Growing vegetables to eat by myself. How to do it? Is it really good? 

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“Growing your own vegetables” is something that has been talked about for a long time. Especially during the recent epidemic. ฺBecause everyone has more time at home In addition, it is often mentioned. When talking about contaminants that growing vegetables to eat by yourself That ensures that it’s definitely safe.

But many beginner vegetable growers may be discouraged. Because no matter how it grows, today Cheewajit will introduce a simple method. for beginners and people who don’t have space for planting

start planting vegetables

Looking at the size of the vegetable planting area, how much space do we have? If space is really limited Or living in a condo. There is a vertical vegetable planting by making space and a frame for attachment. It should be a direction that receives about 6 hours of sunlight per day. avoid strong winds and near water sources 

Recommended vegetables to grow in vertical gardens are: Vegetables that do not have deep roots such as peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, lettuce. 

grow plants in containers For a house that has enough space but not enough to make a garden. It can be grown in containers such as pots. Foam boxes, car tires, water tanks, and sacks. The size of the vegetables grown is relative to the container. 

hydroponic vegetable growing Or hydroponics, suitable for homes that are inconvenient to bring soil into the house, such as homes without garden areas or condos. Currently, there are many recipes for growing hydroponics. The recommended plants are in the lettuce group.

What should a beginner grow? 

Holy basil, household vegetable, easy to grow, easy to grow. Can use both seeds and cuttings with the remaining stalks bought for cooking can be planted 

Holy basil likes loamy soil. good drainage Planted in a sunny to full sun area, needs moderate water, not much. 

In growing, must keep cutting and collecting for cooking and should not be allow to bloom because when basil blooms. It becomes shabby and short-lived then 

Chili peppers are easy to grow as they can grow in any soil. but most like sandy loam for planting use the seed Admin used to throw chili seeds into the garden. I came up in the same place. 

Picking peppers can be collect every 5-7 days by hand picking one by one. Don’t keep the whole bouquet. Because each bouquet of chili peppers are not equal. 

Onions are another tree that is easy to grow. By dividing from the onion that was bought to cook Can be planted into the ground At this point, the onion will continue to grow. 

Onions like loamy soil. Moisturized in full sunlight all day long. Harvested at the age of 40-50 days. 

Ask if it’s good to grow vegetables to eat by yourself?

The answer is definitely good, but how good is it?

grow your own vegetables

Know the source and non-toxic Of course, growing vegetables to eat by ourselves allows us to know the origin. where and when the vegetables are planted Picking at the best time of vegetables? And the important thing is that we can know if we use chemicals or not in planting. and the best is Free from contaminants!  ufabet

strengthen family ties It’s a time spent together in the family. 

reduce cost burden Because it’s already been said, vegetables are not cheap at all, and even more organic vegetables. or organic vegetables The price is very strong. 

increase green area It is known that the tree and plants to reduce global warming absorb carbon dioxide In addition, it also helps to preserve biodiversity. and preserve local plant species from being lost