Kylian Mbappe reveals details of Neymar insults.

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Paris superstar Kylian Mbappe Saint-Germain come out to clarify the case against team-mate Neymar for not passing the ball to him during a Ligue 1 game last month.

              Kylian Mbappe has admitted to calling his PSG team-mate Neymar ‘a bum’. After become frustrated that the Brazilian didn’t pass the ball to him in the football team’s win. Montpellier 2-0 last month by Mbappe Venting his anger. After he was substituted late in the game. And TV cameras caught the French star saying “clochard” and pointing his hand towards Neymar. Which this word means ‘bastard’

              The 22-year-old said the pair had previously argued over not passing the ball. And confirmed that the feelings that ended. After the game Mbappe and Neymar have been team-mates since 2017. This season they have add new team-mate Lionel Messi to coordinate at the Parc des Pras. When ask in an interview with L’Equipe if he referred to Neymar by that word. Mbappe also said that.

              “Yeah, I said that, it’s something that happens all the time in football. That’s something that doesn’t last long.” He said. Go talk to him We’ve had some talks like that in the past. And it will continue to be like that because we want to win. But we don’t hold grudges against each other. One day it happened to me too. I didn’t pass the ball to him and he wasn’t happy. But we don’t have any problems with each other.”

              Mbappe’s contract with PSG expires in June 2022, with Real Madrid reportedly making two offers for the 22-year-old but have failed both times. The offer is believed to be worth 150 million euros (127 million pounds) and 160 million euros (136 million pounds). and the Frenchman has been linked with a move away from Parc des Princes. always

             Mbappe has the right to speak to foreign clubs about a free transfer from January 1 and although PSG are trying to extend their contract But he still refused. The French giants have refused to part ways with their superstars this summer in hopes they can convince Mbappe to stay in the capital.