Shiitake mushrooms, good stuff, help control cholesterol

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Shiitake mushrooms are mushrooms that we often find in our daily diet, including soups and stir-fried vegetables. And do you know that In addition to being delicious Shiitake mushrooms also have many benefits.

According to the nutrition facts, 100 grams of shiitake mushroom provide only 33 Kcal of energy. Mushrooms are also high in fiber. Rich in vitamins and minerals that are useful. and also contains glutamic acid that is like natural MSG Gives food a delicious umami flavor naturally too. สมัคร ufabet

benefits of shiitake

  • boost immunity In shiitake mushroom, there is an important substance, beta glucan. That helps to stimulate the body’s immune function. thus helping to prevent various infections very well
  • control cholesterol In shiitake mushrooms, there are many important substances that help control cholesterol:
    • Iritadine Helps to inhibit the creation of cholesterol
    • Sterols reduce cholesterol absorption.
    • beta glucan lowers cholesterol levels

buy shiitake mushroom safely

Shiitake mushrooms, although there are enormous benefits. But if cleaning is not good Or buying from the wrong source can cause penalties as well. If eaten raw, it can cause allergic reactions. And should not eat mushrooms with alcohol. Because it will harden the albumin in the mushrooms. and make it difficult to digest

For buying mushrooms, you should observe the mushrooms carefully. If you buy
fresh mushrooms, you should choose one that is fresh, clean, and free from stains.
Dried mushrooms should choose one with large flowers without white mold. before cooking Soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes to make the mushrooms clean and soft.