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We Like The Cars That Go Boom in the worldWe Like The Cars That Go Boom – I’m from Bristol, a city with a proud heritage, except the slave trade. One of the things that we are Bristol has a bit of a mischievous sense of humor that often involves removing city around mickey. Unfortunately, Swindon has been the recipient of many of the comments that with justice, are often made by people who are actually in the city, especially from Mark Lamarr. I think it’s a bit like when you run the members of his family and joining your spouse who rush to the defense of family members arguing that criticize is fine, but there are others. Saying that I’ve been in Swindon on several occasions, and I have to agree with the sentiments expressed by former lead singer Andy Partridge Swindon XTC band. You have to see for yourself. Although Swindon has received criticism, a lot of stars and celebrities, including the last actress Diana Dors was born there. Who can forget the people like Melinda Messenger, proving that she has hidden talents while working at a local direct mail before the dubious fame enterprises.

Swindon train has a strong tradition and chosen by Isambard Brunel as location for the Great Western (7028) railway. Part of the site still remains and is home to the Railway Museum. Since the death of the railroad and the global decline in the manufacturing industry of the United Kingdom for Swindon in a shopping mall, with many financial companies to the province and the city of London to reduce costs. As a result, the town of Swindon, which developed in the 80s and 90s and even trying to improve their interests by adopting the status of city. Unfortunately this was successful, but they are unable to manufacture design in Swindon in the form of Honda. It’s a real coup for the region and for Britain as a whole does not have the best reputation when it comes to auto manufacturing. Seems to be able to build some of the best car in the world when it comes to deliver the model of luxury made by hand or sport for the rich and famous. When it comes to hitting a utility vehicle for the masses can guarantee that production will continue for approximately half an hour before will develop some kind of disputes.

We Like The Cars That Go Boom in usaHonda ran a great risk and then entrust the creation of models of civic success that have sold well since 1973, believe it or not. Honda suffered a brief encounter with the part of the victory of British Leyland cars and some very dodgy officials appeared briefly badged as the triumph and Rover then. Since then, 2 million cars left the production line in Swindon are approximately 1 million citizens. I must admit that personally I am not a big fan of Civic especially because when I went back to the parking lot to find a collection of young intellectual challenge that aim to eliminate the spoiler from the roof of my car. Then offered gift that somehow to the roof of your Honda Civic although it was bolted on the roof spoiler as they only managed to cause damage worth £500 in my car. Since I have recovered from this… and I have to say that the latest version of the Civic and think before the car is very elegant.

Still I find it interesting that civic appeal seems to divide among people between 20 and those over the age of retirement. Honda is certainly aware of this, but even the latest retro design that triangular civic seems to work for young people and adults. Civic does not show signs of losing its appeal and time can be maintained. In an era where the car is a reality show that “fixing my ride” could be funny, I think that in this way makes a mockery of what this car has to be… the beauty of nature. The other day I saw while taking a nice car like the Jaguar XK-E and becomes a sort of absurd creation with 20-inch wheels, TV flat screen and a set of stereo with enough force to knock down battery low woofers from here to Chicago… BOOOOM glamour, boom! I am sure that when the Jaguar XK-E was created in the ‘ 60s that never imagined that it would eventually be “deceived or has changed completely” years later.

We Like The Cars That Go Boom in asiaJaguar cars are known to have different contemporary design and manufacturer Jaguar is known for producing a car with a contemporary design to survive for centuries, like wine, especially the XK-e. This is one of the various models produced in the era when the sporting images captured the loyalty of all lovers of the car and rights around the world. The natural beauty that should be left only in the case of 1960 or 2060, on the other hand, only admired from afar and updated resembles the real thing. According to Wikipedia, in March 2008, the Jaguar E-type ranked first on the list of the “100 most beautiful cars” during the entire period of the Daily Telegraph. In 2004, sports car international magazine had placed type and number one on the list of the best sports cars of the 1960’s.

This only goes to show that when it comes to doing everything to update and change everything to do with the original style of your car. If you have wheels, shock absorbers, tires, door seals, radio, color, engine or even exotic paint. Some things are just the beauty of nature, from the beginning and should be left alone. Would not put a tattoo on the neck of the Mona Lisa, although it is probably the style these days, so why should do something for cars except the return seems is supposed to be… naturally beautiful! The next time you feel the need to change its course, forgot to take out the car, founded in… as much as possible.

We Like The Cars That Go Boom in europeMexico! Remember that his first trip across the border from Tijuana, Mexicali, Nogales, Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros or another border town can evoke thoughts of poverty. Our first introduction to extreme poverty was 25-year-old on the outskirts of the city of Mexico and we’ll never forget it. While poverty still exists in Mexico, is not at all because the stable weight and growing economy of Mexico in the last decade. Then compare the city in border cities of Mexico Riviera is like comparing the hills of Beverly for Bangladesh. We arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, known as PV or Vallarta by locals and property here since 1984. In 1997, he bought a beautiful Villa nova and made our stay permanent. This has become an excellent investment that tripled the value of the last ten years. In 2002, we invest money in the stock market of Mexico, the stock market, to 3.25 pesos per share. The investment is currently operating in the third 11.55 per share, generating a profit of 255%. For five years the weight of Mexico carried out their land’s 10.8 pesos per dollar.

When we moved to PV for ten years, the woman who sat on the sidewalk to nurse hands and the suit against the Cup. Several cars and buses often dragging old or lost your peace of mind, often reads and abollado beyond recognition, and always a variety of colors is almost impossible to be sure of its original color. The streets and sidewalks are dirty and need repair and the store seemed to expect little sleep the people of Mexico fishing. High unemployment and the help available for $10 per day there is no roads that have signs or central lines, which leads, its basic nature. Ten years ago, prices in shops and restaurants are relatively low due to the cheap labor, are only the products produced locally and very few have air conditioning even in Vallarta, there is some level of poverty, but people get due to the low cost of living and the like.

We Like The Cars That Go Boom in australiaThings changed dramatically in the PV for ten years. Mexico’s economy is growing, and this is especially true in Vallarta as a result of tourism. There is a job that is almost full with the youngest of Mexico spoke a language level of Brazil because recipes are about three times as much and understand the language of the United Kingdom. Ten years ago, we had a cruise ship visiting PV a day, while now, with the new marine terminal, we have two or three boats here all day. The airport is about four times larger than ten years ago with the flight and arrival time. The second International Airport is currently in the planning stages. Real estate prices of about three in ten years due to the cost of materials and labor.

With the economy booming and full employment, most residents now have own vehicle and the majority of them is new. Plus all new and clean buses and almost never see an old car with exhaust, dragging behind. Indeed, the standard of driving has improved substantially since residents are proud and with his new coach. All roads are now clearly marked, often bordered by Palm trees and cleaning. Until the road is new or has been doubled in size, with the new bridge, lighting, etc. There are many cars now in PV Congestion and parking became a big problem in our wonderful paradise. Three new garage was built in the Center for four years; a floor above and two below the Earth, with the public gardens above. Good old lodges are being renovated or torn down and replaced by new buildings. Because there is a chance like this in Vallarta, the continuous increase in the levels of education on the campus of the University of Guadalajara, which offers an ideal setting for thousands of young Puerto Vallarta to receive education. The booming economy has attracted some of the best doctors and dentists in Mexico, many educated in Europe or the States.

With the rise of talented doctors and dentists, two great medical center, State of cover art sophisticated equipment were built in the past five years. Restaurants abound in the Basque country, all have a modern kitchen, providing jobs for thousands of workers as modern and clean hotel. New story condominiums and those under construction are seen in all parties offers a great work to thousands of construction workers. In the evening, during the “high season”, from November to may, everyone is eating or holidays, the streets looked like New York taxi yellow are everywhere. In fact, the Malecon, or walks on the beach, have more people visiting sites and shopping in the middle of the night than during the day, Mexico little sleepy fishing village is no longer a dream or a little, with a population of more than 350,000 inhabitants now. During the ‘high season’, PV rocks around 18 hours a day. one has to wonder if women have the floor work or moved to Los Angeles. Of course, it is not poverty found in Vallarta today!

Sometimes I have the arrogance to think that I could write on and on some issues sometimes seem to do the job that is right, i.e., except friends and readers who humiliated me. But when it comes to my true love, live boxing, it seems I have all kinds of problems is expressed. I hope that it doesn’t happen here, this test is very special and very spiritual. This is about Bobby Chacon and if anyone deserves a special treatment, is Bobby. “The school” Bobby Chacon was inducted into the Hall of Fame of boxing last year and made me very happy. You see, my favorite fighter is Bobby, and I saw thousands of fights during the 68 years of life and I consider it something of an amateur, I hope that the award is at least a little weight. Hell, I’ve seen all; “” “Smoking a”month”,” joy Bob Satterfield, a fight between Louis and Charles Walcott. Robinson-LaMotta, Ward-Gatti, green-Ward, Ward-Augustus, Zale-Graziano, Correlas-Castle, Ali-Frazier, Patterson-Johansson, Barrera-Morales.

I saw Sugar Ray send to Dave Boy green paradise with a perfect left hook. and I saw the incoherence Hearns game Duran with the right straight out and then Duran brutalize Barkley incapacitate Hearns and Barkley. I saw Lee Otis Martin starch of Sonny Liston. Bruce Curry and Monroe Brooks went to the edge, and Paret, Laverne, Duk Koo Kim Roach, Johnny Owens and Leavander Johnson children leave everything in the ring. I saw the mind numbing suddenly war Garza desktop and now between Cooper and foreman-Moorer-Lyle. The slow slide of Jerry Quarry and many others. I can feel the first signs of stagnation… nose-monotonous. I’ve seen the Epiphany of foreman. Disappointment was Tyson. I have been fascinated by the magic, the music and dance. I pray for Michael Watson, Gerald McClellan and Greg page and remember the courage of Roberto Wangila, Pedro Alcázar and Beethoven Scotland. I’ve seen things that are good, some not so good, and some are downright ugly, but no one comes close to what I saw and felt during the period between 1978 and 1982, with the names of the three participating Chacon, lemon and Boza Edwards.

Bobby Chacon was born on November 28, 1951 in Sylmar, California. He was the son of difficult Mexico-americano-origin – and soon found himself in the gym. He won the diamond belt and fight amateur in 1971 and 1972 national Golden Gloves tournament. He turned Pro in Los Angeles in 1972, while attending the State University of California at Northridge, then he earned the nickname of “school”. With bold, wild style and many interesting, became a fan favorite. While the word “Boxer” probably best describes it, is also an astute hitter can slide the rope hits. Although short, has the advantage of reaching a long fraud. She often is prepared to absorb heavy fines for sharing and this may contribute to difficulties later. He knocked out 23 first year 25 of the opponent, including a knockout technical over Chucho Castillo and electrifying, career improvement 9 KNOCKOUT win over future Hall of Fame Danny Lopez of “red”.

The only defeat was at that time that the cessation of the 9 round to Rubén Olivares is very difficult in 1973. The following year he stopped Alfredo Marcano in 9 rounds without exception to capture the featherweight Crown from the WBC. Successfully had defended him against Jesus way but he lost the title to compete with Olivares in 1975 (which finally defeated by decision in the third match in 1977). But the genesis of this story started in 1975 when he takes on Rafael “Bazooka” lemon in Mexicali, Mexico. Bobby lost a 10 round decision, but began a rivalry of four fight that compares with the best in the history of boxing. Boxers do not like each other and often mentioned the word “revenge”. The two will fight for the stalemate in 1979. Carvalho then stepped up in class and lose great Alexis Arguello by knockout in the seventh. Then, in what would be another great competition, he lost dramatically with Uganda Cornelius Boza-Edwards Ko round 14. Bobby could not come to the 14th round, his left eye was almost closed and creepy had severed the nose. This loss is considered by many to be the swansong of Bobby and she encouraged him to look hard out, but he will have everything.

He rises, picks up a series of victories and began to climb in the rankings again. But during that time, that’s another story that others often write above… personally and self-destructive life of Bobby… is in turmoil. But unlike others, not will deal with it, because I really believe that a reduction in the side of Bobby Chacon, who is a fighter. Suffice it to say that his personal life is pure and real tragedy and not have a tendency (or writing skills perhaps) to provide a proper melodramtic. If Bobby Angel is not in your We Like The Cars That Go Boom personal life, he is a lion in the ring and that is where the focus and my memories remain.

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