Worst Cars to Buy


avoid worst cars to buyIt’s about worst cars to buy. In first place, avoid any car in the first year that was released. I saw in the newspaper this morning that you can hire any of your new Ford SUVS of the cross is a new sedan for the same price that rent a Ford Explorer. What fool would be buy a car new, before the producers have one or two years to solve them errors? Are in constant contact with the Department of service and Distributor to find out how the performance of your car new and those customers as and not them like. Give time to tune the car before buying it for you same.Never buy a car from any super popular. You are going to pay, and that you will never get the money behind it. Dealers of cars of dealer not hot. Why should, if others are willing to pay the price full goes to buy more later?

Often is difficult to find a dealer that he even has a car hot in your batch. Is impossible in the world that you will give a range of prices if are dealer only within the 200 miles that has a car that all the world wants. And two or three years later, when you are ready to sell your car, there are a lot of them available and it may not be the best car, you can not sell high-priced so you bought it. Stay only for a year or two cars certainly qualify as ‘ the worst cars to buy ‘. Read a study that found that if someone maintains all them cars that bought in the last ten years or more, not to buy or lease one new every three years, that is save $400,000 when gave turned to 65. Not matter if buying a car new or used, or what type of car buying. Significantly cheaper more cheap-to buy and pay for the repair of anything that comes. The car survived every year, so maybe you can keep your car until more than ten years and save more money. Please don’t be one of those people who buy a new car every four or five years.

By please, do not make the error of vehicles terrible then. Car dealers are able to convince people that this is a great way to go if you don’t have a lot of money to put your car (would that not?) or if you want to buy a car that does not otherwise. You can not rent a car; Even Bill Gates can not rent a car. Please, cross out the list a car of your choice. Not be can find something truly valuable about the rent. And now we are the worst cars list to buy for 2007 (by brand and model): BMW 7 series and x 5, Chevrolet Astro, Blazer, S-10 Check, with 4WD, effort, Chrysler Town country and (with the drive all-wheel), Dodge Grand Caravan (all the drive of the wheel), GMC Jimmy 4WD, Sonoma, Safari, Savana.

The Lists

worst cars to buy reasonInfiniti QX56Jaguar and X-type s, Jeep Grand Cherokee, KIA Sedona (2006, accepted, if you should buy a Kia), Land Rover discovery, Browser and Lincoln Aviator, Mercedes-Benz CLK, M- and S-class, SL, Nissan Armada, Titan, Oldsmobile Bravada, Cutlass and silhouette, The Aztec Pontiac, Trans sport, Volkswagen Cabrio Jetta Turbo V6 Jetta, beetle, Touareg. It is a list of the politically correct. But the fact is that in 1 million years, I would never buy a car: the United States of America (Land Rover, Jaguar, Mini Cooper, Lotus, etc); each car Germany (Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.) or any car French. Have you ever sat in the back seat of a BMW? If has more than five feet in height, not there is no space. Many of these cars have been associated with creating rich if you drive a Mercedes.

But never have known the bad the people is very happy with it. We know all about the amount of repairs per vehicle, but we already have a lot of these cars, or have family or friends that belong to them. Please don’t make the same mistake. Buy a Honda or Toyota. If are thinking in buy a car new recommended consider what would be the worst time to buy. This article discusses the psychology of a worse time to buy as well as the months of the year and time of the month to avoid. See what is the worst time to buy, is converts in more easy for you buy in this time is more profitable and get the offer that want to. Buy a car when you’re not ready and focused has to be the worst time to consider the purchase of a car. Never, never buy a car when you’re rushed or tired. If you are not ready to move far from the car without buying, you are not ready to buy. If not are prepared and concentrate of sales is eaten alive! Buying a vehicle is a process very complex and involved. If you are not at the level of your game, then this is a bad day, bad for purchase.

Big Difference

which worst cars to buyTime makes a big difference when buying a car, especially a new one. The worst days for buy a car new is the first day of each month. The reason for this has to do with the way of working of new car dealers and how to make money. Dealers of car is give a certain amount of expenses of sales, must meet them manufacturers of automobiles. If they reach their bonuses to pay numbers, often in the range of tens of thousands of dollars. These figures are calculated monthly and approaches at the end of the month, the people of more sales to try to sell the car. If you come on the last day of the month, that really would be willing to lose money to be sure that their sales in the range of bonds. This means that if going the first day of the month, not going to work to give you a try. To get the business you want to what do research. Reading them magazines, books, surf the web, talk to an experienced person. In their game and avoid the worst days of the month when you find the best deal for your next car.

The worst time to buy a car is a very important piece of information you need to know to avoid the purchase of your car around it. Based on the information in this article about my personal experience, the experience of my friends and the advice of a friend who is also the agent automatically. The worst time to buy process of cars depending on your perspective. In this article I put the value of the car within a year of purchase, as a point of reference. Is dropping the worst season for a car, especially in November. Stream of new models the next year, released, or punto’s being released. If you buy your auto new today and the year following came out to the week of now will drop significantly the value of your car. If want to change the year that is going to lose much.

Rat of Laboratory

worst cars to buy modelOn the other hand, if you happen to buy a model new the year that comes just for the car that is working as a rat of laboratory. Always is better wait until the model has been tested in them streets and has proven to be a good. There are people who liked to be the first to drive the latest models, testing for you. Also in the fall you take your car for the winter season, just after purchasing it. If you want to change it for any reason (having a baby, marry, travel abroad) the value of your car will be in six months if you buy it in the spring and summer. I’m thinking that in winter in the North of the United States and Canada. The first day of this month is also a bad day for the purchase of a car. Automatic agent usually begins a new cycle of sales and relaxed, in contrast to the last day of the sales cycle. At least day month were ready for work an agreement only to meet with the purpose of the sale of the month. Is then when is can practice some strategies to get the best offer on your car.

The first day of the cycle there is no pressure and dealers ready for its strategy and will be good with you to leave without buying. He Monday not was a good day to buy a car to a dealer that works only them Sunday, while not is so bad if the dealer is open to week. Tip of the fingers here is avoid the crowd. When the dealer completely empty. In this way you will get all the attention and the pressure will give you the best results. If by the contrary, have another customer to serve you to it only a possible buyer, this is true, especially when have more customers that the seller. It is not that long ago, buying a used car means taking their chances. People run the risk of buying a car with a team such as the alternator, poor motor and transmission. Fortunately, now there are many reports and site of web of consumer that advises the people of the best and worst of them cases used cars to buy.

Avoid The Purchase

list of worst cars to buyFor help to avoid the purchase of a ‘ lemon ‘, the following is a list of the worst cars used purchase: GMC Canyon 2004-2006 models: used car dealer confidence were warned to keep away the model 2004-2006 GMC Canyon, mainly because of problems with the brake lights. several reports indicate that fail when the brakes are applied or come and not even when them brakes already not are mobile. Chrysler Sebring: problems noted include: low reliability, cabin of bad quality, bad performance and problems with the engine, air conditioning and heating. Ford Explorer: problems noted include: leak of coolant and oil, belt of distribution, ghosts and hitting slightly the valve of the engine 4.6 litres. Volkswagen Passat: Volkswagen Passat had a series of questions related with the model. This includes a problem of steering wheel, motor and problems of cooling of the engine and problems with the system of fuel.

Dodge Intrepid: problems noted include: problems with the 2000 model, air bags and safety belts and electrical problems in the engine. Pontiac Aztec: the Pontiac Aztec is widely recognized that a mistake by GM and with reason. The problem with this vehicle, including the system of brakes, a problem with the heater and the system of cooling, problems of motor and problems electrical. Some expert of self hate this car due to an engine weak. Some drivers also found slightly awkward to handle. BMW (with an automated transitions): these vehicles are known for their excellent technique, but not everyone is enthusiastic about the automatic transition from BMW. Looking for BMW car buyers use, but should be aware of some weaknesses. The automatic transmission was found to have problems. In fact, many drivers have found that the automatic transmission is difficult to start up sometimes. The cost to fix it makes a wise choice for any that can only buy used vehicles.

Problems with The Engine

Mazda RX-8: the buyers of cars used also informed of problems with the engine Mazda RX-8. KIA Sedona: buyers of cars used also informed of problems with the engine of Kia Sedona. Some consumers also reported experiencing rusty gate of Sedona. The car which made the list of worst used cars, between model years 1999-2008, in alphabetical order: Audi A6 Allroad, Audi A8, BMW X 5 (V8), Buick Rendezvous (AWD), Cadillac SRX, Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet Blazer (4WD), Chevrolet S-10 (4WD), Chevrolet, Chevrolet in effort, Chrysler Pacifica, Chrysler Sebring Convertible, Chrysler Town country & (AWD), Dodge Grand Caravan (AWD), GMC Canyon (4WD), Jimmy, GMC, GMC S-15 Sonoma (4WD) Jeep Grand Cherokee, Kia Sedona and discovery Land Rover LR3. Mazda RX-8, Oldsmobile Bravada, Oldsmobile silhouette, Aztec Pontiac, Pontiac G6 (V6), Pontiac Montana, Montana SV6, relay Saturn, Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Cabrio, Volkswagen Jetta (V6), Volkswagen New Beetle (turbo), Volkswagen Passat (V6, FWD), Volkswagen Touareg, Volvo XC90 and (6-cylinder).

Today, the used car was less risk, because there is more information here about used cars. Consumer Reports magazine is a popular magazine for information on used cars. Prepared her report based on the experience of the driver. There are thousands of internet information on cars used. In addition, the notification of defect of vehicle of the Government federal and reliability of them data J.D. Power and associated make problems mechanical of track easy common with worst cars to buy.

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