Kylian Mbappe mother told that the new contract with PSG went smoothly.

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The future of Kylian Mbappe still has to follow up on whether to move the football team or not. Because the Kylian Mbappe mother recently revealed. Are negotiating a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain and everything is going well.

Fay Salama’s mother of Kylian Mbappe striker for Paris Saint-Germain confirm. That her son is negotiating a new contract with the agency. And everything is going well. Which counters the news that came out earlier that. The French national team spearhead wants to leave the place at Parc de Princes.

The 22-year- old has just one year left on his contract with PSG . And can negotiate with other teams from January 1, this was referred to as recently admitted. Want to move from the famous team of the French capital actually When the past summer along with telling the agency early to find a quality representative

While Real Madrid. Which has always been in the news has submitted an offer of 160 million euros, or about 6,080 million baht for PSG to consider before being rejected, however, it seems that the situation will turn around. When the mother of this star player The trustee revealed that Mbappe was negotiating a new contract with the agency.

“We are negotiating with PSG at the moment and it’s going well, she spoke to Leonardo [sporting director] last night (Monday), but we don’t know yet. One thing is certain. He will give his best to lead the team to the UEFA Champions League,” Feyza Lamarie told French newspaper Le Parisien.

The situation of Kylian Mbappe remains in uncertainty. But is expect to clear during January. Because the players can discuss the transfer of the club with other teams. Without passing the agency and is still the White King who is the favorite to get in next summer. according to report by ufabet