How to care for the wound? Does not cause scars on the skin.

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I believe that many young women still have questions about what causes scars to occur. And what causes scars after the body has received various accidents? Scars are a part of the body’s natural skin healing process. This is when the skin is damaged. The body will create new tissue made from collagen to close the gaps that have formed. And scars usually form after the wound healing process. and the reason that it is not the same texture as the surrounding skin This is because it is new collagen created to fill the wound. Today we have gathered together 5 ways to take care of wounds to prevent scars on the skin to share with you. ยูฟ่าเบท

1. Pay attention to cleaning the wound.

First, when there is a wound, girls must pay attention to cleaning the wound. To reduce the risk of infection According to the National Library of Medicine, there are recommendations for treating wounds. The wound must be kept strictly clean at all times. Starting from the time the wound occurred until the wound heals. which is immediately after the body receives a wound Keep it clean by washing with mild soap and water. It is important to wash and dry your hands before touching the wound every time.

2. Maintain skin moisture at all times.

Every time after cleaning a wound, women must keep the skin in that area moisturized. This is to prevent scarring. And in general, keeping wounds moist will result in a reduction in scar formation.

3. Use a wound dressing.

Using a bandage will prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with the wound. It also prevents the wound from being damaged further than before. Helps maintain moisture in wound skin. and helps prevent the wound from coming into contact with the surrounding environment. As for the wound dressing that is recommended to be used It should be gauze or a medical plaster, and women must change the wound dressing frequently as well.

4. Protect wounds from sunlight.

Of course, usually girls Sunscreen must be applied every day. Because it is a way to help prevent skin cancer. And helps protect the skin from other damage. From exposure to sunlight as well But in the case of girls just received a wound including wanting to reduce scars that may occur You should seriously protect your skin from the sun. It is best not to expose the wound to direct sunlight.

5. Do not pick or pick at the wound.

It is normal for girls to Do you like to pick or pick at wounds? Especially when there is itching around the wound. But did you know that picking or picking at wounds increases the risk of infection? irritation and easily causes scars It is best to avoid touching or touching the wound. This will greatly reduce the scarring.

Any girls who often have wounds on their skin? Whether it’s because he’s not careful or is clumsy. Don’t forget to use these methods to treat wounds that occur as well. Because all of these methods can help reduce scarring.