Frenkie de Jong is one of the five players on the list who have been kicked out by Xabi.

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A report from Spain reveals that Frenkie de Jong has become one of five players at FC Barcelona. Prepared to be sold by the team’s manager Xabi Hernandez to raise funds for new players to join the team.

            Xabi Hernandez is preparing to improve his Barcelona squad after their good and bad start. In this regard the army of Chao Boonthum able to win the first two games in La Liga under Xabi. But ever since they also lost to Real Betis in the league and were also knock out of the Champions League. Following a draw with Benfica and a defeat by Bayern Munich.


Frenkie de Jong is one of the five players.

After being eliminate from the Champions League. Barca’s manager came out for an interview with dissatisfaction and accepting that situation. “We always want to be in control of the game over the competition. But this game came out in a different way. We need more from our team. We are barcelona this could be a turning point in many ways for us. After not competing in the Champions League. Our target is the Champions League not the Europa League. We have to work hard. And I don’t like failure because we have try. I love this club and I will give my whole life to make it better.”

            Therefore it is not uncommon that Xabi wants to strengthen a team that under performs his standards. But to do so. He would have to reduce the number of players on the team. Due to financial problems at the Camp Nou Barca. They can only use money to buy players if they can fund the club first. And the only way to do that is by eliminating unwant players. According to Mundo Deportivo, Philippe Coutinho and Samuel Umtiti are among the players on the list to be sold if there is interest.

            In the Manual Santos Moutinho then fail to show works out to be something. that was expect since his move from Liverpool in the prices of more than 130 million Euros on 2018. At the same industry consensus view is one in the players. Who receive the highest wages of the club. But there is almost no opportunity to enter the field this season. Although refer to back from injury. Therefore he was in the category of being sold out as well.