Clip of Lionel Messi standing still. The game against Lille went viral on social media.

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Clip of Lionel Messi from the match in Paris Saint-Germain beat Lille 2-1. Becoming viral for fans on social media to talk about again.

            The club Paris Saint – Germain ‘s Lionel Messi against Lille on Friday, October 29, 2564 passed by his football team come back from behind to win 2-1 but. The 34-year-old was on the pitch for just the first half. After being taken off at half-time. And the Six-Ballon d’Or superstar was clearly troubled with a hand on his thigh. In the game referred to fail to make an impact. But despite playing only 45 minutes. Messi can make fans can talk online about clip of Lionel Messi.

            Clip of him standing still In the first half. While PSG were making the offensive game. The social media world was talking like crazy. The clip shows the Argentine superstar standing outside the box as Neymar and Angel Di Maria battle for the ball against. Their opponents to find a way to score. However some fans rushed Leap to protect Messi By claiming that he did the same thing at Barcelona.

            One fan tweeted:

” Messi has always played like this. Anyone who has just noticed You’ve probably only seen the highlight clips.” The second wrote: “But he does this all the time? Have you guys ever watched him play?” The third added, “I saw the best player in the world standing 20 yards from the goal with no one near him 10 yards, empty spaces around him.”

           PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino said after the game that he removed Messi as a precaution: “We have to wait, we are with the doctor at half-time. It was a precaution. He could not continue playing. We hope it’s not a big deal,” he told Amazon Prime. “He can’t continue playing. But it’s not a big problem. He will be ready for the next game.” 

            As for the next game, PSG will return to play in the UEFA Champions League against RB Leipzig on Wednesday 3 November 2021, with Messi currently playing the league. Already five games without scoring a goal. But it didn’t hurt PSG as they were 10 points clear of second place in the table, however, the former Barcelona superstar has already scored in the Champions League. his new club