Important tips maintaining preventing acne scars

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Important tips for maintaining and preventing acne scars

Acne scars are scars caused by acne. When you have inflamed acne or clogged acne Sometimes after the acne disappears. will leave a trace Which those acne scars are the result of the process of skin rejuvenation by creating new collagen. As a result, acne lesions appear in various forms on the skin. Taking care of the skin early after acne can help prevent acne lesions.

To prevent hyperpigmentation and acne scars You should do the following UFABET.

1. Do not squeeze or press the pimple.

Squeezing pimples can cause inflammation to spread to pimples. The bacteria inside the pimple may spread to other areas of the skin. which will cause more damage to the skin and make acne scars easily follow

2. No face mask

Masking or using a variety of nourishing creams to mask the acne scars In addition, this method is ineffective. May cause skin irritation. This may make appear more obvious as well.

3.  Do not use vitamin E.

area with acne scars From some studies, it was found that Applying nutrients directly to scarred skin can interfere with the skin’s healing process. and some experimental subjects who applied vitamin E directly to the skin It’s a side effect. Contact dermatitis

4. Avoid sunlight.

Exposure to direct sunlight can darken. more noticeable And slow down the process of skin rejuvenation around acne scars, so if you have to go outside to experience sunlight Always wear protective clothing such as a hat, goggles, and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

5. Maintain skin microbiome balance

The skin microbiome is a microscopic organism such as bacteria and fungi that live on the skin of the average person. There are both good and bad types that can cause acne. When the good microbiome decreases or increases the bad, it is another factor that causes acne and subsequent skin problems. Therefore, the strength of the good microbiome should be strengthened by adding prebiotics. ) that is food for the good microbiome. When the microbiome is regularly fed with prebiotics, it grows stronger and multiplied. As a result, the skin is balanced and strong. It may therefore reduce the risk of skin problems. In general, prebiotics can be obtained by eating fruits and vegetables. But nowadays, there are skin care products that contain prebiotics. It can be used directly to enhance the balance of the skin.

6. Be patient

After the acne has gone, it can take weeks or months for the blood vessels and collagen to regenerate. in the meantime Acne marks will appear clearly. And after that, it may take a long time to fade and fade away.

7. See a doctor

If you are worried, uncomfortable, or have questions about your. Should see a doctor to discuss symptoms. receive instructions to follow or receive appropriate treatment under the supervision of a physician