Ferdinand prepares England’s starting 11 for Euro 2024

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Ferdinand prepares England’s starting 11 for Euro 2024

  • Former defender for the England national team Has organized a game plan of 11 starting players that he likes
  • Rio Ferdinand reveals he wants to see his team play different football and not focus on possession.

Rio Ferdinand, former Manchester United and England defender Expressed his personal opinions through his own YouTube channel,

Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE, by revealing the 11 starting lineups of the England national team that he had in mind for Euro 2024. 

Rio Ferdinand said on his own YouTube. “I will play with a different strategy and not focus on possession. When not focusing on possession of the ball I’ll play with a back four. I’ll go with Walker, Stones, Guehi and Shaw if he’s fit enough.

“The next position I will put Rice in front of ufabet https://ufabet999.app the backline. This is when we get defensive. Then I need a number 8 and a number 10, Foden and Bellingham.”

“But if we play with ball possession I would choose a three-center system: Walker, Guehi and Shaw, with Stones coming in as one of two players to control the game, and then the number 8 and number 10 up front who will be. It’s Foden and Bellingham.”

“I want Foden to be more of a link in the game and I want Bellingham to come in, I don’t want him to come in and play the ball. Waiting to penetrate instead of being higher than Kane, who will move deeper to help shape the game as well.”