow simple guidelines for charging the battery of the car so that people will be able to charge the battery in no time at all. This is a simple guide to follow; Here is how the rechargeable battery!

This guide is intended to make easier and more secure freight car probably because as I said before, the car battery load can be difficult and dangerous.

Many methods are safe to try to recharge the battery of the car and I thought that, if one of the following correctly, it works an incredible way to charge the battery of the car, except the car battery is damaged. Remember when it comes to the battery of the vehicle, there is the danger of these batteries may explode. Thus, one should be very careful with recharging the battery. This guide will help you to avoid the accidents good when the car battery is being charged. Car batteries can be recharged quickly and safely.

When and how to recharge a car battery:

learn How To Test A Car BatteryBattery starts to age with the passage of time, the charge becomes weak, causing the choke slowly. The battery may need to be a direct opportunity to begin with, especially when the car is used for running short or cold. Low battery can only be replaced, but with the charger. A nurse weeks, months or even years.

If the warning light panel displays error there is a charging system. This needs to be corrected as soon it won’t work. If the rechargeable battery, remove lid and a damp cloth it should be placed at the top of the opening during charging. If it is sealed has the charge indicator window on the top, only that the charger must be used if the indicator is green or dark. The battery must be replaced if the indicator is clear or yellowish.

simple How To Test A Car BatteryTrickle charger be used to recharge the battery. This is a fairly cheap device that is designed to charge the battery on a slow level. Charger Socket power cord and two wires with Alligator has. One has a red jacket and the other has a black coat or green. Car ignition must be switched off. This must be the first, it is the first important step. The Red clip is connected to the positive battery terminal marked with a title or + and the other was connected to the negative terminal marked Neg, or-.

We have to be careful to not let metal clips to touch each other or with other metals. In this case, it can trigger an explosion that causes emitted by hydrogen gas. This can be dangerous. When is the charger connected to the battery, the charger must be connected to a wall outlet and turned on. The charger should work for several hours or overnight. The charger should be left running until the meter gives a reading of less than 1 amp. After that, the charger must be disconnected the battery must be disconnected.

best How To Test A Car BatteryThere are many variables and the circumstances that can change the battery without results, it is important to take seriously all these variables before you really make an effort to get an accurate reading of the battery. To test your car battery, first that you want to remove the surface charge. If you do not remove the surface charge, you can create the appearance of a good battery or see how good battery is bad.

To remove the surface charge, which can turn on their lights for 15 seconds, or you can let the battery sit four to 12 hours in a hot room, around 77 ° F after having been removed from the load surface, I would like to know the status of the battery with a hydrometer. Specific gravity should be 12.65. That you may need to do a load in the battery test to determine the condition. You will need to use load tester for this test. Load tester can be or is inaccurate. If it is turned off by 20-50%, which is a very significant amount and you can make a big difference power if the battery is good or bad. If the State of charge of the battery is 75% or more, so you can charge the car battery to test. Battery charge Tester, which wants a load equal to half cold starter battery amps rated for 15 seconds and then a sort of vehicle specifications of 15 seconds in cold cranking amps. Turn off the ignition and turn on the machine for 15 minutes with the choke. During this test, the voltage should not lower 9.6.

If the battery has passed the test of load, so you should recharge the battery as soon as possible to prevent sulfation. This will return the batteries to the ideal condition. A better alternative to buy 3 different testers, which may or may not be accurate, is to buy a tester is accurate. There are a lot of testers on the market. Each pretends to be the most accurate Tester and it was difficult to decipher what to choose what works for you or even work at all. It is best to choose a method that has been shown and although your selection cannot be cheap as you want, you will find that you get what you pay.

What you did the last time, the battery of your home of car not to hold so much cost as before? I am sure that you just installed a new one. The problem is the new battery a costly time and contains all kinds of things that can harm the environment. You realize that, in the majority of cases, it is possible to rehabilitate an old car battery to its former glory. This not only saves money (money), but also leave your old battery to damage the environment. Keep reading to discover the 3 steps need you to take to rejuvenate your old car battery.

The first step is to test the battery voltage with a meter in hand. You will need to do this because if the tension is not read at least 12 volts, it can be a damaged battery cells. You will have to carefully avoid losing time with batteries that are not economical to repair, this voltage and the test is the first step to do so.

This will be very important to complete this step correctly and completely well. If for any reason you can not resolve correctly, and if the battery does not read 12 volts, it is probably better we move on to the next. You can always go back and test each cell individually at a later date.

The second step is to test the fluid from the battery with a hydrometer (available at your local hardware store or repair). Just have to soak any fluids and drainage reservoirs the samples of liquid from a reservoir to the bulb should float in the green area on the scale. What you need to avoid here is getting mud on the skin or clothing, as well as the acid can burn. Also, if you have a non-sealed batteries. 030 (listed sometimes as “points” of 30) or more difference in the specific gravity reading between the highest cell and lower, then you have to equalize the batteries using the additives in liquid battery electrolyte solution. These additives are available online or from a store.

The final step is to fully charge the battery. This is very important because if the battery is fully charged can not be trusted. Importantly, avoid connecting to the charger circuit is always first connect the Red positive and disconnect at the end of the black or negative. So there will be no shot at the terminal.

Go through the aforementioned steps and everything should be fine. You’ll be an old car battery reconditioning is handled quickly and easily. No more steps, in order, for the reasons described, avoiding the difficulties, problems and errors listed. So enjoy fruit and great things have their own car battery reconditioning. Remember that this is a skill that can be made to another person, and CAL also sells batteries renovated for much less than a new one. This is the money that you have been accepted by the time and energy, since you can take the old battery free How To Test A Car Battery repair.

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