Mauricio Pochettino explains the reason why Messi switched off at half-time in the Lille win over Lille.

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Mauricio Pochettino Paris manager Saint-Germain revealed the reason for changing Lionel Messi out at halftime of the French Ligue 1 game last night.

            Lionel Messi was substituted at halftime during Paris Saint-Germain football team win over Lille last night (Friday 29 October 2021). But Mauricio Pochettino explain that it was to prevent injury. With PSG falling behind at half-time and Messi will continue his pursuit of his first goal in Ligue 1 since joining the elite French team.

            Cup French Ligue last night for Paris Saint – Germain opening. Parke des raft rock Ferenc received the visit of Lille appeared to team up to the door to the minute 31 from the moment. That Burak Yilmaz penetrated the game for the defenders on the left. Before the Turkish spearhead cut short in front of the goal. And as Jonathan David set the foot to slam the ball. Gianluigi Donnarumma failed to catch up. Lille led 1-0 and ended the first half with a loud score.

            In the second half in the 74th minute. PSG equalized from the moment Neymar pass the ball to Angel Di Maria sneaking to the left in the penalty area. Drop the ball with a good weight. Marquinhos stood at 6 yards and sent the ball into the goal. And the home team came to get the winning goal in the 88th minute from the moment. Angel Di Maria received the ball in front of the penalty area. Bouncing with Neymar pasting it back for the referee to swing the ball through the hand of Ivo Kribi. Chled the hosts to take the lead at the end of the time. Paris Saint-Germain beat Lille 2-1 to take the top of the crowd.

            However, after the game the focus was on Messi as to why the Six Ballon d’Or superstars were taken off at half-time. The Argentine manager has revealed the 34-year-old’s injury and although he does not consider it serious But he did not take the risk to continue playing. “We have to wait,” Pochettino said. “We were with the doctor during halftime. It was a precaution. He could not continue playing. We hope it’s not a big deal.”

            Messi now plays in the league. Already five games without scoring a goal. Although it didn’t hurt PSG as they were 10 points clear of second place in the table, however, it was the second time he had been dismissed by Pochettino when the team was not on the side. lead And in the end PSG went on to win the game.

            However, the former Barcelona superstar was already able to score in the game. UEFA Champions League for his new club And in fact, he has scored three goals in three European games. Only in domestic games he had trouble making the impact on the team that everyone expected of him.