5 menus for pregnant people, delicious food

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Mothers during pregnant naturally have a craving for spicy food, right? Today we have a menu that mothers can cook and still adjust the taste to suit their tastes well. Let’s see what’s on the menu.

1. Papaya salad, fried fish,
fresh lotus leaves, cleaned well, mixed with papaya salad ingredients, whether chili, garlic, lemon, tamarind, sugar, fish sauce that has been seasoned together by yourself, has a pleasant taste with benefits from the lotus Because Sai Bua will help nourish the womb. Diuretic and is also an herb that helps reduce body pregnant heat as well. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

2. Lemongrass prawns
Adult prawns, heads chopped off, then peeled and cut back until beautiful Arrange them on plates along with other side dishes. As for the spicy salad, it is blended together and then poured over the shrimp. Before eating, we manage to mix together and guarantee that it’s so delicious that we have to ask for another dish. If anyone who is allergic to prawn fat can remove the head and keep it for family cooking as well.

3. Papaya salad with fried flowers,
beautiful flowers, whether it’s needle flowers, frangipani, bougainvillea, pink flowers, butterfly peas, rose petals. Water comes to pluck and remove pollen and gently wash. Mixed with crispy fried flour, fried until crispy all over. Topped with papaya salad that mixes out sweet and sour. and add a little more spicy You can eat it with fresh vegetables or you can eat it alone. Guarantee that it’s delicious and beneficial for sure.

4. Spicy Mushroom Salad
The properties of mushrooms will help mothers in digestion. Because it will allow the baby in the womb to use the nutrients immediately. It also increases the appetite for the mother as well.

5. Spicy salad with spinach flowers
Local vegetables such as spinach that most people use to dip with chilli paste. By bringing it in a kale salad style with fresh shrimp. I can guarantee that it must be delicious. And in spinach to benefit your mother as well. Because it contains vitamins A, B, C, minerals, plus the mucus of spinach is also a good stomach coating. Causing mothers to not have to worry about shift disease because It also helps reduce distension that often occurs frequently.

How is it for the menu that we have introduced? The mother is able to take it to eat right away. Don’t worry about the taste that may be too intense. because mothers can adjust the taste to suit themselves which may reduce the boldness a little But the deliciousness is still the same.