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buy Yoenis Cespedes CarsYoenis Cespedes Cars – Yoenis Cespedes arrived in Mets spring training in style, brings a new impressive ride almost everyday since reporting to camp. Here is the wheel that he pushed for spring training so far. It may be more blue collar in cages and room exercise this spring to overcome, but Helene lawns don’t let that ruin your style on the road. The Mets Slugger, arrival any day in a lot of players last spring as a custom car, take it back where he left off. After a week of going to work under normal conditions, at least normal for their trucks and SUVs, lawns jump Honda Polaris, black and blue trim with white and drove out of the complex, on Monday afternoon with photographers watching. Peers, managers and coaches seem to be immune to the demonstration. “No matter what you have than drive could have it here,” said the Manager of the Mets, Terry Collins. “The only thing that matters is what makes in the field, on Saturday at 13:10. “It doesn’t matter to me at all.”

On Monday, driving a three-wheeled Cespedes vehicle different is that one he directed two pachinko for the complex last spring. The gray of the sling and red with a uniform number, no. 52, stamped on the hood of a vehicle last year. It also expelled Slingshot bleeding with a Shamrock in the campaign, in the spring of 2016. Honda also fits by “man’s car” Cespedes Alex Vega in automobile company based in Miami, who drove two years ago. These vehicles normally sold for around $21,499, but according to reports, one of the costs of a pachinko hall almost $70.000 with all modifications. Vega is also equipped with lawns Spring passed a jeep tricked-out beisbol-costura in chairs and a Lamborghini that flames coming out the exhaust pipe. Vega still made an appearance in the parking lot of the players from the Mets last spring to carry out interviews with the press about his work.

Yoenis Cespedes Cars collectionSources close to lawns, said that the champion and Vega is have attached another time of fun is this spring. They must have at least four new cars debut in the parking lot. This includes at least one more deep, sources say, and BMW SUV it took to the field. Both for figure under lawns created previously. After the signature of the agreement is of $110,000,004 of years with the Mets, after years of rebounds of the team and is working in a contract of a year the season last, 31 years of age discussed the Saturday to the adopt the agreement of stability “serenity” and “calm”. On Saturday, however, lawns, which has led to a white van that is relatively normal and BMW SUVS the weekend, objected to a question about his sources by car about him confirmed. Questioned a reporter who suggested Tamer at the stadium that day, a white truck, is a sign of a new commitment to baseball. “I do not think to focus not only on baseball,” Cespedes said on Saturday when asked about showy entrances and exits of the enclosure. “Last year with the car, is something off the field. “I think that the second, which was in that field, my focus on baseball and will remain”.

Cespedes has developed about Barwis methods Training Center for most of the winter. He told reporters that he focuses mainly on get your legs in shape for the season after the Quad strain bothering 2016. Work hard, he put this winter seen around the complex. Lawns in field feels trimmer and ready for the season, said Kevin Long. Mets, hitting the car said that turf in necklace real effort, blue to prepare for the 2017 season. And what’s in the parking lot waiting for after their practices without calling. “He was a farmer, is that he is, he works hard and worked hard when he came here,” said a long time ago. “Other things, do not know.” “Do not think that is important.” Cespedes is clearly to prove it. I was determined to demonstrate that it can have a flash that and stay focused.

Yoenis Cespedes Cars priceOpener of Collins ‘ comments the Monday, that will enter in the first test the Saturday them Mets’, not to the traditions of the field the Friday in the opening of the League orange in Ft. Myers. Although it is common for the Veterans overcome long journeys in the spring, they still have to at least know what exactly lawns decides to make the drive of two hours and a half. The majority of them Mets during more than ones moments observing the Yoenis lawns, ride in tricycle Polaris Honda deceived-out the Tuesday. One day, turf field in the Lamborghini Aventador, the same guy who his custom tricycle, Alex Vega of the Auto company in Miami, it’s an extra $80,000: On Friday, he presented us all custom Jeep Wrangler tricked-out you see at the top. But are far from being the only ‘ cespedes vehicle. Here is a look at the garage: gardener of the Mets. Vega painted almost all white to match with the part outside of the vehicle, adding some details in black. Truck has new headlamps with halo lights in rear LED lights, front grille with logo Avorza light bar led, lifting of suspension of six inch, off-road wheels, custom exhaust systems and sound Audison systems.

The skinny: this is not difficult to see this cart is made of cotton white it echoes in a lot of players. It makes for greatness when Cespedes was first reported baseball this weekend, posing for photographs of the exterior of the vehicle. Vehicle: Polaris Honda, Mets debut: on Tuesday, MSRP: $21,499 to, Personalization: $40,000. Work: Here are leather chairs of carbon fiber and a 9 inch screen, with the integration of Bluetooth. Wheels, LED lights, audio system, air suspension and exhaust system are all adapted to the wishes of the lawns ‘. The skinny: lawns actually has two versions… – RACKBIKE red and black that almost bankrupt social networks on Tuesday, another version of the bleeding which has a four-leaf clover and the motto “viva luck” in the chapel. Old cost $68,000 vehicles including personalization.

Yoenis Cespedes Cars modelCar: Lamborghini Aventador. Mets debut: Wednesday. MSRP: $397,500 and up to. Personalization: $80,000. Positions of work: that is great. Vega stripped the car “” the skeleton, painted in metallic custom blue with details in black. “” Interior, wheels and all sound Audison systems custom too, but the main thing here is the exhaust system: model Avorza “spitting fire”. The skinny: even before they received the reform, the Lamborghini is emerging as one of the most expensive cars in the American market. Of course, the players and coaches filtered Club on Wednesday, when you hear the sound of the engine of lawns, taking pictures with their cell phones. With a smile, backup catcher, Kevin Plawecki, joked that the Highlander from Toyota will be that the next car big appears in the page Web.

Car: Alfa Romeo 8 c Competizione. Mets debut MSRP: Thursday: approx. $250,000. Occupation: personalization in Italy sports car, but don’t forget to add lawns own talent personally. In the center of each wheel is a small custom logo – No. 52-as if anyone could forget who owns this beauty. The skinny: lawns although debuted this car on Thursday, he had actually leaving Wilmer unit companion flowers for most of the spring. It is not like cespedes, who was generous with the auto collection. On Wednesday, he allowed members of the kitchen staff to lend his Lamborghini lens operation. Car: Jeep Wrangler. Mets debut: Friday. Recommended by the manufacturer: approx. $23,895 and up to. Personalization: $80,000, including the price of the vehicle. Occupation: Vega it describes as “crazy” the jeep that he never had adjusted. Features include baseball style stitching around the Red interior, as well as all the improvements generally to suspension, wheels, exhaust and the control panel. The skinny: lawns rolled with Vega in a jeep on the morning of Friday, called his favorite car is five years old until now. “He let me make my way, and has a passion for cars,” said Vega.

Yoenis Cespedes Cars buyingHanley Ramírez had one request for Alex Vega wants his Lamborghini to spit fire. Vega, company car, the parking garage is located 17 miles from South Beach, which specializes in customized cars, will take the first request of the famous Dominican from your client’s luxury lawns, but the concept still intrigued him. “I never thought that an athlete,” Vega said. “You cannot drive fast in the area to play. “You no can do this madness.” But as is makes for athletes and other celebrities in the past, the Vega it demand, entertainment Ramirez. “I think it’s funny, he asked me and then see it playing with it by shooting fire as if it were a joke,” Vega said. “I think it’s crazy.” Vega business attracted much attention last year when lawns appeared in New York Mets spring training with a different car every day for a week. Céspedes was a customer of la Vega, after the adjustment of 13 vehicles ranging from the car every day for ATV – gardener farm and a few pachinko Polaris uses three wheels.

The Auto company opened its doors in the year 2004, when Vega decided to start their own business, and within a few years, worked the drive from Alfonso Soriano (from your first client MLB), Alonzo Mourning and Akon. Gradually, the news spread about the Vega, who dream of customizing a car after watching the Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and the a-team as children. “Always I have in my mind that I wanted to build a car from the film one day, and he lived in my heart that I want to do it,” Vega said. “Today was building a car for many athletes and famous people”. Work in a car can be as short as one week to one month, with rates ranging from as little as $1,000 to $75,000, the number of lawns spent $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador of adjustment. And while most luxury vehicles, people who are interested in having more simple modded cars still can make their own cars, although Vega appears less enthusiastic about them. “If is a Toyota Corolla, I put a little in the fire, but I can do that,” said Vega.

Vega said that while some players require a certain combination of colors or invent an idea, that usually you allow do its thing. At this point, most of the players came to shop who knows his body of work, keep their accounts in Instagram 429,000 fans, offering. “” I have a good relationship with many of my clients and new customers, generally the same, they say, ‘ I’m going to have, because I saw what you did to my car and want to be like Avorza, ‘ “said Vega.” “I want to be marked for you and want to do it in a way that you do it.” Attention brought to Vega chance to star in a new reality show with shops, that came to accelerate this summer. Mark Vega, Avorza (a mix of initial and Forza), has appeared in videos music and is constant in the demand of the customers for them athletes. But while of course, there are many talents inherent that come with the construction of a car adapted for rich famous, Vega took in serious his art.

“This is an art”, said Vega. “This is not the hand brake button and change the search engine and make car noises. Is of buy a car worthy of half of 1 million of dollars and make them look really different. ” Yoenis Cespedes in style – again. Champion of the Mets was the star of spring training parking lot Monday, barking on this custom Polaris in the training of staff of Honda in Port St Lucie, Florida. The year last, lawns steals Show in spring training driving, in days consecutive, black, spits fire Lamborghini and make click on the Polaris is different, that is color red bright. The player of 31 years of age has money to burn, then covering years the 1 of April, $ 110 million deal this Yoenis Cespedes Cars winter.

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